Sunday, 24 July 2016


Hello, if you've been following me for a while you will know that I regularly like to workout and go to the gym so I thought I would share my top beauty essentials with you today.

1. Hairspray

I've definitely been relying on my trusty hairspray lately. I've got the maximum hold (number5) from Silvikrin. The maximum hold is the best for holding every little fly away hair from getting in your face. One day I forgot to use this and strands of hair kept tickling my face when trying to workout and that can get really annoying. Even when I do cardio or when I've rode my bike and it's really windy this hairspray is great for keeping my hair in place! 

2. Body Spray

I always make sure I have a spray in my bag. I love to smell GREAT...especially when there are a lot of boys in the gym! ;-) Oh, I guess deodorant would come into my essentials too, I always put that on first! :-) I love the sprays from So..? perfume, great price and smell great! The one I've been loving at the moment is So..? Rio in the gold spray bottle. 

3. Waterproof Mascara

It was only last week I realised that I should be wearing waterproof mascara. For ages my mascara would blob underneath my eyebrows or after cardio make me look like I had dark circles! I looked through my collection of mascaras and saw that I had a waterproof one, it's quite an old one now but luckily it still had some usage and wasn't completely dried out! I went to spin class this week and checked straight after and of course there was no dotting or panda eyes! From now on I will always keep to using waterproof :-)

4. Cleansing Wipes

Sometimes after a workout it's nice to use cleansing wipes to refresh your skin. I've got soothing cleansing body care wipes with Green Tea, Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera. Both I have are from AA Skincare. If I have a bit of face makeup on its nice to just wipe it off straight away and cleanse my skin. Another thing which is nice to have are hand wipes, I definitely like to clean my hands after using weights as so many people use them and in between they don't get wiped down, think of all of those sweaty hands touching them! lol I do have a little sachet of hand wipes in my gym bag too but only just remembered as writing this post so didn't get them in the pictures.


Wednesday, 20 July 2016


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Hello everyone, I hope you're enjoying the hot summer we are getting right now :-) It has been so nice that it's inspired me to try a few new breakfast ideas. These are nice to eat on a summers morning and really refreshing, I would even have them as snacks too :) I love each one and so excited to share them!

First up is overnight oats;

These are amazing, I only recently tried these and i'm in love 💗 They are so refreshing to have on a warm summers morning. I wasn't sure if I would like cold oats but they are so nice and this breakfast is really easy and quick to make. You might have seen photo's of people making theres in jars, which is great if your rushing out the door in the morning, you can just grab it from the fridge and go :) I don't have any pretty little jars tho so I just made mine in a normal bowl.

To make mine;

I first added oats and then topped it up with what I fancied. I added sunflower seeds, raisins, blueberries, raspberries and unsweetened almond milk. You then simply pop it in the fridge overnight and it's ready to eat in the morning, before I ate mine I also added some Rowse Honey on top. You can add any nuts, seeds, fruit that you like. Below is another bowl I made, that one I made with strawberries and I didn't add any honey.

Next up is Protein Pancake;

This is so quick and easy to make and smells AMAZING, it smell actually reminds me of Brighton Pier Doughnuts! The good thing with this is you can have it hot or cold, protein pancakes can also be a great snack or if your rushing out in the morning. Just make the pancake the night before and stick in the fridge. Take it out in the morning, put it in some tupperware and add your choice of toppings.

To make mine;

All I do is add some oats in a bowl which I don't measure out, I would guess it would be around 30g. Then I add some of my protein powder, one scoop which is about 25g. I use my vanilla whey and I think thats why it smells so much like doughnuts :) You can get 15% off protein whey with my code: CCXX15 just click here to pick your flavour, you can use my code for anything on the website, they have great deals and i've used My Protein for years, definitely reccommend! :-)
I then just add some unsweetened almond milk and stir until I get the right consistency. I add coconut oil to the pan and fry it for maybe 3-5 minutes on each side, I don't time it but it doesn't take very long. Did you know how many ways you can actually use coconut oil, see the post here if you missed it.
Anyway you can then add the toppings of your choice. I always like peanut butter with mine, one day I added some honey and then I always put some fruit with it depending what I have in the fridge at the time. Below is another photo of one I made.

The final breakfast is Healthy Cereal; 

I actually just made this one today and OMG, I LOVE IT! I use to love cereal years ago, back in the day before I became healthier, it was all I use to eat for breakfast. Most cereals do have a lot of added ingredients and sugar that isn't great for you so it's better to make your own and it's actually so easy to do.

To make mine;

I broke one weetabix into small chunks, it's 100% wholegrain, high in fibre and low in sugar, salt and fat. I then added some of my homemade granola, you can see my blog post here on how I made it, I sometimes look back to remind myself :-)
Below is a picture of my current batch of granola I have, it's great to make a batch so you add add it here and there when you like and it lasts ages!
I also added some raisins to my bowl, sunflower seeds and I went for raspberries as these were the only fruit I have in the fridge at the moment. I bet this would taste great with banana's, added honey, strawberries or even small small bits of dark chocolate..not all together..but as different options, you can add whatever you fancy. I can't wait to make this again and try it with different things, i'm definitely adding dark chocolate and strawberries soon! Oh and then to finish off you add milk on top, obviously :-)

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

BOOHOO LOVE LIST - Hot Summer / Holiday Inspired | Fashion 2016

Photo taken on Holiday in Tunisia
Hello everyone, wow today is HOT!!!
Apparently it's the hottest day in the UK this year and it's been a long time since I remember having a hot day like this, it's reached about 35 degrees I think? I would SO love to be chilling by a pool or on a beach right now. The sun has got me looking back at old holiday posts of mine, haven't been away this year and really miss travelling. If you feel like looking at holiday posts then see the Places/Travel section on my blog here.
So anyway, looking back at holiday posts then made me wanna buy new summer clothes but as I haven't got any money I thought I would create a wish list. I decided to keep it to just one online store and one I really love is Hopefully you might get some inspiration from the things I pick and if you wanna see more then click the items :-)
There are SO many bikini's on the website all really detailed and unique. If your looking for bikini's then boohoo is definitely one to check out :-)


Saturday, 16 July 2016

Bronzed Summer Makeup; Face Of The Day (FOTD)


Hello, today I really wanted to share this makeup look that I created. I actually did this about a week or two ago so finally getting it up! All of the photo's above are un edited as I wanted to keep it as real as I could. That way you can see the makeup for what it is, I took these photos in front of my window in natural lighting too. This is one of my favourite looks to wear, I am wearing lashes here but that was just to complete the look really, I wouldn't opt for them on a everyday basis.

I feel like this look has very earthy tones to it. I opted for the browns and rose blush colours and I really like that natural look they give. I don't know why I decided to add fur cones in the photo's, they are actually a winter thing and this makeup I guess would be for we are experiencing summer right now and might I just add, what a glorious sunshiny day it is too :-) 

Makeup I used;

Foundation and Blush:

I mixed some of Clinique's - Even Better Foundation (Honey 06) with a bit of Lancome's - Teint Idole Ultra 24H (010) I did a blog post on the Lancome's foundation, see it here.
My fake tan was on it's fading stage here so had to mix these both together to get the right colour for my skin. Both are highly recommended foundations by the way, the Clinique one i've used for maybe 2 years and the Lancome one for about 1 year. Both are great coverage on the skin and you don't need a lot on. The Lancome one also smells like a holiday, it reminds me of sun tan lotion :-)

On top of that I use my trusty Mac - Studio Fix (C4) which I love. I also have a blog post on this powder which you can see here.

Now I don't usually bother with contour or highlight on a daily basis but when I do i've been using Bronze & Sculpt Contour Kit from MUA (Light/Medium). This is a great little compact with a mirror inside and very pigmented on the skin too.

Then for the blusher, i've used Rimmel's Lasting finish blusher in Live Pink (050). It goes nicely on the skin and again, pigmented. I've used it for ages :-)

Eyes and Lips: 

I have been using eyelid primer for a while now and find it really good at holding the colour on the lids. Saying this I should probably use a face primer...I have one, I just forget to use it! Weird how I always remember my eyelid primer tho! Anyway the one I've been using is by Elf, It's almost empty though so need to get a new one soon, any recommendations? I've only ever used my Elf one.

For the eyeshadow, I recently discovered the Sleek eyeshadow palettes, I have i-Divine in Au Naturel (601)
I really love how pigmented these colours are and they have such a huge range of palettes to choose from as well. The colours in the Naturel one are gorgeous and I would say I use all the colours equally, there isn't a favourite I always go for, which is a good thing as I am making the most of them all! I guess the black would be least used. I did do a full review on this palette so if you wanna see more, click here. Oh and for the colours I used in this look, I chose Bark (3rd from the right, bottom row) and Cappuccino (3rd from the right, top row)

For the eyeliner, I usually go for black but for this look being more soft and natural I used my brown eye pencil from Aveda in colour Cacao (914). Sometimes it's nice to use a brown over black because it's less harsh and gives a more softer, subtle look. I then used my white kohl pencil from Barry M. A brand I really love and would definitely recommend, I love a lot of there products and they have a huge range.

For the mascara I used False Lash Architect by Loreal (Black). This mascara is good but not a favourite, I actually really like Loreal's Telescopic Mascara better, that is an all time fave of mine. It doesn't really matter about the lashes though as I did apply fake ones on top. I forgot to add these in the photo but they were some natural looking ones from Eylure which you can find in Boots or Superdrug.

To finish off I used my Lipstick by Loreal - Linda Evangelista (716) and I really love this colour. I actually wanted a lipstick this kinda shade and from my current collection this was the closest. I do find it a bit sheen for my liking, I actually prefer a more matte finish to a shiny one but it's still a gorgeous colour.

I really hope you liked this look and I really enjoyed writing this. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the hot summer weekend we are having at the moment and I will hopefully see you all again in my next post.



Sunday, 10 July 2016

20 Ways to use Coconut Oil | Vita Coco | Eat it, Wear it, Swear by it

Ways you can use COCONUT OIL:
  1. Use it to cook
  2. Add to smoothies
  3. Remove makeup (even waterproof)
  4. Use as a treatment hair mask 
  5. All over body moisturiser
  6. Use for oil pulling (Swish in your mouth for 10-20 minutes, then rinse)
  7. Cuticle softener 
  8. Hair oil / De-frizz
  9. Lip balm/Lip gloss
  10. Substitute for eye cream
  11. Highlighter/glow to your face
  12. Mix with sea salt or sugar for a body exfoliator
  13. Use as shaving oil
  14. Can reduce stretch marks
  15. I've heard it can be good for sunburn :) Has anyone tried this before?
  16. Add to your bath for soft skin
  17. It's also good for animals giving them a shiny coat/healthy skin
  18. Can be used as massage oil
  19. Natural clears up cold sores
  20. Can use it in the ears to remove wax
Who would think this one pot would give us so many benefits? :-)

Has anyone tried anything from the list? Or what ways have you used it that I haven't mentioned?

Eat it - Wear it - #SwearByIt
100% Organic | Extra Virgin | 100% Raw

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Beautiful Beach Waves - Irresistible Me DIAMOND Hair Straightener

Professional Styling Iron from Irresistible Me (Diamond).

I have used GHD straighteners for a long time so it was a new experience trying these ones out. I thought I would create some gorgeous beach waves using these as it's my favourite (hair down) style to do. (video of how I created this style is at the bottom of the post)


* These have diamond plates which enhance the durability and heat transfer. 
* You can take these anywhere as they are equipped with a top-of-the-line microprocessor which will automatically adjust to the supplied voltage. 
* There is a feature which allows the pair of plates to self adjust, providing perfect contact between your hair and the plates. This eliminates any damaging pressure points so that the iron can work through the hair smoothly, without pulling.
* Eco friendly
* This iron uses negative ions thats are produced from the rare tourmaline mineral to seal in natural oils, moisture and colour in the hair.
* Diamond Nano Hi-Tech plates
* Silver nano material and Far infrared technology
* Ceramic technology
* 360 degrees cord / 2.5m long
* They also have cool tips, a heat resistant cover and heat resistant venting holes


* The colour really stands out, bright and vibrant. Black and red look good together. 
* You can control the heat temperature and it has a digital display.
* They have a long power cord (2.5m)
* They heat up fast
* They automatically shut off 
* They are light in weight


* Like my GHD's, these don't beep to let you know when ready. You do have the light display (1-3) as they get hotter so you are aware. I was just so used to my GHD's beeping but it's not a huge deal.
* The website is American so I had to buy an adaptor for them to work, now I have the adaptor though it's fine, I just keep them connected to it.

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Diamond Hair Styler

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Healthy - What i eat in a day | With Calories


2 Eggs
Smoked Salmon - 45g
Avacado - 45g
(Also used 3g coconut oil to fry/scramble the eggs)
354 calories
Lemon Green Tea

After a vanilla whey protein shake... 25g (forgot to take photo)


Chicken Breast - 150g
Broccoli - 120g
Sweet Potatoes - 70g
315 calories


Total 0% Greek Yoghurt - 170g
Strawberries - 100g
Rice Cakes - 2
189 calories


Smoked Paprika Chicken Sausages - 2
Broccoli - 100g
Mushroom Steamed Basmati Rice (Microwave) - Half a pack
333 calories


Dark Chocolate Rice Thins (organic) - 2
Whole Earth Smooth (organic) Peanut Butter - 15g
Instant Highlights Cadburys Hot Chocolate - 15g (With water)
256 calories

Evening Shake

Micellar Casein
Strawberry flavour - 25g
96 calories

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