Tuesday, 10 May 2016

I LOVE BRIGHTON; Busy Summer at the Beach

It has been gorgeous weather here in England and where does everyone go when the sun makes an appearance?? Of course...they go down to Brighton!

It is a very popular town, I have been loads of times myself and still get excited to go down there for the day! I went on Sunday with my Mum and it was very hot and VERY busy. We were squashed in like sardines on the train, people could not even squeeze anymore into the carriage and some people couldn't even get on! Thank goodness there was air con :-)

Whenever I visit Brighton I always have to buy some chips, BUT it has to be from the place right down the seafront next to where the trampolines are. It's called Seasiders fish and chips. There is something about these chips, they just taste amazing! I love loads of vinegar on mine, thats what makes it for me! :-)
Me and my Mum sat on the beach for a bit and then took a walk on the pier. It was so busy with people and everywhere had long queues.

Another thing that I love getting when I'm down Brighton is a Moo Moo milkshake and it always has to be The Teaser. That one has a mix of malteasers and toffee crumble in with a chocolate flake! (me drinking it above) Do you have anything you MUST get every time you visit Brighton? 

I vlogged my day too so if you wanna watch that then click here
I was having a strange day where I felt really embarrassed to vlog, I am typically quite shy but battle to fight that all the time, I have gained a lot more confidence since school but sometimes it does come back as I don't think it will fully go away! But yeah..I felt like everyone was looking at me as soon as I wanted to talk to the camera! It's annoying really, confidence can always get in the way of allowing you to do what you really love and you end up missing out on things! Anyway feel like I'm going off topic

After spending time down the beach and the pier, we walked into the town, got a few bits and then headed on home. We managed to get a seat on the way back although was still quite busy, some people were still standing. I found out near the the end of the day that fluff from my dress had got stuck on me making it look like I had hairy armpits...that was greeaatt! lol

It wasn't a packed day full of events or anything special but it was a day in Brighton so I wanted to share it anyway cos I love Brighton. I also love to share lifestyle (day out) kinda posts :-) let me know if you enjoyed this... I will probably want to do more posts like this. Make sure you are following my blog to see more, you can follow me here on Bloglovin if you like, it's an easy way to keep up to date with new blog posts and see my older ones all together!

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far...lets all cross our fingers for a hot summer this year :-)



  1. I have to say I have had the pleasure of visiting this city and I adore it!! Definitely one of my favorites! Wonderful post!

    1. What things did you do in Brighton? What did you love the best? :-) Thank you for reading and liking my post! xx

  2. These pictures are absolutely stunning girl!!! Brighton is so beautiful ... It's such a shame it's about 6 hours from me !! I'd love to take s trip there soon though! I love your sunnies too girly !!

    1. Thank you so much. That's a shame your quite far, hopefuly one day you can visit! :-) x


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