Tuesday, 5 April 2016

March Favourites - Beauty | Fitness | Food

Hi there, I hope you're all having a fantastic start to the month :-)

So a lot of my March faves are pretty much the same since I did my February Favourites ...which if you haven't read then you can see that here as I am still loving some great beauty products that I shared there.

The first thing I have been using A LOT lately is seasoning on my food. As my diet is quite particular at the moment, I like to keep my meals tasty by using these garlic seasoning paper slips, if that's what you would call them? They make my chicken taste so nice and being a garlic lover, I just can't get enough of these. The seasoning pot next to that is my 'Season All' which I sprinkle onto my salmon and maybe my chicken if I run out of the garlic papers. Again it is just so tasty, not really sure what else to say about it!

Talking of food, below that photo is a bowl of porridge. Now this is my fave breakfast that I have at the moment. To make it so special is the Chocolate Brownie Protein Powder that I add into it. At first I wasn't too sure and thought the texture was weird but after a few bowls I suddenly loved it and now get so excited to have this when it's on my plan that day. I was even considering doing a separate blog post on this porridge with some better photo's and how to make it :-)

So for the Mac lipstick (Pro longwear - To the future) it's still a favourite and like I said, there wasn't a whole lot to share this month so this lipstick was also in my Feb faves too but it is such a nice shade and Mac makeup is great so thought I would share again.

Next is an Argan Oil. I love using oil on my face before bed as it feels so hydrating to my skin and have been using this every night. Sometimes I use it on the ends of my hair too. Argan oil is a must have beauty essential for me, you can also use it in the bath for really soft skin or on your nails to get soft cuticles and help dry skin.

The rucksack that I also have been loving longer than just March...I have been using this almost every day. It is so practical and goes with everything so is a staple fashion item for me at the moment.  I got this particular one from Primark a few months back.

To finish off, the photo of the cross trainer. I have been doing loads of cardio at the gym lately, did you see my last blog post on How to enjoy Cardio? You can see that here if you missed it!
I have especially been loving the cross trainer. I'm not really sure I can explain why except that when i'm listening to my music, I kinda feel like I'm dancing to the beat of the song which I find quite fun! It works your whole body too and so if my legs feel a bit tired at points, I will push with my arms more and it helps me to keep it going!

I hope you liked this post. I love sharing my top favourite things, what have been your top 3 items or things to do over March?
I hope you all have a great month in April and I will see you again in May for my next monthly favourites :-D

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