Wednesday, 30 March 2016

TOPSHOP WISHLIST - Spring Fashion 2016 | My Style

Today I spent my morning browsing on the Topshop website. I want to get some new Spring outfits soon so I am starting to look at the new trends in. I was currently drawn to the Topshop website after watching a youtube video from a girl called Suzie who owns the channel, Hello October. Does anyone else watch her, I love her style and she is such a lovely girl :-)

Photo taken on my iPhone 
I really want to start changing up my wardrobe over this year and finding my new style. The last time I had a clear out was back in August 2015, I made a youtube video on that and my staple items, if you want to see that you can click here. Having a spring clear out though is probably due, I do have so much that I just don't even wear anymore but still holding onto it, just can't seem to part myself,lol Does anyone else find it hard chucking out clothes? 

Hopefully this post will give you some outfit ideas, let me know your favourite in the comments. You can click on the icons to see the product in full. 

Today I just received a gorgeous dress from Debenhams, if you follow my Instagram: CarlyCx then you would have seen a preview of it. I will be sharing that dress on my blog very soon so keep an eye out. I can't wait to share more style posts with you so I hope you will like them :-) Also would you like to see more wish lists from me?

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Pretty Flower & Bird Nails for Spring - 2016

To create the white clouds, I used a cotton bud.
Spring is here and I love how the days are feeling warmer. I am definitely a summer girl at heart so I am getting quite excited now and really hope that the UK have another good summer like last year!

To kick start Spring on my blog I felt like doing some nail art, I haven't done any in a little while and I was feeling creative. I don't have the best tools for this as my nail art pens I had are so old now and most are dried up. I still have some brushes and a dotting tool from college tho which is handy. You can get nail art brushes from Ebay though if you were interested. 

To start, I used my base coat from Nubar. And I always seal my nails with a top coat, at the moment I have one which I got in a manicure set once so it isn't the best but will do for now.

I decided to go for 'Rain Rain Go Away' from Rimmel and 'Atlantic Road' from Barry M as my base colours, this is a textured polish which i'm not a huge fan of but I wanted this shade blue and was the only one I had. Spring is all about the pastels which I love :-)

So the five colours above are what I chose to use for the nail art. 
From the left there is 'Ring a ring of roses' and 'port-a-loo-blue' from Rimmel.
Then I have 'Pomegranate' and 'Navy' from Barry M
And on the right is 'White light Hyper Gel' from Models Own

The two brushes I used are 'super striper' a long thin brush, great for long stripes on the nail and it's easier to steady the brush to get a perfect stripe.
Then I have the 'detailer' ...great for, well...detail :-) Do excuse the state of the brushes by the way! :-\
Then I have the dotter tool, one side is for smaller dots, the other for the larger.

These nails are great for a Spring day and you can mix and match the designs that I did. Maybe do your nails blue with one white nail and use the bird and cloud theme or you could just do the flower designs, I did two different flower designs above for inspiration. I really love both and they are both so easy to do. I sometimes like to film video's of my nail art but I felt like these are simple enough to see how they can be done, well I hope so anyway. Let me know if you would like to see any more Spring nail art on here or if you would prefer it in video?

What is your favourite season?


Sunday, 20 March 2016

Hair Essentials You Need In Your Life!

1. Heat Spray - I think this is a must if you use heat on your hair. I like to air dry my hair as much as i can to avoid using too much heat on it and i don't use heat appliances too much either. This particular heat spray is for coloured hair which is what i need and it helps to keep that shine. It won't stop the heat from damaging your hair completely but it helps place a barrier to avoid the majority of damage. I always have to use some sort of heat protector, i couldn't imagine drying my hair now without it.

2. Hairspray - I use this almost daily i would say. When my hair is up just a little spray will keep all the loose fly aways in place. Also if i curl my hair is helps to keep the curls in place for longer. This one i got recently is maximum hold number 5 and i find it really good because i only need a tiny bit and it really does keep my hair in place, even when i cycled to work on a really windy day it stayed put :-) I've used Wella hairspray for years now, probably because my Mum has always used it and the only other one i've tried once was Elnett. 

3. Dry Shampoo - When i am having a lazy (can't be arsed to wash my hair) kinda day, dry shampoo is a life saver! It gets rid of any greasiness and also can help lift and volumise the roots! I really liked the batiste dry shampoo but i decided to try this one from Aussie. I thought it would be really good because i like their other hair products, it hasn't really wowed me though and i dought i will re-buy it.

4. Tangle Teezer - These are the best things ever and if you don't own one, why not? Go buy one :-)
I don't use anything else now because this does the job well enough for me and is so easy to brush through knotted hair. The only thing that annoys me is every time i brush through my hair somehow the brush always seems to fly out my hand and across the room! Does anyone else have this problem?lol I think i need one with a handle!

5. Hair Mask - A hair mask is a top essential for me and i think you should add a mask treatment into your routine. It can be easy to forget about doing it but it literally takes an extra 10 minutes of your time and can really help your hair in the long run. This particular one i got for christmas and i really like the fact is has Argan Oil included as that is really good for your hair and it helps to hydrate and condition. I also have another one that i haven't finished yet but it contains moroccan oil and i think its really good (shop for it below) I dye my hair blonde so a treatment ever week or every other is necessary.

6. Hair oil - Moroccan oil is great stuff to use in your hair. I apply it to the ends after washing it and this one again, is for coloured hair. Mine has been empty for a while but it's still sitting on my desk. I kept hold of it to remind myself i needed to buy more but maybe it's time i just threw the bottle, it's been a while now,lol I just use a cheaper version that i had in my drawer that will do for now but i would definitely recommend the one above.

What are your hair essentials?


Thursday, 17 March 2016

Clip in Extensions VS. Pre Bonded (Glue-ins)

I did style my extensions for a wavy hair look and didn't get a photo straight out the box.
It's great to add a bit of length to your hair sometimes. This is why i love clip in extensions as i change my mind all the time. These are great for the days i want long hair and i like to add these in when doing different styles too as it adds more thickness and can make an up do look so much better :-)

I recently needed some new extensions and just that day i was going to buy some i then got contacted and was very lucky to be sent these ones from Sleek Hair. (good timing!) These are a one weft piece, 20 inches long and in the colour 613. A one weft piece is all i needed :-) As they have 4 strips of hair connected together, they do come really thick which i wasn't expecting so i find that really good

I really love them, they are so soft and luxurious and if you are looking for thicker or even longer hair just this weft piece is worth getting. I am also a big fan of clip in extensions because i change my mind a lot, like i mentioned. I've also had pre-bonded extensions before and paid a lot of money for them to only pick them out after about two weeks because i didn't like them anymore and they are a lot of work to keep maintained and also VERY expensive too. These clip ins look the exact same as my bonded ones did. See old brunette photo of me with the bonded extensions and you can see how similar they look.

Pre bonded extensions...

Now hair without clip ins...

With clip in extensions...

I am going to the hairdressers next month when i get paid. I think i am going to take these extensions with me and get them cut a little shorter as they feel a bit too long for me and i also want to get them toned to a white/silver blonde as that is the colour i am planning on going, then i definitely am going to wear them for my fitness show which is very close now! :-)

These extensions i am wearing were only £19.99! Such a good price i think for all the hair you get.
If you are interested in getting some then you can chat with a great team of people who will help colour match your hair.

+44(0)20 8502 7448

What are your thoughts on clip in hair? Do you prefer bonded extensions or clip ins?

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Rainy Day Outfit

It was a rainy day when i wore this outfit, i have been meaning to share this post for a little while now...
I travelled up on the train to see family and as it was my day off work and I'm usually stuck wearing work or gym clothes, i thought i would try and style up a nice outfit. I would usually get higher quality photo's for my blog but on this occasion i didn't have my fancy camera with me so just used my phone, sorry the quality isn't my best.

What am i wearing?

I went for my trusty boots from River Island that i've had for a few years now and they are still going strong! Always keep my feet dry on a rainy day so i knew these were a must for my outfit. I then added some black knee length socks from Primark for warmth and for the fact that they look good, i do love knee length socks and these are worn over some thick black tights also from Primark. (although you can see the black socks very clearly in the photo's)

So i guess i will work my way up as i started with my feet :-) Next i am wearing this gorgeous striped skirt that i recently bought from and i really love it. It goes with a lot and is really stylish, i love stripes too! You can see another outfit post i did recently if you click here that i styled with this skirt. So paired with that i am wearing this really cute, navy blue top from Primark. This top was another recent purchase and i love the collar detail on it.

Over the top of everything i am wearing a long black cardigan that i got from Primark. I've had it maybe a year now and it's great as goes with everything and i like the way its long and drapes down with no buttons. It's also a little shorter in the sleeves and i feel like these touches just make it a bit different and more stylish when pairing over an outfit.

The coat i am wearing is a big favourite of mine, i bought this from River Island about a year ago from a store in London and was in love straight away. I am really glad i bought it when i did because when i looked in my home town store i could never see the exact same one. I love the fur collar though and the colour is gorgeous. You can see my original blog post on this coat here
To finish this look i chose this bag that i had bought from Primark as i felt the colours suited my outfit quite well.

I really hope you've liked this outfit :-) What is your favourite item i am wearing?

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Lancome | Teint Idole Ultra 24h | Foundation

It has been a long time since i decided to buy a high end foundation but recently went to the Lancôme conter in Boots to have a look for something different. The lady on the counter recommended this particular one as it was one of their best sellers. I wanted something with a matte finish and after she had applied this on my skin i was in love with it. This is a long lasting foundation which gives you an even flawless complexion with a smooth velvety finish.
I only use a small amount
Left: With foundation | Right: Without foundation
I only use a small amount of this foundation, you really don't need a lot. In the photo above you can see on the left side of my face, i have applied only the foundation (no concealer or powder) Hopefully from the photo you can see the difference to the right side which is completely bare.

It applies on the skin so nicely, it has a really soft texture to it and it smells really nice too. The only way to describe the smell is similar to sun tan lotion so it makes me think of summer and holidays :-) (with a hint of a perfume scent to it as well)
I got this in one shade darker than my skin. I was told that when looking for a foundation it's always best to go one shade darker then your natural skin colour as it gives you a healthy colour but still matches your skin and i think this shade suits my skin really well.

In the photo below i have applied the foundation all over my face, this is not using any other products but just the foundation. It makes my skin look very smooth and almost like I'm not wearing anything on my face.

I then completed my makeup for the rest of the day to show you what it looks like on the skin after the full face is done. I added a tiny bit of concealer, powder, blusher and a tiny bit of bronzer over the top.

  • The shape and look of the bottle is very nice, it's simple and i like the frosted glass look
  • I really love the smell
  • I like that i don't need to use a lot of the product so it should hopefully last a long time
  • It makes my skin look soft and smooth with a natural glow
  • As it is a pump foundation it might be harder to get any last traces of the product out 
  • From the picture below it seems to leak from the pump and i haven't laid it down, i have it standing up on my desk every day so that is a little annoying

This foundation does seem to last really well on the skin. Below i have added a few photo's when i got home from an 8 hour shift at work. I work on reception and it was a busy shift, i didn't top up any makeup through the evening and i also ride my bike 20 minutes to and from work. The foundation still sits well on my skin. The one thing i might need to change though is my concealer as my spots are showing a lot more after my shift...annoying chin spot that just won't disappear at the moment!


Brand - Lancôme 

Bought from +Boots UK 
Foundation called Teint Idole Ultra 24h
Colour - 010 Beige Porcelaine 
Price - £30.00


Thursday, 3 March 2016

February Favourites | 2016

I don't always share favourites as i tend to love the same things. This month just gone though i have some new loves so wanted to share what's been top of my list!

Firstly above i have really been liking this Cream Puff lip cream. I love the colour and the texture of this on the lips. I did a full blog post on this so if you want to see it up close then click here.

Next is Lancome Foundation. I decided to pay out a little more for a new foundation recently and really glad that i did. I love the way this sits on the skin, i feel like it gives me a natural look but covers my skin really well. I also love the smell of this :-)

The Super liner from Loreal has been a favourite for around two years now or longer maybe. I have re-bought this a few times now and find it really easy to apply. It has a felt tip like point so helps to get the perfect flick and dries quite fast too. Is there any eyeliner you think i should try out as i'm usually re-buying this i have no idea if there is something better i don't know about! lol

These two Rimmel nail polishes are great. I absolutely love the colours and have been wearing them so much. As i am writing this i am currently wearing the blue one (port-loo-blue) and if you want to see more then click here for a blog post i did.

I absolutely love candles and have been using quite a lot lately. I recently tho have fallen in love with first, this one from colton candles in this gorgeous strawberry bon bon smell. You can see a clearer photo close up on my Instagram if you click here. I have also been liking the white one from +Primark which has a really nice musky smell and i really like the white pot, again if you click here you can see it close up (..and in action) lol

This sticky roller i have is great and been using almost every night. You can just peel the stick paper off every time you use it and i got a pack from +Primark which included to extra rolls. At the moment the handle has broken so it does come apart a lot (which can be annoying) but i still like it. My dogs hair moults A LOT and i'm always having to get rid of the hairs on my bed but it's quite satisfying sucking them up with the that weird? lol

I have this room spray, again from Primark. Just like to spray that a lot to give my room a fresh smell. It has a lavender and jasmine smell and i just like it, not a lot else to say about it really!

Lastly from the photo above. I have been loving this hydrating hair mask, see better photo by clicking here. I have quite dry hair from being so blonde and so this hair mask is an essential for me. I like to use this every other hair wash usually and it includes Argon Oil which is great and i feel like it does a great job for my hair. 

So this last photo includes the fashion bits. Now working full time and training for a bikini competition i don't get to wear a lot of great outfits :-( Usually it's work clothes and gym stuff, then when I'm home its lounge wear,lol Is anyone else like this? 
I wish i had more time or places to go out too so i could put better outfits together but anyway i did recently buy this logo top from You can see it in an outfit of the day post i did if you click here. It's very casual and i love the 'xoxo' logo on the front, been wearing it a lot. It's casual for lounging in at home, wearing as a night shirt or like in the outfit post i did, you can dress it up to go out in. 

This bag from +Primark i have been using every day. It goes with everything and as i cycle a lot at the moment to work and the gym, it's an easy bag to wear whilst doing that but still looks fairly fashionable :-)

These socks i got ages ago from...again, PRIMARK! :-D Anyone else own a lot of Primark things?
I love these as they are knee length and are cosy to wear. I also feel like my outfit looks quite trendy with these on and then if i go out to the shop or to take my dog out i put my boots on and have the socks poking just over the top which i like, whilst it's still chilly out i am making the most of these :-)

Last but not least, i love these sunglasses i recently got from +Firmoo Optical They do ordinary glasses as well as sunglasses and these ones in particular look so cool. I love the shape, style and the colours that reflect on the lenses. You can see them better in my outfit post here.

So that is everything i have been loving over this month. You can see a video i filmed on my youtube channel if you like, also go and subscribe if you want to see more :-) I hope you liked this and let me know in the comments your 5 favourite things from the month of February :-D

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