Saturday, 23 January 2016

Social Media Vs. Real Life; Its not all what it seems

When we see social media these days, a lot of it seems to be portrayed in this luxury lifestyle that we all wish we could live. Pictures you might see of girls, you think their hair is amazing, their make up is flawless, their body is to die for! Then you start to wish you looked like can sometimes make you feel a little depressed about yourself or the way you live! Social media can make us a bit obsessed these days, it is becoming a very popular thing now and young girls will be looking up to people they see online. I think it is nice to look at amazing photos, it is quite inspiring but I suppose I wanted to share this post to just help us remember that it's not all as real as we think. I hate to see young girls feeling under pressure to have to look a certain way or feel that they are ugly or have a boring life because they are comparing themselves to these girls that they see online.

For example in the past when I had been uploading photo's of meals when I had something healthy. I would then get some of my friends saying to me 'wow, your so healthy all the time, wish I could do it' but in reality I was stuffing my face with chocolate behind the camera...just I wouldn't share that part! :-)
Everybody is real and nobody can live a 'perfect' life all the time. You can choose what you share online and you can make it look anyway you want. Sure people must take the photo's to start with but they can also edit the photo and choose the best angle, lighting or might be lucky enough to have amazing camera equipment or a helper to take the photo's for them! Plus most photo's that look incredible are set up to look that way and maybe have had a lot of time and thought put in to it. Not everybody has these luxuries so there is no point stressing at the fact you can't get photo's as good as others you might see. I feel like it is such a battle in getting the best looking photo's these days, even I like to try and improve my photo's. It's a big passion of mine so I like to make mine look as pretty as I can.
Instagram: @CarlyCx
These people are behind a screen, things may not always be what they seem. The majority of people don't have time to always get the perfect photo, or to model the perfect outfit, the perfect places, the perfect makeup..etc. People could have a collection of photo's ready to post during that week, they could re-post old photo's or even use other people's. Then when you look at them it comes across as they are living this amazing life when all it takes is a quick upload but you don't know what they are really doing in life or what struggles they have or what they look like in person. A lot of photo's are being edited and there are A LOT of tricks and ways you can fake photos too. I might do a blog post soon on the difference with editing and how to edit your photo's, tips and advice that I know! :-D

I feel like this post is quite rambly but I just felt like getting some of my thoughts out there and to hopefully make girls realise (or boys) to not let the online world fool you. Don't compare anyone or anything to your life. People see things differently anyway so if you feel like, for example your Instagram account isn't as good as someone else's you like, don't worry about it because there will be plenty of people who will love yours, just do your best. I am going to admit, sometimes i've even let myself get carried away with seeing online photo's and accounts I wish to live like or look like but at the end of the day you have to remember, you are YOU! You can't be someone else, you can feel inspired from them and get ideas but always keep it real and love your life!
If you want to improve yourself tho then do it! Anything is possible in life if you really put your mind to it and want something can make it happen! :-)

Let me know what you think about the online world?


  1. I wholeheartedly agree. I see so many perfected instagram feeds when scrolling through the explore option. Admittedly it does make you feel a bit inferior especially as I'm someone who doesn't have a lot of money to buy accessories to fill the frame when I take instagram pictures. My house isn't as glamorous or stunning as many of the feeds I follow, but at the same time I'm happy that my house isn't like that. What we see in pictures doesn't necessarily reflect how people's lives really are. The snapshots of perfectly placed bookshelves with cute accessories are usually far from the story, what we tend to see in the frame where everything is placed to perfection probably has tons of mess around them behind the camera. Life should be more about enjoying the present that we're in, rather than dwelling what we don't and can't have. Great post! x

    1. <3 Thank you. I am glad you liked the post :-) x

  2. I agree with everything you said! It's actually quite scary how you can portray yourself on the internet. I always wish that I could make my life seem perfect, but I tend to always stay myself, I want to be real on and off the internet! Then again, I'd love for people to think my life was perfect too ahah!

    Anth! :)

    1. yeaa deffo! Thanks for reading :-) x

  3. One of my friends made a similar comment about how healthy my insta feed comes across and so I've been trying to share more of the cheats & treats on there too.

    Great post, it's definitely something that people need to be more conscious of.

    Emma |


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