Sunday, 21 August 2016

To The Beach > Summer in Bognor Regis

Hellooo, a few days ago I travelled up to Bognor Regis with my Mum and Taz (my dog).
My family live up that way so we went to visit my grandparents and also go to see my cousin Ely and her little girl Leah. It was such a lovely warm day and my Grandparents live about a 10 minute walk from the beach so we had a little stroll down there. My dog seems to hate the water. I took him to Brighton a couple of years ago but he didn't like it then either, he pulls so much to get away (as we kept him on the lead) it did look kinda funny him trying to pull away but not getting's hard to explain I did get a photo (below) I also vlogged my day so you can see the video > here < if you want? you can also see bits of my day that I didn't get in photo's. If you like it then i'd love for you to subscribe too :-) Around where my Grandparents live there are so many nice houses, I would love to have one of the houses on the beach front. A beach house has always been a dream of mine :-)

This house was facing out to the beach
My Grandparents have a nice house too and a nice garden with lots of pretty flowers, my Grandad likes his gardening. I love that they have a conservatory as well, it's so nice to sit in the summer and I love it when it's raining too cos I love the sound of the rain and it makes it so much more cosier in there :-)

Photo taken from phone
Photo taken from phone 
My cousin Ely and her little girl Leah also came round to visit which was really nice as I don't get to see them as much and Leah was so cute, her and Taz get on so well,lol More fun can be seen in the video as I realised I didn't get too many photo's of people but of nice scenery mainly, you can see a few extra photo's on my Instagram here though if you like (CarlyCx)

Ely and Leah ended up staying for dinner too and her partner Jason came over for a bit before he drove them back home. It was lovely to sit outside and the salad my Grandma put together was also really nice, lots of nibbles I enjoyed :-)

Not long after dinner me, my Mum and Taz got the train home.
I hope we still have some hot days before it rolls into Autumn, (weather is looking quite good on my app right now) Although.. I am starting to get a bit excited for the colder days...hats, cosy tights, warm drinks, blankets, candles...then we have Christmas :-) There are a lot of things that get me excited for the colder months now which is weird cos I never used to like it as much and i'm definitely more a summer girl but I do like the mix of seasons now :-) What season do you like the best? I think you can really enjoy either winter or summer but once you've had a lot you kinda want a change for a bit and I think we've had a good summer here in the UK so I am ready for Autumn now! Bring it on! :-)

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