Monday, 20 June 2016

Youtubers & Bloggers that I LOVE

I could sit at home all day catching up on Youtube video's, I add so many to my watch later list! And when these people have Blogs too...I wouldn't be able to leave the house for days trying to keep up!

Today I felt like sharing the love and letting you know of some of my favourites :-) Maybe you've already heard of these people or maybe you will find someone new to follow?

Meditation, Fitness, Travel & Happiness
I only just found this girl the other day and fell in love with her channel straight away. She is very inspiring and after watching her videos, I felt so motivated. She teaches meditation and has definitely got me into it now. I love the way she edits her video's and the filter she uses is so cool, her travel vlogs are just amazing. If you like travel photo's you should see her Instagram...its like a world of amazingness :-D 

            Click here to see more of Rochelle

Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle
I have followed Josie for a little while now. She is amazing with her fashion and I really love her style. I feel like she puts so much effort into creating the best blog posts and youtube video's, she uploads regularly too so I really admire her for all the hard work she puts in. Lately she has been sharing a lot of travel vlogs including America which is one of my fave places to see, I could watch any America vlogs and always get excited to see the Hollywood sign or palm trees again and again! :-)
Josie also takes great Instagram photos, always so beautifully taken.

Click here to see more of Josie

Fashion & Lifestyle
I haven't been watching Lydia for very long but once I found her I got hooked. She is extremely lovely to watch, so down to earth and has really amazing makeup and hair :-)
She shares really great fashion on her youtube channel along with some vlogs which are always my favourite to watch. She edits her vlogs together really well and they are just so enjoyable to watch. Go check her out and you will also be hooked :-) And like everyone else I mention....another great Instagram etc :-D
Click here to see more of Lydia
Diet, Health, Fitness and Bodybuilding
Kat stood out to me because she also competes in fitness shows, although she does Figure and i've only done bikini I still love following her journey. She is a personal trainer and she uploads fitness video's on food, workouts and being on prep. I find other girls who compete so inspiring and love watching prep video's. She is also a lovely girl as well, so down to earth and real. If you want to find more girls that compete or upload fitness videos (from the UK) then she is definitely one to check out. Click here to see more of Kat

Luxury beauty, style and some travel
I have been watching Suzie for quite a while now and have always loved her video's. She is so lovely to watch and down to earth and she does make me laugh too :-) Her makeup is always flawless and   her style is amazing. There isn't much    else I can say that I haven't already without sounding too repetative but another one you will really enjoy watching :-)

Click here to see more of Suzie 
There are more that I could add to this list but I will keep it to 5 for now and maybe I will do another post like this soon. Make sure you check all these girls out and give them a follow, they all have blogs and other social media.

Does anyone already watch any of the people I mentioned or who are your favourites that I haven't mentioned? Let me know as I am always on the look out for new Youtubers and Bloggers.


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