Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hair Essentials You Need In Your Life!

1. Heat Spray - I think this is a must if you use heat on your hair. I like to air dry my hair as much as i can to avoid using too much heat on it and i don't use heat appliances too much either. This particular heat spray is for coloured hair which is what i need and it helps to keep that shine. It won't stop the heat from damaging your hair completely but it helps place a barrier to avoid the majority of damage. I always have to use some sort of heat protector, i couldn't imagine drying my hair now without it.

2. Hairspray - I use this almost daily i would say. When my hair is up just a little spray will keep all the loose fly aways in place. Also if i curl my hair is helps to keep the curls in place for longer. This one i got recently is maximum hold number 5 and i find it really good because i only need a tiny bit and it really does keep my hair in place, even when i cycled to work on a really windy day it stayed put :-) I've used Wella hairspray for years now, probably because my Mum has always used it and the only other one i've tried once was Elnett. 

3. Dry Shampoo - When i am having a lazy (can't be arsed to wash my hair) kinda day, dry shampoo is a life saver! It gets rid of any greasiness and also can help lift and volumise the roots! I really liked the batiste dry shampoo but i decided to try this one from Aussie. I thought it would be really good because i like their other hair products, it hasn't really wowed me though and i dought i will re-buy it.

4. Tangle Teezer - These are the best things ever and if you don't own one, why not? Go buy one :-)
I don't use anything else now because this does the job well enough for me and is so easy to brush through knotted hair. The only thing that annoys me is every time i brush through my hair somehow the brush always seems to fly out my hand and across the room! Does anyone else have this problem?lol I think i need one with a handle!

5. Hair Mask - A hair mask is a top essential for me and i think you should add a mask treatment into your routine. It can be easy to forget about doing it but it literally takes an extra 10 minutes of your time and can really help your hair in the long run. This particular one i got for christmas and i really like the fact is has Argan Oil included as that is really good for your hair and it helps to hydrate and condition. I also have another one that i haven't finished yet but it contains moroccan oil and i think its really good (shop for it below) I dye my hair blonde so a treatment ever week or every other is necessary.

6. Hair oil - Moroccan oil is great stuff to use in your hair. I apply it to the ends after washing it and this one again, is for coloured hair. Mine has been empty for a while but it's still sitting on my desk. I kept hold of it to remind myself i needed to buy more but maybe it's time i just threw the bottle, it's been a while now,lol I just use a cheaper version that i had in my drawer that will do for now but i would definitely recommend the one above.

What are your hair essentials?


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