Thursday, 28 April 2016

Why I chose to compete again? | Show Feedback | My future plans


I had competed for the first time last year and it was just for the fun and experience. Once show day was over I couldn't wait to eat again and at the time I was glad it was over. I really let myself go downhill afterwards as i stuffed myself silly and didn't think about what i was doing. I also lost all motivation for the gym as well.

Once it got nearer to Christmas I realised how much weight I had gained back and felt lost and annoyed that I had let myself go back to square one. Competing then started to seem like a good idea again, I do love a challenge and to go by a plan makes it easier for me to stay on track. Straight after Christmas I got myself an online coach and started to get back on track. As time went on I started to love the whole experience and I was even starting to enjoy my food plan and had no problem going to the gym...I suddenly got the fitness bug! :-)


I was told that my confidence was much better than last year but it was my physique that held me back from placing. That is great feedback for me to hear really, I know I can improve slightly more on my physique. For the next show I will try SO HARD to be the best I can and fingers crossed I can achieve greater things. I am very pleased that my confidence was better, I did feel a lot more confident in myself and I didn't shake like last year. When we first went on stage for the group parade and photo, my legs trembled and it did set me up for nerves but as soon as it was my category it all went fine and I just had fun with it!


This time for the show I did things so differently and really enjoyed it. After the show I straight away wanted to do another one and I haven't been so food obsessed this time. I am planning to book my next show with Pure Elite again in October. This one gives me some time off prep before I go back on a diet plan and also gives me enough time to save up and to get time booked off work,etc.
Recently I also enrolled onto a Fitness Instructor/PT course. It's a home learning course and I am so excited to learn more about nutrition and fitness and then be able to help others achieve their goals.

For the next show I would like to practice on my walking and posing a bit more. I would love to save up and buy a better bikini, I do want an under wired bikini with more jewels going on :-) I really like the idea of a white/silver one or it would have to be royal or turquoise blue. I do want to do International Model round again as that was so much fun and would like to buy new outfits so doing the October show gives me enough time to plan all of this.

Bring on October and the newer improved ME! :-)

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