Monday, 13 June 2016

Day Out at London Zoo | Sunset Safari

Last week on Friday I went up to London Zoo to experience Sunset Safari. It's held between 18:00pm - 22:00pm and only on selected evenings through June and July. As the sun goes down you can enjoy the fascinating animals, animal themed acrobats, delicious food and music.

I travelled up on the train and it's lucky I left early because quite a lot of trains were cancelled due to low staff and no conductors! The first stop we arrived at we all had to change trains as the train got terminated, luckily the rest of our journey wasn't too bad. I actually filmed a 'whats in my bag?' video on my youtube channel - here if you wanna see it? I filmed it the morning after i travelled to the zoo so its a travelling to London edition :-) 
It was also a nice warm day and luckily didn't rain like the weather was predicting.

I was one of the first people in the que for the guest list so once I came in it was very empty at this point but it was good to get in as soon as it opened to make sure I made the most of it.

It was set up so lovely, there were lights hanging in the trees, barbecue food being cooked, nice chilled music playing and there was this area (in the photo above) with chairs, cushions and a small tent area where someone actually played some music a little later on. It had a festival atmosphere which I loved...i've never been to a festival either and really want to experience one soon!

I've been to this zoo before but I still felt excited to see the animals again. Unfortunately the Gorilla kingdom was closed due to the baby gorilla's needing there sleep, it was a shame as did wanna see them, the Pandas were also unavailable :-(

African Hunting Dog
African Hunting Dogs Eating
Red Forest Duiker
Red Forest Duikers have a loud penetrating cry, somewhere between a snort and a whistle.
They are central to Southern Africa.

The Okapi are an Endangered species and are falling in numbers because of poaching.
These are shy and timid animals.

Zebras are poached for their skins and sometimes bushmeat.
You might hear them communicate using barks, neighs or squeals.

Pygmy Hippo
Hippos ooze a shiny pinkish fluid known as 'blood sweat' which keeps their skin moist and acts as a natural sunscreen.

Ring-Tailed Lemur
Baby Meerkat
Baby Meerkat
Meerkats are found in hot, dry parts of Africa.
They live in family groups called packs, clans or mobs.

We tried to see the Tigers but none were to be seen so we decided to visit them again later. I loved seeing the baby animals, they are always my favourite! The baby meerkat above was so cute and reminds me of my dog cos he does the same thing, when he sits on my lap and wants attention he lifts himself up and tries to tap me with his paws just like a meerkat, he looks so cute when he does it!

After half the evening was done it was time to have a sit down and enjoy the atmosphere for a bit, it had got a lot more busier at this time.

I also went though the butterfly tunnel which when I last came to the Zoo I was too scared to walk through! So stupid because it was fine and I didn't even mind if a butterfly landed on me, they were so pretty to look at and got some really good photo's with the Macro setting turned on my camera :-)


Butterfly landed on a girls arm and everyone crowded around to get a photo,lol
Blue-throated Macaw
There are only 100-130 individual Blue-throated Macaws in the wild living in fragmented populations.
They mate for life, laying 1-3 eggs which hatch after 26 days.

Scarlet Ibis 
The Scarlet Ibis bird is distinctive and instantly recognisable with its vivid scarlet feathers, which brighten with age.
Found in Northern South America, Trinidad and Tobago.

Flamingos get there beautiful pink colour from the small animals that they eat. 
They often stand on one leg to keep the folded leg warm.

Monkeys (Not sure what type)
Capuchin Monkey
Capuchin Monkey
Capuchin Monkey
Sleepy Tiger

I love animals, I had such a lovely time at the Zoo and it a different experience going in the evening.
Who here has also been to London Zoo? I would love to visit another Zoo, it's been really interesting finding out more about the animals too and I would love to see animals I've never seen in real life!
See my snapchat compilation on my youtube channel for some video footage of the day: click here - LifeWithCarlyC


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