Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top 10 HEALTHY FOODS - Staple items for a Healthy Diet

Are you trying to be more healthier this year?

I am training again for a fitness show in April so I have been on a healthy diet and that has inspired me to write this post. 

Going shopping for healthy food can sometimes be tricky so I am sharing 10 food items that I have in my kitchen.  These are things I tend to use every day or every other day. Hopefully it might give you some ideas or inspiration on what to add to your next shopping list!

1. Oats - I have porridge quite a lot so having oats in my kitchen is a must. You can also use oats in smoothies. 

2. Green Tea - I like to have about 3 cups a day and my favourite are the Lemon or Mint flavours from Clippers.

3. Cinnamon - Great to add to porridge or it tastes great with apple. Along with cinnamon though, having a rack of different spices is great to add more flavour to meals.

4. Blueberries - Any type of dark berries are really good for you and great to put in porridge, with yoghurt or added to granola (you can see my How to make Healthy Granola here

5. Nuts - At the moment I have a few packets of different nuts in my cupboard. They make a great snack if you want something quick and you can use them to make different things. Like above I mentioned Granola, that I made with nuts and I also shared a blog post on plant based energy balls which taste so good, definitely check them out: here. 

6. Coconut Oil - My favourite healthy oil used for cooking. In +Holland & Barrett at the moment they are still doing the sale where you can buy one item and get another for a penny. It is only on selected items but I got my coconut oil this month using that offer. I am guessing it will finish by the end of Jan so if you didn't know about that then hurry before it ends :-)

7. Peanut Butter - Great as a treat. If you are eating healthy all day then a bit of peanut butter can taste amazing and the one I bought has less oil and doesn't have any added sugar. Tastes amazing on the dark chocolate rice thins or with a banana. Click here to see this photo on my facebook good does that look! :-p You can follow my facebook page for fitness motivation if you like :-)

8. Kallo Dark chocolate rice thins - I have been loving these since being on my healthy diet. I have a coach who helps me and she was who introduced these to me. Even when I am off my diet I will continue to be healthy and these will make a great snack. I am a chocaholic too so I need some chocolate in my life still! Not that I am cutting out dairy milk for good, oh god no! :-)

9. 85% Dark Chocolate - Being obsessed with chocolate it is good to have some in the house for when you are craving it. The higher the percentage, the better it is for you. I don't get how people can eat the 95% ones though, 85 is just enough for me! It's taken me a bit to get used to the bitter taste but if I'm on a diet then I would prefer that than no chocolate at all!

10. Protein Powder - I always have a post-workout shake after the gym and I have always used powder from +Myprotein There are so many flavours to choose from and they do so much more than just protein powders. I recently found out they are now selling fitness wear :-D You can get discount from My Protein using these codes if you like...
If you are a new customer use the code: CCXX15
If you are a returning customer use the code CCXX8
Click Here to see their website.

Let me know what your staple food items are in your kitchen?
You can see a video on my top 10 food items here

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