Friday, 15 April 2016

Eat Chocolate Brownie Porridge and still Loose Weight

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I have been meaning to share this blog post for a while now.

I have been on prep for a fitness (bikini) show over the past few months and this has been my favourite breakfast on my plan. I am limited to venturing out with a lot anyway but I do love my porridge.

This one is so simple and i've got so excited for the mornings when I know I am waking up to this :-)
If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen me post about this a few times already!

It is all about that 'Chocolate Brownie' protein powder! Add a scoop of that to your porridge and it tastes amazing! I get my powder from and they do SO many flavours to choose from. I really need to try more but then I am so addicted the brownie one right now, I think I would wanna buy that one again :-)

The first time trying protein whey in my porridge was strange to get used to, it does take away the texture of a normal porridge and I wasn't even sure I liked it at first. I started off by adding half a scoop of powder and then one day I just fell in love and now I add a whole scoop and just add small amounts of hot water to keep the consistency that I like.

It is so quick and easy to make but here is what I do anyway;

I add my 30 or 40g of oats (it's gone down to 30g for me now since cutting down on carbs) and then I add 200ml of (unsweetened) Almond milk. I leave that on a low heat until it starts bubbling, I then give it a stir, leave for another minute or two and then slowly add my protein powder, bit by bit whilst stirring and adding small amounts of water to keep the consistency. I then add either 100g or 50g or blueberries and thats it! :-)

Let me know if you try this? Also if you have tried any flavours from My Protein whey, what is your favourite? Click here to see all the flavours :-)

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