Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bed Time Beauty Routine | Winter

I love having a good night time routine before bed. It's when i can stick the candles on, de-make up my face and and get all cosied up in bed.

I always make sure i have a glass of water next to my bed, one essential i always need.

I firstly light my candles. I have quite a few on my other cabinet and at the moment i choose to burn the one above that i recently got from Primark. It smells really nice, it has a lavender/vanilla scent.

I then like to remove my make up if i haven't already done it earlier in the evening. Right now i am loving this cleansing water from +Garnier Skin Care. It works for my face and eyes and is very gentle on the skin. It feels so fresh and i love removing my make up, it feels so nice to have a fresh clean face :-)
I then like to use my Skin Tonic from +Liz Earle Naturally Active. I have loved Liz Earle for a while now and love how the ingredients are all naturally and it also feels so fresh on my skin.

To finish off i like to use my moisturiser from Simple. It's not the perfect one for night time but its the only moisturiser i have at the moment.

I brush my teeth, stick my pyjamas on and get into bed. I then like to add some oil on my face from Liz Earle. Oil is great at keeping my skin hydrated, especially as the days are still quite cold and skin can dry out a lot quicker. I then add a bit of eye cream from Exuviance which is great for hydrating the eyes. I do want to get more eye cream soon that is good for fine lines or dark circles as I'm getting older i probably need some!
If i have any spots i like to use my spot gel from Clean & Clear. I think this gel works quite well for me and applying this before bed is the best time so it has time to work whilst your sleeping.

To finish off i always have to apply vaseline on my lips. I use chapstick in the day and it's always my vaseline pot at night. I suppose because this is more thick, i feel that it sinks into my lips over night leaving them feeling really soft by morning.

I would then sit there on my phone scrolling through the important news feed on Twitter and Instagram :-D Also at the moment i've been using a hot water bottle, as the days have felt colder :-)

Just before i turn my light out i put some hand cream on, spritz some of my room spray that i got from Primark, blow the candle out and go to sleep! I do love using beauty products before bed because i feel they all have time to work their magic over night.

What are your bed time essentials? Let me know your top 3 in the comments :-)

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