Tuesday, 19 April 2016

It's PEAK WEEK | Fitness Journey | Pure Elite Competitor 2016

I am 4 days out now until my show on Saturday. Peak week can be really hard, you have your ups and downs through prepping for a show. It can be tough mentally and physically and I still see myself as a beginner with everything. You can only learn and get better and for this year I definitely feel more confident. I know what to expect and I understand the industry a little more this time round.

I have been on a varied diet which I have found really fun and it is only now the competition is so close I am feeling more tired and hungry. I also have noticed that my mood isn't always the best and I can pick at the smallest things and get easily stressed. I am doing the diet completely different to last year when I tried to figure it all out for myself, this time I have an online coach to guide me so when I think back to a week from show day last year, I had no idea what I was doing and deprived myself from things and so after the competition I can see more now to why I went on such a crazy binge out, you can see my binge out post here.

My body has been feeling so weak lately as I am doing so much cardio, again...something I am doing more of this year. I should have done more last year but it was my first show and to be honest, my heart wasn't really into it as much as it is now. I saw competing last year as an experience and even on show day, I new I wouldn't place so instead was just glad to get through it and to eat what I wanted again. (which wasn't exactly healthy) I literally put so much weight back on, maybe even more than before by time Christmas came around :-( It was like I had totally fallen out of routine and found it hard to get back into it, I new what I was eating was bad but I just couldn't stop and when you do that, it's hard to see how bad it is getting until you compare yourself to before and then it hits you!

I have changed so much this year and I am so happy. I've still had my struggles with the diet along the way but I feel like I am coping with it all a lot better and the passion that I have to succeed now is enough to keep me going. I started my diet plan and training just after Christmas and I found it a struggle to get into the swing of things at the start BUT I couldn't feel more passionate about it now. I love seeing the results it has given me and the determination. I also love how my diet has still included great meals and even sweet things like dark chocolate or strawberries. I don't even feel the need to binge this time, I am happy to just continue eating healthy and working out in the gym after the show... Obviously I have my easter eggs waiting though which I can't wait for! :-) 

This has all motivated me so much that I am now doing an online course to be a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer and it includes a few practical sessions in my gym that I go too which is good :-)

I hope you liked this little post update? :-) I wanted to share what I was feeling so just wrote this as I went along. 

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