Saturday, 21 May 2016

Get Glowing Skin with Ooharr Face Masks | Pamper Yourself

Ooharr beauty has an amazing selection of face masks and I was lucky enough to try some out. I had a third one which unfortunately didn't make it for the photo! I did keep the empty packet but it was the first one I used so must have got moved about or accidently thrown it away :-/

Since last year i've tried out various face masks and quite a few tend to leave my skin really red and inflamed after its removed. I've never had that problem before so my skin must have become more sensitive the over past 2 years. However the Ooharr face masks have no bad effects to my skin so I love that :-) I even left them on for the full recommend time and my skin afterwards felt fine. These all smelt so amazing and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. The smell reminded me of when your in a professional salon. I have done Massage at college and learnt all about the different oils so to see these face masks include so many of them is great because it gives so you so many amazing benefits. I really need to stock up on these now as they are my go to beauty essentials :-) These definitely need to be tried out if you haven't used them before? If you have used them, what did you think?
(You can click the titles of the face masks to see more information on their website) 

STAR GLOWS - Skin Polisher Face Mask

This has a mix of naturally moisturising and conditioning ingredients like, Sweet Vanilla, Honey, Almond, Shea Butter and Argan oil. It leaves the skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. The refreshing Aloe Vera in this cools and calms the skin, blended with natural clay to detoxify and draw out impurities. I inserted a lovely picture of me

DEAD SEA COOLER - Deep Cleansing Face Mask

This one has Peppermint, Teatree and Witch Hazel which helps to fight spots and gives a bright, clear complexion. It is combined with Dead Sea salts which help open pores, detoxify the skin and draw out any impurities. A touch of Bamboo powder exfoliates and refreshes, while sweet Almond and Argan Oil moisturise and protect.

ROSIE GLOW - Deep Cleansing Face Mask (Not shown in picture)

This includes Marula Oil to help protect the skin from environmental damage and Palmarosa essential oil which works to repair damaged skin. Dead Sea salts and natural clay help to detoxify and draw out impurities from blocked pores. Rose essential oil hydrates and helps with inflammation or redness, whilst Geranium balances and keeps the skin supple.

£1.20 (per 15ml sachet)
Natural products | Essential oils
Made in the UK

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