Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Beautiful Beach Waves - Irresistible Me DIAMOND Hair Straightener

Professional Styling Iron from Irresistible Me (Diamond).

I have used GHD straighteners for a long time so it was a new experience trying these ones out. I thought I would create some gorgeous beach waves using these as it's my favourite (hair down) style to do. (video of how I created this style is at the bottom of the post)


* These have diamond plates which enhance the durability and heat transfer. 
* You can take these anywhere as they are equipped with a top-of-the-line microprocessor which will automatically adjust to the supplied voltage. 
* There is a feature which allows the pair of plates to self adjust, providing perfect contact between your hair and the plates. This eliminates any damaging pressure points so that the iron can work through the hair smoothly, without pulling.
* Eco friendly
* This iron uses negative ions thats are produced from the rare tourmaline mineral to seal in natural oils, moisture and colour in the hair.
* Diamond Nano Hi-Tech plates
* Silver nano material and Far infrared technology
* Ceramic technology
* 360 degrees cord / 2.5m long
* They also have cool tips, a heat resistant cover and heat resistant venting holes


* The colour really stands out, bright and vibrant. Black and red look good together. 
* You can control the heat temperature and it has a digital display.
* They have a long power cord (2.5m)
* They heat up fast
* They automatically shut off 
* They are light in weight


* Like my GHD's, these don't beep to let you know when ready. You do have the light display (1-3) as they get hotter so you are aware. I was just so used to my GHD's beeping but it's not a huge deal.
* The website is American so I had to buy an adaptor for them to work, now I have the adaptor though it's fine, I just keep them connected to it.

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Diamond Hair Styler

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  1. These look great - I have their Sapphire Curler and I love how many looks you can create with it. I agree that one of the most frustrating things is the adapter but I think they're quite easy to come by.

    Emma |


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