Saturday, 12 March 2016

Rainy Day Outfit

It was a rainy day when i wore this outfit, i have been meaning to share this post for a little while now...
I travelled up on the train to see family and as it was my day off work and I'm usually stuck wearing work or gym clothes, i thought i would try and style up a nice outfit. I would usually get higher quality photo's for my blog but on this occasion i didn't have my fancy camera with me so just used my phone, sorry the quality isn't my best.

What am i wearing?

I went for my trusty boots from River Island that i've had for a few years now and they are still going strong! Always keep my feet dry on a rainy day so i knew these were a must for my outfit. I then added some black knee length socks from Primark for warmth and for the fact that they look good, i do love knee length socks and these are worn over some thick black tights also from Primark. (although you can see the black socks very clearly in the photo's)

So i guess i will work my way up as i started with my feet :-) Next i am wearing this gorgeous striped skirt that i recently bought from and i really love it. It goes with a lot and is really stylish, i love stripes too! You can see another outfit post i did recently if you click here that i styled with this skirt. So paired with that i am wearing this really cute, navy blue top from Primark. This top was another recent purchase and i love the collar detail on it.

Over the top of everything i am wearing a long black cardigan that i got from Primark. I've had it maybe a year now and it's great as goes with everything and i like the way its long and drapes down with no buttons. It's also a little shorter in the sleeves and i feel like these touches just make it a bit different and more stylish when pairing over an outfit.

The coat i am wearing is a big favourite of mine, i bought this from River Island about a year ago from a store in London and was in love straight away. I am really glad i bought it when i did because when i looked in my home town store i could never see the exact same one. I love the fur collar though and the colour is gorgeous. You can see my original blog post on this coat here
To finish this look i chose this bag that i had bought from Primark as i felt the colours suited my outfit quite well.

I really hope you've liked this outfit :-) What is your favourite item i am wearing?


  1. Your coat is absolutely GORGEOUS, I'm such a sucker for fur :)

    Claire | xx

    1. Thank you :-) yeah for next winter i definitely want to get an all fur coat, they look so cosy! x

  2. Fab outfit, you look lovely!! :)



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