Thursday, 17 March 2016

Clip in Extensions VS. Pre Bonded (Glue-ins)

I did style my extensions for a wavy hair look and didn't get a photo straight out the box.
It's great to add a bit of length to your hair sometimes. This is why i love clip in extensions as i change my mind all the time. These are great for the days i want long hair and i like to add these in when doing different styles too as it adds more thickness and can make an up do look so much better :-)

I recently needed some new extensions and just that day i was going to buy some i then got contacted and was very lucky to be sent these ones from Sleek Hair. (good timing!) These are a one weft piece, 20 inches long and in the colour 613. A one weft piece is all i needed :-) As they have 4 strips of hair connected together, they do come really thick which i wasn't expecting so i find that really good

I really love them, they are so soft and luxurious and if you are looking for thicker or even longer hair just this weft piece is worth getting. I am also a big fan of clip in extensions because i change my mind a lot, like i mentioned. I've also had pre-bonded extensions before and paid a lot of money for them to only pick them out after about two weeks because i didn't like them anymore and they are a lot of work to keep maintained and also VERY expensive too. These clip ins look the exact same as my bonded ones did. See old brunette photo of me with the bonded extensions and you can see how similar they look.

Pre bonded extensions...

Now hair without clip ins...

With clip in extensions...

I am going to the hairdressers next month when i get paid. I think i am going to take these extensions with me and get them cut a little shorter as they feel a bit too long for me and i also want to get them toned to a white/silver blonde as that is the colour i am planning on going, then i definitely am going to wear them for my fitness show which is very close now! :-)

These extensions i am wearing were only £19.99! Such a good price i think for all the hair you get.
If you are interested in getting some then you can chat with a great team of people who will help colour match your hair.

+44(0)20 8502 7448

What are your thoughts on clip in hair? Do you prefer bonded extensions or clip ins?


  1. I love extensions, and these look like really nice quality for the price :) Also look gorgeous on you!

    Claire | xx


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