Friday, 29 April 2016

Superfood Smoothie | Strawberry & Vanilla

After my fitness show I came off prep and allowed myself quite a few treat meals until today. I started to get back into the swing of healthy eating and I have actually missed it and the way it makes my body feel. I went to the gym today to do legs and glutes so when I got back I made myself a protein smoothie. This was quick and easy and tasted really good too.
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(1 scoop) Vanilla whey powder - My Protein
Oats (didn't measure, maybe about a table spoon)
Strawberries (however many you like, I added 4)
Chia seeds (about a tea spoon)
(1 teaspoon) Peanut butter - My Protein
Acai berry powder (superfood) - Focus Supplements 

Then added water to blend together. You can add ice to make it cold and would taste more like a milkshake. Mine was quite warm so when I next make it I will definitely add ice :-)

If you want any discount codes for then use code CCXX15 for 15% off - if you are a new customer. If you are a returning customer use code CCXX8 for 8% off :-)

If you try this smoothie out then let me know what you think?


Thursday, 28 April 2016

Why I chose to compete again? | Show Feedback | My future plans


I had competed for the first time last year and it was just for the fun and experience. Once show day was over I couldn't wait to eat again and at the time I was glad it was over. I really let myself go downhill afterwards as i stuffed myself silly and didn't think about what i was doing. I also lost all motivation for the gym as well.

Once it got nearer to Christmas I realised how much weight I had gained back and felt lost and annoyed that I had let myself go back to square one. Competing then started to seem like a good idea again, I do love a challenge and to go by a plan makes it easier for me to stay on track. Straight after Christmas I got myself an online coach and started to get back on track. As time went on I started to love the whole experience and I was even starting to enjoy my food plan and had no problem going to the gym...I suddenly got the fitness bug! :-)


I was told that my confidence was much better than last year but it was my physique that held me back from placing. That is great feedback for me to hear really, I know I can improve slightly more on my physique. For the next show I will try SO HARD to be the best I can and fingers crossed I can achieve greater things. I am very pleased that my confidence was better, I did feel a lot more confident in myself and I didn't shake like last year. When we first went on stage for the group parade and photo, my legs trembled and it did set me up for nerves but as soon as it was my category it all went fine and I just had fun with it!


This time for the show I did things so differently and really enjoyed it. After the show I straight away wanted to do another one and I haven't been so food obsessed this time. I am planning to book my next show with Pure Elite again in October. This one gives me some time off prep before I go back on a diet plan and also gives me enough time to save up and to get time booked off work,etc.
Recently I also enrolled onto a Fitness Instructor/PT course. It's a home learning course and I am so excited to learn more about nutrition and fitness and then be able to help others achieve their goals.

For the next show I would like to practice on my walking and posing a bit more. I would love to save up and buy a better bikini, I do want an under wired bikini with more jewels going on :-) I really like the idea of a white/silver one or it would have to be royal or turquoise blue. I do want to do International Model round again as that was so much fun and would like to buy new outfits so doing the October show gives me enough time to plan all of this.

Bring on October and the newer improved ME! :-)

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Monday, 25 April 2016

Luxury Designer Bags - WishList | House of Fraser

I recently got this bag from House of Fraser and I really love it. The colour is so pretty for this spring/summer, I did style it in a recent blog post so click here if you want to see that.

As I was flicking through all the bags to choose one I did see so many that I loved. A majority of them were really expensive designer bags so as I don't have the money to buy them all, thought why not do a wish list blog post. Let me know which ones you like? Click on each bag to see more pictures and info.



PURE ELITE - SHOW DAY | Bikini Competitor | April 2016

So if you didn't know, I competed for the first time last year for Pure Elite and after that one I was so sure I wouldn't do it again but here I am, doing my second one....and after this show I already know I want to do more, I'm hooked now :-) If you haven't seen my other blog post from last year then click here to see it.

I love my new fitness food bag, it's from here (Isolator fitness bag)
This year I took a different approach to the way I ate before and on show day. I actually packed healthy foods and didn't dig into any chocolate or unhealthy meals until I had been on stage! 

I did vlog my time too, you can see a video at the bottom of this post
I travelled up to the show in Margate, Kent with a guy called Rod who I travelled up with last year.
We stayed in Premier Inn on that Friday (22nd April) then that evening we went to get our tans done with Show Tan. We get two coats of tan done and we can't shower or wear deodorant until after the show (gross i know) lol

After the tan we went to get registered, got our badge numbers and then stayed for the athletes meeting where they talked through the day and reminding us the T-walks for different categories, etc. We also got a book which had the order of the day and the names of everyone in the categories including lots of other cool bits to look through.

I was number 49 :-)

So the next day (Saturday 23rd April) we travelled to the venue at Winter Gardens. We went backstage to find somewhere to change and put our bags and then went to get a top up of tan. I had another light coat of tan all over and this all developed over time too so I am still so dark as I am writing this post!

I was doing the Bikini tall and International Model categories. Mine were on quite late in the day so had a bit of waiting around. At around midday tho all athletes were called on stage to do a walk on parade and massive group photo which at the point I stepped on stage my legs were trembling and I just couldn't stop them which then got me feeling nervous to go on again :-/
Between then and going on stage for the bikini round I just continued to do my makeup backstage, eat food, chat too and meet the girls, take photo's and walk around the venue a bit.

Looking lean ;-) 
These looked so good but the stall closed once results were done and I was too late to buy some on the day, gonna have to order some instead :-)

Good old selfie stick :-)
Tattoo Fitness Model on stage

When we finally went on stage for bikini I felt like I did ok. The thing I was worried about the most was wobbling in my heels and shaking so much BUT I didn't even shake which I was surprised at! I looked back at a video that got taken though and I felt like I walked a bit stiff and looked slightly awkward. I also put my hand on the wrong hip for one pose and as I turned to the back pose I did nearly loose my balance but luckily it wasn't too noticeable...i don't think anyway?! :-/ The main thing for me is I had way more confidence than I did last year and so that made me happy!

After that we had the second category, International Model. It's a new one that had been added this year and involves a sportswear/underwear round first (Victoria secret style) and then an evening gown round. I wasn't 100% happy with my outfit choices for this. I chose to go with underwear which I did really love, I felt very Victoria Secret BUT, I didn't have the money to buy some massive amazing wings and the ones that I had ordered didn't come in time, not that they were anything special...but basically had to go to the nearest fancy dress shop on Friday and they had one pair of white wings which were like cardboard and so flat and just not what I had in mind :-/ I felt like as they were the only option though, I had to get them and they were £16.99 which to me were expensive...I mean I won't be wearing them again anytime soon either! Anyway for the evening gown I felt like I would have loved something bigger and more pageant looking, but competing can be SO expensive so I had like no money left to be buying some prom type dress just for this one day! Yes, I could have prepared a bit sooner but I was also unsure as to what size I would be as I was loosing weight through prep but it did make me happy that my dress was a size 8!

guys on stage before we go out
behind stage, about to go on

I felt like these rounds went a lot better, I had tons more confidence and felt like I BROUGHT IT! You know! lol I had so much fun anyway, I didn't place in any of the categories but it has only left me feeling more determined and I want to do so much better for my next show. I am already thinking about when to do another one, I would like to do one this year so watch this space! I look back at the video my friend took of me on stage and I can totally see why I didn't place, I wouldn't have placed me either,lol I also think I could so much better with the diet too and create better abs and figure overall. I lost a lot of weight from Christmas though, I was almost to a size 12 and now I fit size 8 clothes and I am well happy with the transformation. Here is a progress picture, just goes to show hard work really does pay off! It was a slow progress for me starting a diet again as after the last competition I had gone downhill so much and piled on the weight again :-( I am so happy at where I am now though and don't have that urge to go off rails this time and I am actually looking forward to going back to the gym and also want to experiment with some healthy meals and maybe share on my blog, it's just nice at the moment being able to eat what I want if I want it. I am going shopping later and going to buy some bagels so I can have philadelphia, salmon and avocado on. Also want a tuna pasta bake for dinner tonight..mmmmm!

My online coach was Melissa Haywood - Bikini Queens
I have really enjoyed my prep leading up to the competition. I have also really started loving the gym and then the day of the show is just so much fun, I love getting all glamed up and meeting so many lovely people too. Pure Elite is a great show to be a part of and if you are thinking of competing then I would do it!
After my first competition I just wanted it to be over with and I didn't have the confidence in myself to place so I just wanted to eat lots of food again and I felt like I never enjoyed my workouts as much as I do now. I also did the whole prep myself last year and I think I cut out too much and stuck the same things so much that it got boring and then the week before the show it got worse and I had a breakdown, I did a blog post on various topics through competing including my binge out and going downhill after the show - click here to see the post

Also I vlogged my day of the show too, I even filmed bits right before going on stage so if you are new to competing and want to get a feel to what goes on backstage and what happens then check my video out HERE
I am waiting for stage photo's from Matt Marsh so I will be uploading them onto my social media very soon so make sure you are following if you want to see more;

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

It's PEAK WEEK | Fitness Journey | Pure Elite Competitor 2016

I am 4 days out now until my show on Saturday. Peak week can be really hard, you have your ups and downs through prepping for a show. It can be tough mentally and physically and I still see myself as a beginner with everything. You can only learn and get better and for this year I definitely feel more confident. I know what to expect and I understand the industry a little more this time round.

I have been on a varied diet which I have found really fun and it is only now the competition is so close I am feeling more tired and hungry. I also have noticed that my mood isn't always the best and I can pick at the smallest things and get easily stressed. I am doing the diet completely different to last year when I tried to figure it all out for myself, this time I have an online coach to guide me so when I think back to a week from show day last year, I had no idea what I was doing and deprived myself from things and so after the competition I can see more now to why I went on such a crazy binge out, you can see my binge out post here.

My body has been feeling so weak lately as I am doing so much cardio, again...something I am doing more of this year. I should have done more last year but it was my first show and to be honest, my heart wasn't really into it as much as it is now. I saw competing last year as an experience and even on show day, I new I wouldn't place so instead was just glad to get through it and to eat what I wanted again. (which wasn't exactly healthy) I literally put so much weight back on, maybe even more than before by time Christmas came around :-( It was like I had totally fallen out of routine and found it hard to get back into it, I new what I was eating was bad but I just couldn't stop and when you do that, it's hard to see how bad it is getting until you compare yourself to before and then it hits you!

I have changed so much this year and I am so happy. I've still had my struggles with the diet along the way but I feel like I am coping with it all a lot better and the passion that I have to succeed now is enough to keep me going. I started my diet plan and training just after Christmas and I found it a struggle to get into the swing of things at the start BUT I couldn't feel more passionate about it now. I love seeing the results it has given me and the determination. I also love how my diet has still included great meals and even sweet things like dark chocolate or strawberries. I don't even feel the need to binge this time, I am happy to just continue eating healthy and working out in the gym after the show... Obviously I have my easter eggs waiting though which I can't wait for! :-) 

This has all motivated me so much that I am now doing an online course to be a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer and it includes a few practical sessions in my gym that I go too which is good :-)

I hope you liked this little post update? :-) I wanted to share what I was feeling so just wrote this as I went along. 

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Spring/Summer Nail Designs | Quick & Easy





Rimmel - Pillow Talk, White Hot Love & Daisy Days
True Brit London - Royal Guard
MoYou Nails - Black
Cotton bud
Nail art - Detailer brush
Nail art - Dotting tool

Also see my youtube video below for how I created these nails. 
Hopefully this gave you some inspiration to do some nail art for Spring/Summer.
Let me know if you try any of them :-) Send me pics!


Friday, 15 April 2016

Eat Chocolate Brownie Porridge and still Loose Weight

Instagram photo: @CarlyCx
I have been meaning to share this blog post for a while now.

I have been on prep for a fitness (bikini) show over the past few months and this has been my favourite breakfast on my plan. I am limited to venturing out with a lot anyway but I do love my porridge.

This one is so simple and i've got so excited for the mornings when I know I am waking up to this :-)
If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen me post about this a few times already!

It is all about that 'Chocolate Brownie' protein powder! Add a scoop of that to your porridge and it tastes amazing! I get my powder from and they do SO many flavours to choose from. I really need to try more but then I am so addicted the brownie one right now, I think I would wanna buy that one again :-)

The first time trying protein whey in my porridge was strange to get used to, it does take away the texture of a normal porridge and I wasn't even sure I liked it at first. I started off by adding half a scoop of powder and then one day I just fell in love and now I add a whole scoop and just add small amounts of hot water to keep the consistency that I like.

It is so quick and easy to make but here is what I do anyway;

I add my 30 or 40g of oats (it's gone down to 30g for me now since cutting down on carbs) and then I add 200ml of (unsweetened) Almond milk. I leave that on a low heat until it starts bubbling, I then give it a stir, leave for another minute or two and then slowly add my protein powder, bit by bit whilst stirring and adding small amounts of water to keep the consistency. I then add either 100g or 50g or blueberries and thats it! :-)

Let me know if you try this? Also if you have tried any flavours from My Protein whey, what is your favourite? Click here to see all the flavours :-)

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