Wednesday, 30 March 2016

TOPSHOP WISHLIST - Spring Fashion 2016 | My Style

Today I spent my morning browsing on the Topshop website. I want to get some new Spring outfits soon so I am starting to look at the new trends in. I was currently drawn to the Topshop website after watching a youtube video from a girl called Suzie who owns the channel, Hello October. Does anyone else watch her, I love her style and she is such a lovely girl :-)

Photo taken on my iPhone 
I really want to start changing up my wardrobe over this year and finding my new style. The last time I had a clear out was back in August 2015, I made a youtube video on that and my staple items, if you want to see that you can click here. Having a spring clear out though is probably due, I do have so much that I just don't even wear anymore but still holding onto it, just can't seem to part myself,lol Does anyone else find it hard chucking out clothes? 

Hopefully this post will give you some outfit ideas, let me know your favourite in the comments. You can click on the icons to see the product in full. 

Today I just received a gorgeous dress from Debenhams, if you follow my Instagram: CarlyCx then you would have seen a preview of it. I will be sharing that dress on my blog very soon so keep an eye out. I can't wait to share more style posts with you so I hope you will like them :-) Also would you like to see more wish lists from me?

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  1. Very helpful post, i really like reading your blog.

    1. Hi, I am really glad you enjoy my blog, that has just made my day reading that! :-) x

  2. Love these kind of posts. The jeans are looking good too me. Especially as this weather seems to be picking up slowly but surely 💕

    1. Yeaa i do love a good pair of jeans and need these Topshop ones in my life! :-) x


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