Monday, 15 February 2016


Over this last week i have been dreaming about being back on holiday. I've been drooling over my old holiday photo's and video's, just wishing i was back there so much! I am so glad that i have the memories i can look back on though and hope to create more memories for future holidays i have.

One holiday that really stands out for me is when i visited the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.
One of the days there we went out on a boat trip to an amazing island in the middle of the blue ocean followed by lunch on a nearby beach where we drank from real coconuts. I also filmed my holiday, you can check out my video of this particular day by clicking here. When i look back at these photo's, i still can't even believe that i was there. The sun was shining all day for us, it was beautiful everywhere around was just perfect :-) I managed to snorkel for the first time, i got to hold a really big crab and tried real coconut water.

I am hoping to go on holiday again this year. I definitely need a natural tan back for sure but i also really want to travel and visit more new places. I even want to try a skiing holiday one year, something i have never done before! I have been looking for new holidays these past few days and currently finding some really nice ones on Another place i dream of visiting is Florida and i am just browsing through all these amazing villas here. You can make dreams come true though if you work hard, be positive and do whatever you can to ensure it happens. You have all the choice in life, it is up to how you want to live it :-) #MondayMotivation

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Has reading this post made you want to book a holiday now? :-D



  1. Oh my god, I wanna go on this kind of holiday so bad, uhhh! The pictures are amazing and it really seems like you had a lot of fun there, xo.

    1. lol :-) This holiday wasn't even too bad in price and we got a good deal for 17 nights because we had booked for the last 2 weeks in October! x


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