Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Bloggers Ball Event in London | June 2016

This is my 3rd Bloggers Event that I have been to and I find them fun every time I attend :-)

It's a great way to meet new brands and bloggers too, it's definitely worth doing if you are fairly new to blogging. Even if you're not though there is still so much you can learn and so many amazing people you can meet each time :-)

This particular event was organised by the Blogger and Events organiser Scarlett, from  She did an amazing job organising The Bloggers Ball, i've been to a few events she put together before and it's always been a great experience. The next event run by her will be in September for the Annual Bloggers Festival (this one I went to last year) so make sure you follow her to keep an eye out for more on that :-) 

This event was held in the DSTRKT restaurant/lounge, one of London's most famous venues -

I got handed an event guide as I entered the venue which included information about the brands and a map so you knew your way around and where each brand was located.
The event started at 14:00pm until about 16:30pm, I arrived about 20 minutes past 2 and it was already really packed with people. I worked my way around the brands, having a little look at what they had and with a few, entering some competitions.

Take a look below at some of the brands I visited...
(If you click the brands websites it will open a new page to see more) - Launched in 2002. A fashion retailer selling watches, jewellery, sunglasses, bags and sportswear. They provide for women, men and children. - Luxurious skincare. After 20 years in the beauty business, Sally Curson launched the range in 2012. - A tanning company with a mix of products including sprays, mousse and gradual tanners. - Created in the UK, 2012. Original and stand out jewellery designed on layering and stacking. - A wide range of well known perfumes and body sprays. Multi award-winners. - Online jewellery retailer based in South London. Launched in 2014 sending products to customers in over 100 countries worldwide. - Exotic jewellery designed by Fei Liu. Worn by a variety of well known people such as Amanda Holden and Danni Minogue. - A range of chocolate bars. 100% organic and ethical.

My favourite brand was probably the Seed and you may (or may not) know...I do LOVE my chocolate! :-) Other than that though I did enjoy visiting Face Matters, Boho Betty and So...? perfume. There was plenty more brands that I haven't even included in this post. 

Did anyone reading this also go to this event? How was it for you? :-)



  1. I went to this event too and loved it! Great summary of a great day :) xx


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