Saturday, 20 February 2016

Rimmel London NAILS - 60 Second Super Shine

I wanted to share these four +RimmelLondon nail polishes that i bought from +Superdrug

They were doing Buy one- Get one half price. I couldn't choose just two so i decided to get four.
Two of them are from the Rita Ora collection and the other two are 60 seconds super shine.

Ring a ring of roses - A beautiful baby pink colour. Two coats of polish are best with this colour. I have other Rimmel 60 second polishes and i really love them. This colour will look so pretty when spring rolls in! I can't wait for the warmer days to arrive :-)

Rain rain go away - This colour is my ultimate favourite and for this i feel two coats is better. Grey/Taupe colour is very in at the moment and i really love it. I am all for the neutral simple type of shades as they look very chic and can go with every outfit! :-) I am now in need of a dark grey nail polish so when i get paid that is going on my shopping list!

Midnight rendezvous - A gorgeous dark purple. I love the dark nail polishes too as they can stand out and make hands look very glamourous, especially if you have some pretty jewellery to show off too! I feel like you only need one coat of this and it covers the nail really well.

Port-a-loo-blue - How lovely would this colour look on holiday? :-) Blue is one of my favourite colours, especially this turquoise shade. I would only need one coat of polish for this colour. I did love this colour, the only thing i didn't like is it can lightly stain your skin after you remove it. It does fade but i struggled to remove the colour completely first try. You would need to wash your hands a few times to completely remove any traces of colour. I did also try it with a base coat but it didn't make a difference to it removing the colour easier. Other than that though i really love it and it doesn't put me off, i still love to wear this colour :-)

I really love Rimmel nail polishes. There pots are small and simple and they have such a huge colour range. Some colours would require two coats of polish and some just one, they are all very pigmented in colour though which is what i like and they are fast drying too. As you can see above the brushes are shaped really well for when you apply the colour. I like the thick width as it covers the majority of your nail in one stroke so makes it a lot easier and quicker to apply.

What is your favourite colour?



  1. Very pretty colors, great post!


  2. These colours are gorgeous! I love midnight rendezvous xx

    1. I just chose to wear that colour today! Been wearing them loads since i bought them :-)

  3. That turquoise shade is soo pretty! Great post :) xx


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