Friday, 25 March 2016

Pretty Flower & Bird Nails for Spring - 2016

To create the white clouds, I used a cotton bud.
Spring is here and I love how the days are feeling warmer. I am definitely a summer girl at heart so I am getting quite excited now and really hope that the UK have another good summer like last year!

To kick start Spring on my blog I felt like doing some nail art, I haven't done any in a little while and I was feeling creative. I don't have the best tools for this as my nail art pens I had are so old now and most are dried up. I still have some brushes and a dotting tool from college tho which is handy. You can get nail art brushes from Ebay though if you were interested. 

To start, I used my base coat from Nubar. And I always seal my nails with a top coat, at the moment I have one which I got in a manicure set once so it isn't the best but will do for now.

I decided to go for 'Rain Rain Go Away' from Rimmel and 'Atlantic Road' from Barry M as my base colours, this is a textured polish which i'm not a huge fan of but I wanted this shade blue and was the only one I had. Spring is all about the pastels which I love :-)

So the five colours above are what I chose to use for the nail art. 
From the left there is 'Ring a ring of roses' and 'port-a-loo-blue' from Rimmel.
Then I have 'Pomegranate' and 'Navy' from Barry M
And on the right is 'White light Hyper Gel' from Models Own

The two brushes I used are 'super striper' a long thin brush, great for long stripes on the nail and it's easier to steady the brush to get a perfect stripe.
Then I have the 'detailer' ...great for, well...detail :-) Do excuse the state of the brushes by the way! :-\
Then I have the dotter tool, one side is for smaller dots, the other for the larger.

These nails are great for a Spring day and you can mix and match the designs that I did. Maybe do your nails blue with one white nail and use the bird and cloud theme or you could just do the flower designs, I did two different flower designs above for inspiration. I really love both and they are both so easy to do. I sometimes like to film video's of my nail art but I felt like these are simple enough to see how they can be done, well I hope so anyway. Let me know if you would like to see any more Spring nail art on here or if you would prefer it in video?

What is your favourite season?



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