Friday, 26 August 2016

Outfit Of The Day - Gym Time (OOTD)

Hello everyone, recently i've started to do more outfit of the day (ootd) videos on my youtube channel. I used to do a lot of these back in the day. I was looking through my old videos the other week and realised how I hadn't made any for ages and they are one video that I really enjoyed filming.

Anyway I thought I would share an outfit with you on my blog and maybe start sharing a few more here if you like them? :-) I'm no fashion expert so an outfit post/video suits me great as I am literally just sharing what I am wearing and maybe it will give some inspiration as I will give each one that I do a little theme, depending on what I am wearing the outfit for?

Today's one is a Gym Outfit. I go to the gym a lot and the other day I decided to wear this bright pink top and black leggings with the checkered pattern down the side, both I haven't worn in a while. I have a drawer full of gym bits and tend to stick to the same things all the time so I am trying to make use of a bit more now. I do wanna go gym clothes shopping soooo bad tho, I walked past H&M last week and they had some nice bits in the window! :-)

Let me know what you think of this outfit and if you would like to see more. Also check out and subscribe to my youtube channel - HERE if you would like to see outfit of the days in video too? I also do a mix of beauty, health and fitness on my channel so go check it out :-)

Click on the shop names below for the websites
Top - H&M
Leggings - TK Maxx
Trainers - Sweat Shop

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Sunday, 21 August 2016

To The Beach > Summer in Bognor Regis

Hellooo, a few days ago I travelled up to Bognor Regis with my Mum and Taz (my dog).
My family live up that way so we went to visit my grandparents and also go to see my cousin Ely and her little girl Leah. It was such a lovely warm day and my Grandparents live about a 10 minute walk from the beach so we had a little stroll down there. My dog seems to hate the water. I took him to Brighton a couple of years ago but he didn't like it then either, he pulls so much to get away (as we kept him on the lead) it did look kinda funny him trying to pull away but not getting's hard to explain I did get a photo (below) I also vlogged my day so you can see the video > here < if you want? you can also see bits of my day that I didn't get in photo's. If you like it then i'd love for you to subscribe too :-) Around where my Grandparents live there are so many nice houses, I would love to have one of the houses on the beach front. A beach house has always been a dream of mine :-)

This house was facing out to the beach
My Grandparents have a nice house too and a nice garden with lots of pretty flowers, my Grandad likes his gardening. I love that they have a conservatory as well, it's so nice to sit in the summer and I love it when it's raining too cos I love the sound of the rain and it makes it so much more cosier in there :-)

Photo taken from phone
Photo taken from phone 
My cousin Ely and her little girl Leah also came round to visit which was really nice as I don't get to see them as much and Leah was so cute, her and Taz get on so well,lol More fun can be seen in the video as I realised I didn't get too many photo's of people but of nice scenery mainly, you can see a few extra photo's on my Instagram here though if you like (CarlyCx)

Ely and Leah ended up staying for dinner too and her partner Jason came over for a bit before he drove them back home. It was lovely to sit outside and the salad my Grandma put together was also really nice, lots of nibbles I enjoyed :-)

Not long after dinner me, my Mum and Taz got the train home.
I hope we still have some hot days before it rolls into Autumn, (weather is looking quite good on my app right now) Although.. I am starting to get a bit excited for the colder days...hats, cosy tights, warm drinks, blankets, candles...then we have Christmas :-) There are a lot of things that get me excited for the colder months now which is weird cos I never used to like it as much and i'm definitely more a summer girl but I do like the mix of seasons now :-) What season do you like the best? I think you can really enjoy either winter or summer but once you've had a lot you kinda want a change for a bit and I think we've had a good summer here in the UK so I am ready for Autumn now! Bring it on! :-)

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Sunday, 14 August 2016

How I Style - Classic White Shirt

Hello, today I have styled 4 looks using the classic white shirt. I am not a professional stylist but I do love looking at amazing outfits and finding new ways to style certain items. I don't have all the latest outfit trends so I have just gone with what I could find in my wardrobe. The white shirt is definitely a staple item for me, something I feel every girl should own. The one I am wearing in these photo's is from They do so many tailored shirts for men and women so they are great if your looking to get a white shirt yourself, you can click here to see more.


This first look is a bit rock chick which is a style that I really love. I added my studded black bag and leather jacket to give it that edgy feel. This is a great every day look and so easy to chuck together. This outfit could look good with heels, flats or boots. The jeans and jacket were from New Look and bag from Primark. Below each photo I have gathered a few items similar to what I am wearing, depending on your budget I have selected different price ranges so feel free to click on the items to see more :-)

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I love the casual 'workout' look as I go to the gym a lot. The shirt just gives it a little more of a 'put together' style. I also paired it with my shiny black leggings so it makes the outfit stand out a little more. White Converse are also a great staple item that go with a lot of outfits so they are a favourite of mine :)
The sunglasses and bag I got from Primark, I think the leggings were from New Look and Converse were from Schuh.

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This look would be great for work or an interview. It is very smart and I added some black laced heels to keep it a bit trendy. I also added a different colour bag to break up the black colour theme. A different coloured blazer would look nice but I only had this one or a bright orange/red one which I don't like anymore so never like to wear it! I need another wardrobe sort out soon! Bag and shoes from Primark. Wearing the shiny leggings again, so them and the blazer are from New Look.

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This is another one of my favourites, I love the whole jumper with collar looks. It's nice and comfy but with the shirt poking out the top and bottom of the jumper just gives it a more trendy look, in my opinion :-) I've again paired this with the grey jeans from New Look and this jumper which I got from H&M.

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I hope you liked this post, let me know what look was your favourite? :-) 

Monday, 8 August 2016


If you love pink then this is the bath bomb for you ;-)

I have only used a few of the Lush products before. As I am trying new ones out I am finding them really fun and interesting, you should follow my snapchat (lifewithcarlyc) or Instagram (carlycx) as I will post more to there. Be sure to follow my blog as I have some more to share soon.
Bloglovin is a great way to keep up with my blog posts: click here

Think Pink has a sweet smell, like vanilla. Once it disperses in the water it releases tiny little hearts and turns your water pink. It includes Neroli oil which is uplifting and toning and Lavender oil which is balancing and calming. Click the video below to see it action...

Have you tried this one before? What did you think?


Thursday, 4 August 2016


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This is the second day I have made this smoothie for breakfast and I really love it. 
I've made one similar ages ago but I have done a few things different this time.
This smoothie is really filling so is a great breakfast option, it includes everything you need to start you off for a good day. 

SPINACH - (one handful) 

It's great to add some greens to your smoothie and Spinach is a good source of fibre and has lots of vitamins. 

PROTEIN POWDER - (one level scoop) 

I chose to add Vanilla whey to mine which I get from
It's good to get some protein in at breakfast, its very filling and helps to build and repair muscle tissue, especially important if you regularly workout :-) I have some discount codes if you buy anything from them, for a new customer - 15% off use code: CCXX15, returning customers - 8% off use code CCXX8 - Click Here.

MILK (Just added a guessed amount)

I use Unsweetened Almond Milk which is great because there are no added sugars or sweeteners, it's all plant based and low in fat.

ACAI BERRY POWDER - (About a tea spoon) 

This is 100% organic and it has so many benefits to it including high in antioxidants, high in vitamins and balances blood cholesterol levels, click here to see more about it. 

CHIA SEEDS - (About a tea spoon) 

I also love to add chia seeds into my smoothies. It gives you a boost of omega 3, fibre and protein. It's also loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 

PEANUT BUTTER - (About a table spoon) 

I have a massive tub from My Protein. I have a favourite peanut butter that I love getting from Asda at the moment BUT this big tub is great to use if I'm baking or making smoothies :-) Don't forget you can get money off using my code: CCXX15 and CCXX8. They have loads of deals on the website so go have a look; click here


Frozen raspberries are great for in smoothies. I always make sure I have some in the freezer as I sometimes use them in my yoghurt too. They contain strong antioxidants that can help fight against cancer.


I added these to mix it up a bit and I had recently put some in the freezer. These are one of the healthiest berries so I love using them. They also help to prevent heart disease and lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood.

To finish it off, I added about 4-6 ice cubes and blended it all together. I didn't weigh out any ingredients, I just guessed at what I thought looked a good amount!

Let me know if you try this?

You can see me make this smoothie in my first Vlog of August on my youtube channel - LifeWithCarlyC. Click here to see more videos and subscribe :-) First #vlogust video uploading Sunday 7th.


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