Monday, 11 April 2016

What I eat in a day - 2 Weeks Out | Bikini Competitior

Hello everyone. Last year in April I competed in my first ever fitness show, after that I wasn't set on doing it again but here I am...about to stand on stage for the second time. I decided to do the show with Pure Elite again and I am doing the Bikini round. I also decided this year to enter a new category that they added called International Model. Today I am literally 12 days away from competing and I am so excited.

My diet has been challenging along the way but also fun. I have an online bikini coach who gives me my diet plan and training. This last week my carbs have been cut down and the protein and fats have been increased a little as I really have to be leaning out now. In this post I wanted to share what a typical day of eating is at the moment, hopefully you will find it interesting.


30g Oats
200ml Almond Milk - Add cinnamon
2 eggs (I have scrambled)

Supplements - 1 Multi vitamin
                        1 Omega 3
                        1 CLA
                        I also have one Biotin tablet (good for skin, hair and nails)

Lemon Green Tea


170g 0% Greek Yoghurt
100g Strawberries
2 Plain Rice Cakes


Supplements - 1 Thermopure (Before Gym)

Glutes & Legs | Superset workout
During Workout - BCAA (Branched-chain Amino Acid) Berry Blast flavour
Post shake - Vanilla Whey

Drinking my BCAA's

150g Chicken
100g Sweet Potato
100g Green Beans

Supplements - 1 Omega 3
                        1 CLA
                        1 L-Carnitine

Lemon Green Tea


150g Chicken 
Half a packet of Tilda Mushroom Rice
100g Broccoli

Supplements - 1 Omega 3
                        1 CLA
                        1 L-Carnitine

Lemon Green Tea


Two squares of 90% Dark Chocolate
Slow releasing protein before bed - Micellar Caesin in Strawberry Flavour

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