Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Favourites | 2016

I don't always share favourites as i tend to love the same things. This month just gone though i have some new loves so wanted to share what's been top of my list!

Firstly above i have really been liking this Cream Puff lip cream. I love the colour and the texture of this on the lips. I did a full blog post on this so if you want to see it up close then click here.

Next is Lancome Foundation. I decided to pay out a little more for a new foundation recently and really glad that i did. I love the way this sits on the skin, i feel like it gives me a natural look but covers my skin really well. I also love the smell of this :-)

The Super liner from Loreal has been a favourite for around two years now or longer maybe. I have re-bought this a few times now and find it really easy to apply. It has a felt tip like point so helps to get the perfect flick and dries quite fast too. Is there any eyeliner you think i should try out as i'm usually re-buying this i have no idea if there is something better i don't know about! lol

These two Rimmel nail polishes are great. I absolutely love the colours and have been wearing them so much. As i am writing this i am currently wearing the blue one (port-loo-blue) and if you want to see more then click here for a blog post i did.

I absolutely love candles and have been using quite a lot lately. I recently tho have fallen in love with first, this one from colton candles in this gorgeous strawberry bon bon smell. You can see a clearer photo close up on my Instagram if you click here. I have also been liking the white one from +Primark which has a really nice musky smell and i really like the white pot, again if you click here you can see it close up (..and in action) lol

This sticky roller i have is great and been using almost every night. You can just peel the stick paper off every time you use it and i got a pack from +Primark which included to extra rolls. At the moment the handle has broken so it does come apart a lot (which can be annoying) but i still like it. My dogs hair moults A LOT and i'm always having to get rid of the hairs on my bed but it's quite satisfying sucking them up with the that weird? lol

I have this room spray, again from Primark. Just like to spray that a lot to give my room a fresh smell. It has a lavender and jasmine smell and i just like it, not a lot else to say about it really!

Lastly from the photo above. I have been loving this hydrating hair mask, see better photo by clicking here. I have quite dry hair from being so blonde and so this hair mask is an essential for me. I like to use this every other hair wash usually and it includes Argon Oil which is great and i feel like it does a great job for my hair. 

So this last photo includes the fashion bits. Now working full time and training for a bikini competition i don't get to wear a lot of great outfits :-( Usually it's work clothes and gym stuff, then when I'm home its lounge wear,lol Is anyone else like this? 
I wish i had more time or places to go out too so i could put better outfits together but anyway i did recently buy this logo top from You can see it in an outfit of the day post i did if you click here. It's very casual and i love the 'xoxo' logo on the front, been wearing it a lot. It's casual for lounging in at home, wearing as a night shirt or like in the outfit post i did, you can dress it up to go out in. 

This bag from +Primark i have been using every day. It goes with everything and as i cycle a lot at the moment to work and the gym, it's an easy bag to wear whilst doing that but still looks fairly fashionable :-)

These socks i got ages ago from...again, PRIMARK! :-D Anyone else own a lot of Primark things?
I love these as they are knee length and are cosy to wear. I also feel like my outfit looks quite trendy with these on and then if i go out to the shop or to take my dog out i put my boots on and have the socks poking just over the top which i like, whilst it's still chilly out i am making the most of these :-)

Last but not least, i love these sunglasses i recently got from +Firmoo Optical They do ordinary glasses as well as sunglasses and these ones in particular look so cool. I love the shape, style and the colours that reflect on the lenses. You can see them better in my outfit post here.

So that is everything i have been loving over this month. You can see a video i filmed on my youtube channel if you like, also go and subscribe if you want to see more :-) I hope you liked this and let me know in the comments your 5 favourite things from the month of February :-D



  1. Lovely post! I love the collection creme puff lip glosses! I am running out of my current one so I definitely need to buy a new one x

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Thank you, glad you liked my post :-) x


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