Monday, 16 May 2016

Leaving Full Time Work | Taking a huge risk | Chasing My Dreams

I felt like it was time to take a risk, leave my full time job and work towards something I really love.

I had been thinking about this for a little while and when I had put a status up on my Facebook, so many people were positive for me to go for it! There was actually one person who was slightly negative about it but who listens to the negatives,lol

I was currently in a full time job earning a good amount of money each month to se me through. I was working on a reception in a hotel, it wasn't something I wanted to do forever and I had bigger dreams. I am the sort of the girl to take risks and do what I love more than just settling for what I think is right.

This weekend just gone was my last working shift in the hotel and even though I was a little worried leaving it felt so good to be able to walk out knowing I never have to come back! I actually thought I had to give a months notice as others leaving had to do that but I think it was because I was only there for 6 months so it wasn't very long and it ended up only being one weeks notice. That was good for me as I got out the place sooner but at the same time it made it worse as I was expecting to get a full months pay to get me going but now I will only get half of that which might make things a little harder.

It is a scary thing to leave a full time job and work for yourself, especially when you don't even have a solid plan or an actual business to jump straight into. I actually have a lot of things to pay out for, things to pay back and direct debits that will still be coming out my bank so I am not in a place where I am 'ok' for money. This could have been a silly time to leave my job or maybe not? I feel like if I stayed at least I new i would have money coming in to see me through but then at the same time I didn't want that to hold me back from the possibility of great things. I will take life as it comes and deal with any obstacles as it happens! It was a huge risk for me leaving but I am glad I did it! Lets just hope now I can prove to myself that I left at the right time.

Sometimes you do need that push in life and that fear to make you go after what you really want. If you are settled and comfortable then there is nothing making you do more or trying new things. It's like if you knew you had to book in a dentist appointment but never do it, it's only until your teeth then get in so much pain it pushes you to think, ok..maybe I should book into the dentist now! lol Not sure if the dentist was the best example but you get what I mean! :-) So now I have that fear it will make me more hardworking and plus I will have more time to actually put the effort in and do more with my time. It may be a struggle at first but I am prepared for the challenge and I as long as I make enough money to get me through my days then I will be happy. I would rather work in something I love and make just enough money to pay for bills and food then work in a job I hate, even if that did earn me more.

Working for myself is great because I can choose my hours, do more of what I love and I get to book different work in on different days and times so its a variety which is the best thing for me because I can get bored easy. I have been rubbish with jobs all through my life to be honest so I know this is the type of work i need to keep me interested :-) This also means...Christmas OFF! Woohoo! :-)

So you may be wondering...what is it i'm actually doing for work now?

Well I used to do promotion work (leafleting, sampling, data capture,etc) I am with quite a few promotion agencies and still get texts or emails through about work. That is one good thing I will do and promotion work can be good money too. I also am going to apply again for extras/background agencies, another thing I used to do which was great. Also from today I am actually on a mission to get my abs back and once I feel confident again in my body (after eating a lot after my fitness show and bloating out) I will try to apply to fitness and commercial modelling agencies :-) I also want to build up my blog and youtube as that is my ultimate passion. One good thing is I will now have more time to focus on it and create better content.

So I think that concludes this post, it was just a post to express my thoughts and were i'm at right now in life. I also hope this post inspired you, make sure you are chasing your dreams. I have seen so many people reach there dreams in life so it is possible and it can happen. The only person in control of your life is you, it sounds cheesy but YOLO and all that! Be hardworking, remember your goals and make sure you do something daily to help you reach them. Don't settle for something you don't enjoy, take risks, learn from your mistakes and make the most of life. Be happy :-D If you don't try new things you will never know.

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  1. This is awesome news hunni - good luck following your dreams!

    Emma |

    1. Thank you, i hope things work out :-) x

  2. Good luck! :) Sounds so exciting!! :)

    Rachel | Beauty and the Bird


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