Thursday, 25 February 2016

Monochrome Style - Outfit Of The Day

I haven't done an outfit post in ages so i am very excited to share this. I really want to include more fashion posts on my blog this year, let me know if that is something you would like to see too :-) Today was particularly cold out when taking the photo's so afterwards i chucked on my cosy jumper and slipper boots and made a cup of green tea to warm up! :-D

I really love this outfit, it is very casual but still stylish.
I paired thick black tights with this as it is still chilly but as the sun is shining i decided to wear these sunglasses which i love!

This outfit can be great for when spring arrives too. Throw over a jacket for the cold days and lose the tights for the warmer days. Wearing some white converse with this broke up the black colour theme and also gives it that really casual look. If i was to go out in the evening i could just swap them for some heeled boots or something.

A little black rucksack has been a staple item for me lately, it goes with everything and is so practical. Putting it with this outfit just gave it that extra casual feel.  You could swap it with a clutch or a classy shoulder bag if your going out somewhere nice.


Sunglasses -

Top -

Skirt -

Tights - Primark

Bag - Primark (Bag charms are separate) 

White converse - Schuh


Saturday, 20 February 2016

Rimmel London NAILS - 60 Second Super Shine

I wanted to share these four +RimmelLondon nail polishes that i bought from +Superdrug

They were doing Buy one- Get one half price. I couldn't choose just two so i decided to get four.
Two of them are from the Rita Ora collection and the other two are 60 seconds super shine.

Ring a ring of roses - A beautiful baby pink colour. Two coats of polish are best with this colour. I have other Rimmel 60 second polishes and i really love them. This colour will look so pretty when spring rolls in! I can't wait for the warmer days to arrive :-)

Rain rain go away - This colour is my ultimate favourite and for this i feel two coats is better. Grey/Taupe colour is very in at the moment and i really love it. I am all for the neutral simple type of shades as they look very chic and can go with every outfit! :-) I am now in need of a dark grey nail polish so when i get paid that is going on my shopping list!

Midnight rendezvous - A gorgeous dark purple. I love the dark nail polishes too as they can stand out and make hands look very glamourous, especially if you have some pretty jewellery to show off too! I feel like you only need one coat of this and it covers the nail really well.

Port-a-loo-blue - How lovely would this colour look on holiday? :-) Blue is one of my favourite colours, especially this turquoise shade. I would only need one coat of polish for this colour. I did love this colour, the only thing i didn't like is it can lightly stain your skin after you remove it. It does fade but i struggled to remove the colour completely first try. You would need to wash your hands a few times to completely remove any traces of colour. I did also try it with a base coat but it didn't make a difference to it removing the colour easier. Other than that though i really love it and it doesn't put me off, i still love to wear this colour :-)

I really love Rimmel nail polishes. There pots are small and simple and they have such a huge colour range. Some colours would require two coats of polish and some just one, they are all very pigmented in colour though which is what i like and they are fast drying too. As you can see above the brushes are shaped really well for when you apply the colour. I like the thick width as it covers the majority of your nail in one stroke so makes it a lot easier and quicker to apply.

What is your favourite colour?


Monday, 15 February 2016

How to start a Blog - Best Tips & Advice to grow your site and be successful


If you are thinking about making a blog...stop thinking and just DO IT!
You have nothing to loose. Think about the type of blog you want to make and think of a name.
There are two platforms that i know of which are or Wordpress. It depends which one you prefer really but i've heard that blogger is easier to follow and i think more popular with people.


Blogging will be hard work and you will need to be consistent with your posts if you want be successful with it. It's ok to take breaks but if you abandon your blog for some time you will loose connections with people and it will be harder to keep it up. Regular posts will show people that you are dedicated and they will more likely return to your blog.


Don't let anything hold you back from starting your blog. Wether that is worrying what people will think or that you don't think you have the best camera equipment. You have to start to somewhere and photo's from your phone can still look great when first starting, you can always save for a better camera if that's something you want to do. It's about how you take the photo anyway that makes it good. In the past i have held back from doing a lot of posts or video's on my youtube for different reasons but not everyone can have the best everything and get it right every time so i would just do it and improve better down the line, just do the best you can at the time.


You can't expect success to happen over night. You need to be patient and good things will happen, you will get more views as time goes on so don't get put off at the start if you don't feel like your not getting that many. Everybody has to start somewhere and in time it will get better. It could take a few months to see changes or it could take a few years, it's different for everybody.


Firstly interacting with your readers is really important i think. I always make an effort to reply back to every comment i get and then it makes feel people more engaged with you as a person.
It's also great to make friends with other bloggers, i follow quite a lot on Twitter and they also have group chats under certain hashtags, for example there is; #bdib #lbloggers #fblchat They hold different chats and bloggers can join the chat for free. It's a great way to meet others and after most chats I'm left feeling really inspired. Blogging events are also another great way to meet other people and introduce your blog to different brands. I went to a few events last year, i have vlogged these events too which you can see on my (second) youtube channel > here <


There are so many blogs out there and ones that will be very similar to yours so it's good to let your personality shine through, that way readers will feel more engaged with you as a person. It's also important to share the posts that you enjoy. Don't compare yourself to others, try and stick to what you love and being honest in your posts too will build trust with your readers.


If you want to take your blog to the next level then there are a few things you can do to make yourself look more professional. Buy yourself some business cards, you can get good deals on Vista Print. At the time when i bought mine they were giving away a free card holder too which was good.

Another thing would be to buy yourself a domain name. I use to have '' or something like that and then bought a website name from I have heard that this site is the best one and you can also get domain name, website and email packages on there. I don't know if there websites are good for starting a blog as i've never tried it but it's something you can also look into.

The last thing would be to get yourself a new template, you can be creative with the template on blogger and that is fine for when your first starting out but theres a lot more you can get if you buy one. The first one i got was from, you can just search blogging templates, i can't remember the name of girl who did mine but there are loads of nice ones on Etsy. After christmas i then came across PipDig which i really liked. A new template include things like links to other social media, easier way to find posts, more stylish layouts, etc it just depends as all templates are different.

I also filmed a youtube video on this, if you want to watch that you can click here

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Over this last week i have been dreaming about being back on holiday. I've been drooling over my old holiday photo's and video's, just wishing i was back there so much! I am so glad that i have the memories i can look back on though and hope to create more memories for future holidays i have.

One holiday that really stands out for me is when i visited the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean.
One of the days there we went out on a boat trip to an amazing island in the middle of the blue ocean followed by lunch on a nearby beach where we drank from real coconuts. I also filmed my holiday, you can check out my video of this particular day by clicking here. When i look back at these photo's, i still can't even believe that i was there. The sun was shining all day for us, it was beautiful everywhere around was just perfect :-) I managed to snorkel for the first time, i got to hold a really big crab and tried real coconut water.

I am hoping to go on holiday again this year. I definitely need a natural tan back for sure but i also really want to travel and visit more new places. I even want to try a skiing holiday one year, something i have never done before! I have been looking for new holidays these past few days and currently finding some really nice ones on Another place i dream of visiting is Florida and i am just browsing through all these amazing villas here. You can make dreams come true though if you work hard, be positive and do whatever you can to ensure it happens. You have all the choice in life, it is up to how you want to live it :-) #MondayMotivation

See the full post on this island and boat trip HERE

If you want to see more of this holiday then see my full blog posts on it below...

Has reading this post made you want to book a holiday now? :-D


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Bed Time Beauty Routine | Winter

I love having a good night time routine before bed. It's when i can stick the candles on, de-make up my face and and get all cosied up in bed.

I always make sure i have a glass of water next to my bed, one essential i always need.

I firstly light my candles. I have quite a few on my other cabinet and at the moment i choose to burn the one above that i recently got from Primark. It smells really nice, it has a lavender/vanilla scent.

I then like to remove my make up if i haven't already done it earlier in the evening. Right now i am loving this cleansing water from +Garnier Skin Care. It works for my face and eyes and is very gentle on the skin. It feels so fresh and i love removing my make up, it feels so nice to have a fresh clean face :-)
I then like to use my Skin Tonic from +Liz Earle Naturally Active. I have loved Liz Earle for a while now and love how the ingredients are all naturally and it also feels so fresh on my skin.

To finish off i like to use my moisturiser from Simple. It's not the perfect one for night time but its the only moisturiser i have at the moment.

I brush my teeth, stick my pyjamas on and get into bed. I then like to add some oil on my face from Liz Earle. Oil is great at keeping my skin hydrated, especially as the days are still quite cold and skin can dry out a lot quicker. I then add a bit of eye cream from Exuviance which is great for hydrating the eyes. I do want to get more eye cream soon that is good for fine lines or dark circles as I'm getting older i probably need some!
If i have any spots i like to use my spot gel from Clean & Clear. I think this gel works quite well for me and applying this before bed is the best time so it has time to work whilst your sleeping.

To finish off i always have to apply vaseline on my lips. I use chapstick in the day and it's always my vaseline pot at night. I suppose because this is more thick, i feel that it sinks into my lips over night leaving them feeling really soft by morning.

I would then sit there on my phone scrolling through the important news feed on Twitter and Instagram :-D Also at the moment i've been using a hot water bottle, as the days have felt colder :-)

Just before i turn my light out i put some hand cream on, spritz some of my room spray that i got from Primark, blow the candle out and go to sleep! I do love using beauty products before bed because i feel they all have time to work their magic over night.

What are your bed time essentials? Let me know your top 3 in the comments :-)

Shop the products in this post...


Monday, 8 February 2016

Romantic Makeup & Hair - Valentines Inspired

Shop the makeup for the face...
Shop the makeup for the eyes and lips...
If you want to see a review on the Sleek eyeshadow palette then click here

Check out my youtube video on this look by clicking here

Hope you all have a lovely valentines weekend wether you are with somebody or single :-)

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Healthy Protein Pancake | Recipe

It's pancake day on Tuesday (9th Feb) so I was really excited to share this healthy pancake recipe.

I do love my typical unhealthy pancake with lots of golden syrup on top...mmmm :-) BUT I am currently on a healthy diet as I am training for another fitness show in April. I will indulge in an unhealthy pancake after the show but for now I had to find something different.

I am currently on a diet from +Melissa BikiniQueen (online coach) She gave me this recipe to have and today I made this instead of my porridge and morning snack. This was the first time I had tried this pancake and wanted to get a pretty photo for my blog but one pancake did fall apart :/ Luckily the photo still looked alright so it's all good! Can't do a thumbs up emoji from my laptop so a smiley face will do for now! :-)


1 whole egg
3 egg whites
1 scoop of protein powder
20g Oats
50ml Coconut Milk


50g Blueberries
100g Natural Greek yoghurt
15g Peanut Butter
Sprinkle of Organic Cacao Powder

This was so easy to make, I just put the ingredients into a jug and mixed it all up. Then used coconut oil in the pan and cooked for a few minutes each side, until I felt they were done.
I found this very filling and tasted so good, probably could do for two people but I found it ok just for me :-) I was replacing my morning snack with this too so I made sure I ate every last bite. For the protein powder I used Vanilla as that is the only one I have right now but there are so many flavours you can get, chocolate, cookies & cream or strawberry, I bet they would all taste really nice too. I spread some peanut butter in the middle of the wrapped pancake and put a bit in between each layer of the broken one. Then put some yoghurt on the side with blueberries and sprinkled some cocoa powder from My Protein on top. I love my chocolate so the cacao powder was great, gave it a really nice taste and a dusting of that is hardly unhealthy, plus it's organic so even better. My Protein have a great organic range which you can see here 
I also have a few codes you can use for discount off, if you are a new customer use code: CCXX15 for 15% off and if you are a returning customer use code CCXX8 for 8% off.

Let me know if you do make this pancake and tweet or send me your photo's of it. Maybe your pancake will stay together too and you can get a better picture than I did, lol

What is your ultimate favourite pancake? Let me know in the comments :-)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Cream Puff | Moisturising LIP CREAM | Collection Cosmetics

I really love Lip Creams since trying my first ones back in October. You can see my review on some others here. I recently went make up shopping and saw this one from Collection Cosmetics so I had to get it!

This is so easy to apply and it has a creamy, moisturising texture giving a velvety soft look. The colour is so pretty and long lasting and it gives a matte finish to the look. This was only £2.99 from Superdrug...bargain! I have this one in the colour Fairy Cake 3. They have some other really nice colours too which you can see here.

I will go back to buy some more soon as I really love this product and think you should definitely try it out when you next go shopping. With the price it's at, there is no reason not to :-)

Who else loves lip creams?

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