Saturday, 2 April 2016

The Quick way to Burn Fat; How to Enjoy it!

Hello :-) So as you may know, I have been training to compete on stage for a fitness competition. If you didn't know...well you do now :-)

For the last 3 weeks I have stepped up my exercise as I really need to be leaning up now and even though I have a figure I am now happy with, for a competition you have to go that extra mile and as it gets closer to show day the diet gets more strict, something I could go into in another blog post, maybe?

I have been using the cross trainer and treadmill every single day for the last 3 weeks now. On the days that I do weights I have been spending about 2 hours in the gym as I then do my cardio for an hour after. LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) workout is good because it's low impact and less stress on the muscles and joints. I don't do classes, swimming or any other form of cardio for show prep as I do HIIT workouts too and these are more effective, classes are ok but not as effective when in show prep.

I find that a whole hour each day (oh wait, I am doing cardio 6 days of the week, I was getting confused then because on a Monday I do legs and glutes but miss cardio on that day) can get repetitive doing the same cardio every day but I have managed to do every single one and feeling proud as last year when I competed for the first time I missed so many out :-/

One thing to get you through a cardio session on a machine though is to train your mind to enjoy it. Get yourself excited about doing it, don't see it as a chore! I don't always have good days, sometimes that hour can feel like forever and all I do is keep looking at the time thinking 'when will this be over'
On them days though I suppose the thing that gets me through it is remembering that this is only one hour of your day and you are getting that bit closer to looking amazing!

I am a people watcher and the sort of person who can just sit there and think about things. It's like if I am in a hairdressers I would never opt for a magazine, I am always happy just sitting there, I usually just watch whats going on around me or look at my phone. So it's the same on a treadmill...I would just watch people around me or look at the TV's even though I'm not listening to a particular one, I would just look at whats on it. Then when that hot guy then walks past and gets on the machine in front of workout just got a whole lot better ;-)

I love to listen to my music and one thing that makes the time go by is I like to walk to the beat. If I am on the cross trainer (which is my fave lately) I feel like I'm dancing almost to the beat of the song, if the temp is faster I go to the beat but would lower the level and if it's a slower beat I up the level so I can easily flow with the tune, if that makes sense. I get lost in music, I just love creating playlists on Spotify and it's one main thing that really motivates me.

The weird thing is we have TV's in the gym but I never bother to plug in my headphones to any of them. I don't know why... I keep thinking to do it soon but then instead I end up opting for youtube. I like creating a watch later playlist and I have a lot of youtubers that I like to catch up on so its great for making the time go by.

Another little tip is, if you are working out on the machine for an hour or more, don't focus on the time... instead focus on maybe doing just half an hour and once that's done you could easily do another 10 minutes and once that's up you are almost to an hour, so you may as well just do it all! lol It can help if you focus on small chunks instead of the full hour as it can help make the workout feel less daunting and prevents you getting bored quickly.
Sometimes I have done my hour but my calories have finished on 670 (for example) and it's so close to 700 that I feel like I have to get to a nice rounded number so I do an extra 5-10 minutes until I hit 700 and then I feel accomplished! :-)
Also swapping to different machines can change things up, but don't take long breaks in between, you need to keep the momentum going and don't loose focus. So hop of one and straight onto the next...keep that sweat coming! :-)

I take every day as it comes and each day I am really excited for my workouts and to tackle that cardio, I know it will give me great results and that is really important to me right now. I got back into the gym after Christmas. I slowly started and it wasn't the best days at the start but once i've seen results i've been getting into it again! After a long time of up and downs with the gym and healthy eating I can finally say I love it and feel like it's in my blood,lol :-D I am even thinking about doing a fitness course this year, I am looking to find something after my show. I really hope you have enjoyed this rambly type of post, hopefully it has motivated you to go for a workout now?

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