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Diet Struggles & Binge Eating | Bikini Competitor

Last year at the end of April 2015 I decided to compete in my first ever fitness show on stage. I have shared blog posts on competing before so if you want to know more click here :-)

I have taken a very long time to get the hang of healthy eating. I have always been a huge fan of chocolate and like a lot of people, have a very big sweet tooth. I really let myself go after the competition in April. After 12 weeks of hard work exercising and eating to a strict diet I then ate myself silly after it was all over and that is something I do regret :/

When I started the diet I was doing ok with it. The first thing was valentines day, I did have some nice treat foods over that weekend as my (ex) boyfriend took me somewhere nice but I got back on it straight away! I think it was when it got to Easter time it then got hard and I worked signing people up to gym memberships. We had an offer on for people, if you bring in a chocolate egg you wouldn't need to pay a joining fee so our office was filling up with so much chocolate and it started to get hard for me. It didn't help when I worked with a girl who was just as bad as me with chocolate and we would both sit there talking about food all shift,lol

Toward the end of my diet, I think I was about a week from standing on stage. I went a bit crazy and this is something I never wanted to put out there as it was a bit embarrassing BUT ...I ended up eating bowls after bowls of this tropical granola I picked up from Asda and had that with some yogurt but as it was granola I felt like it wasn't too bad, all though I new really it was packed with sugars! It also went way over my macros and calories as that last week I was meant to be down to 1300 calories a day. I then in that same week had a break down and at 9pm one evening I went upstairs and got out the biggest Easter egg my mum bought me and scoffed the lot! It was a huge dairy milk egg with two massive bars of dairy milk included which I actually finished off the next day :/ I then felt as though because I had eaten one, may as well eat the I did! :/ All though I thought at the time 'it's only less than a week, i'm sure this eating make me fat that quick for show day' so I let the cravings over take. If you are someone who competes or eats and trains well you are probably shocked reading this! Or are you somebody who has done similar? let me know i'm not the only one? lol

The night before the show I had a Nandos for Lunch and a MacDonalds for dinner. It was also that day my friend brought chocolate raisins for us to snack on when waiting to go in for our spray tans! If you watch my youtube video's on my second channel or follow me on Twitter you may know that this was when my MASSIVE obsession with chocolate raisins started and I couldn't get enough of them. I was making stops at Sainsbury's almost daily (I say almost because I did try to stop myself going) I found they were the best from there and only 95p! Anyway whilst me and my friend sat there (the one I worked with in the office, her first time competing too) stuffing our faces with chocolate backstage at the show, i'd look over to see other competitors eating rice cakes with peanut butter or healthy protein bars, etc. but I just didn't care at the time, I thought oh well this chocolate isn't gonna make a difference to me standing on stage in a few hours! I felt as though I treated my last time competing as a temporary thing and in my mind just couldn't wait until it was over so I could eat what I want again! I didn't actually think I would be here training for it again! By the way, I also had to plan and weigh all my food myself and so kept my diet very repetitive as it was easier and the meals when I think back were quite boring, I would literally have eggs and salmon for breakfast EVERY morning! lol

After the show...omg! I went to the shops and bought literally everything I could! No veg touched my lips for months! lol I went on holiday after the show as well so I was loving the buffet food, especially the desserts. I even made a list on my phone of foods that I wanted to eat after the show, it was so long...(photo below) I was ticking things off as I ate them! I can share it now and laugh about it as this was last year and I am not so bad this time competing! :-)

wow! 3 pages of it, before I grabbed these images from my phone I forget how much I actually added! :-/ bad! As you can see though, I didn't get through everything...well either that or I lost track of ticks! This continued for might of been around September/October when I tried to include healthier meals again but I was finding it so hard and then the month of December I pigged out again, eating chocolate (A LOT of it) every day! (no exaggeration)

If you are looking to be healthy try and treat yourself once a week or something. But if you do pig out one day or me...then it's ok. You can always get back on track, it isn't the end of the world. Instead of feeling guilty, enjoy it and then get back on it the next day, as long as you are trying! I am already getting back in good shape again and my diet now is much more suited to what I like as I have chocolate included! Happy days! If you are competing, find a good coach with a diet that suits your needs. Don't feel like dieting means you have to cut out everything that you like. For competing it can be slightly more restrictive but then you just have to love it and know you are going to be rocking that body on stage! Be proud!

You can see my vlog of the fitness show here

Anyone else a chocoholic? or tried to diet and it's all gone wrong? I would love to know in the comments :-D

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Social Media Vs. Real Life; Its not all what it seems

When we see social media these days, a lot of it seems to be portrayed in this luxury lifestyle that we all wish we could live. Pictures you might see of girls, you think their hair is amazing, their make up is flawless, their body is to die for! Then you start to wish you looked like can sometimes make you feel a little depressed about yourself or the way you live! Social media can make us a bit obsessed these days, it is becoming a very popular thing now and young girls will be looking up to people they see online. I think it is nice to look at amazing photos, it is quite inspiring but I suppose I wanted to share this post to just help us remember that it's not all as real as we think. I hate to see young girls feeling under pressure to have to look a certain way or feel that they are ugly or have a boring life because they are comparing themselves to these girls that they see online.

For example in the past when I had been uploading photo's of meals when I had something healthy. I would then get some of my friends saying to me 'wow, your so healthy all the time, wish I could do it' but in reality I was stuffing my face with chocolate behind the camera...just I wouldn't share that part! :-)
Everybody is real and nobody can live a 'perfect' life all the time. You can choose what you share online and you can make it look anyway you want. Sure people must take the photo's to start with but they can also edit the photo and choose the best angle, lighting or might be lucky enough to have amazing camera equipment or a helper to take the photo's for them! Plus most photo's that look incredible are set up to look that way and maybe have had a lot of time and thought put in to it. Not everybody has these luxuries so there is no point stressing at the fact you can't get photo's as good as others you might see. I feel like it is such a battle in getting the best looking photo's these days, even I like to try and improve my photo's. It's a big passion of mine so I like to make mine look as pretty as I can.
Instagram: @CarlyCx
These people are behind a screen, things may not always be what they seem. The majority of people don't have time to always get the perfect photo, or to model the perfect outfit, the perfect places, the perfect makeup..etc. People could have a collection of photo's ready to post during that week, they could re-post old photo's or even use other people's. Then when you look at them it comes across as they are living this amazing life when all it takes is a quick upload but you don't know what they are really doing in life or what struggles they have or what they look like in person. A lot of photo's are being edited and there are A LOT of tricks and ways you can fake photos too. I might do a blog post soon on the difference with editing and how to edit your photo's, tips and advice that I know! :-D

I feel like this post is quite rambly but I just felt like getting some of my thoughts out there and to hopefully make girls realise (or boys) to not let the online world fool you. Don't compare anyone or anything to your life. People see things differently anyway so if you feel like, for example your Instagram account isn't as good as someone else's you like, don't worry about it because there will be plenty of people who will love yours, just do your best. I am going to admit, sometimes i've even let myself get carried away with seeing online photo's and accounts I wish to live like or look like but at the end of the day you have to remember, you are YOU! You can't be someone else, you can feel inspired from them and get ideas but always keep it real and love your life!
If you want to improve yourself tho then do it! Anything is possible in life if you really put your mind to it and want something can make it happen! :-)

Let me know what you think about the online world?

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

SLEEK MAKEUP | Eyeshadow palette | I-Divine Au Naturel

Colours from the left top row: Nougat / Nuback / Cappuccino / Honeycomb / Toast / Taupe

Colours from bottom row from the left: Conker / Moss / Bark / Mneral Earth / Regal / Noir

I really love this eyeshadow palette from +Sleek MakeUP

This is the first product I have bought from Sleek. I've always seen their palettes and thought they looked good and i've heard positive things about them. I don't know why it's taken me so long to try them out! I am glad I finally have though because now I am in love with it. They are easy to apply and the colours are very pigmented and long lasting. They have so many palettes and a huge range of colours to choose from.

The palette I got is called I-Divine Au Naturel and it is a mix of matte and shimmery colours. These colours suit every day looks but also for the evening too. I did a really nice make up look the other day with these and I will be sharing that on here soon. It was so pretty and great for valentines day, make sure you are following my blog to see that :-)

I will definitely go back to get some more products from Sleek. Have you tried this brand? What did you think?


Wicked - The Musical in London

I went to London to see Wicked the Musical with my mum. I had bought it for her as a Christmas present :-) 
We tried looking for a place to eat. We ended up walking right up to where Big Ben was then decided we should turn back or we would be late for the show. On our way back we then noticed, about 5-10 minutes walk from the Apollo, a large area across the road with a few food places. Once you get to this building the restaurants are just across the road...

So if you are going to to the Apollo at anytime, don't walk too far up the road as there are some good ones nearer. My mum did think she had seen a Pizza hut down this road before though so we carried on searching as i had got it in my head that i wanted Pizza, lol But this place i saw on the way back had a Zizzi's which i love, also a Waga Mama's and a few others. As we had walked for so long we didn't have much time so we just grabbed a Macdonalds,lol Mmmm heeaallthyyy! :-/ 

We were 4th row from the front by the aisle. The seat on the end had lots of nice leg room :-)

The show was amazing, the acting was really good and the detail was great too :-) It wasn't too bad being 4th row from the front either. I wasn't sure if we would get a neck ache. Maybe a few seats back would have been better as when the actors would go up higher you did have to look right up but it was only a few times through out the show. Being that close was great as you could see all the detail of the costumes, etc.

Has anyone else seen this show or planning to go soon?

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Carly xo

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Top 10 HEALTHY FOODS - Staple items for a Healthy Diet

Are you trying to be more healthier this year?

I am training again for a fitness show in April so I have been on a healthy diet and that has inspired me to write this post. 

Going shopping for healthy food can sometimes be tricky so I am sharing 10 food items that I have in my kitchen.  These are things I tend to use every day or every other day. Hopefully it might give you some ideas or inspiration on what to add to your next shopping list!

1. Oats - I have porridge quite a lot so having oats in my kitchen is a must. You can also use oats in smoothies. 

2. Green Tea - I like to have about 3 cups a day and my favourite are the Lemon or Mint flavours from Clippers.

3. Cinnamon - Great to add to porridge or it tastes great with apple. Along with cinnamon though, having a rack of different spices is great to add more flavour to meals.

4. Blueberries - Any type of dark berries are really good for you and great to put in porridge, with yoghurt or added to granola (you can see my How to make Healthy Granola here

5. Nuts - At the moment I have a few packets of different nuts in my cupboard. They make a great snack if you want something quick and you can use them to make different things. Like above I mentioned Granola, that I made with nuts and I also shared a blog post on plant based energy balls which taste so good, definitely check them out: here. 

6. Coconut Oil - My favourite healthy oil used for cooking. In +Holland & Barrett at the moment they are still doing the sale where you can buy one item and get another for a penny. It is only on selected items but I got my coconut oil this month using that offer. I am guessing it will finish by the end of Jan so if you didn't know about that then hurry before it ends :-)

7. Peanut Butter - Great as a treat. If you are eating healthy all day then a bit of peanut butter can taste amazing and the one I bought has less oil and doesn't have any added sugar. Tastes amazing on the dark chocolate rice thins or with a banana. Click here to see this photo on my facebook good does that look! :-p You can follow my facebook page for fitness motivation if you like :-)

8. Kallo Dark chocolate rice thins - I have been loving these since being on my healthy diet. I have a coach who helps me and she was who introduced these to me. Even when I am off my diet I will continue to be healthy and these will make a great snack. I am a chocaholic too so I need some chocolate in my life still! Not that I am cutting out dairy milk for good, oh god no! :-)

9. 85% Dark Chocolate - Being obsessed with chocolate it is good to have some in the house for when you are craving it. The higher the percentage, the better it is for you. I don't get how people can eat the 95% ones though, 85 is just enough for me! It's taken me a bit to get used to the bitter taste but if I'm on a diet then I would prefer that than no chocolate at all!

10. Protein Powder - I always have a post-workout shake after the gym and I have always used powder from +Myprotein There are so many flavours to choose from and they do so much more than just protein powders. I recently found out they are now selling fitness wear :-D You can get discount from My Protein using these codes if you like...
If you are a new customer use the code: CCXX15
If you are a returning customer use the code CCXX8
Click Here to see their website.

Let me know what your staple food items are in your kitchen?
You can see a video on my top 10 food items here

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Sunday, 17 January 2016

Modelling Photoshoot in the Snow

I had to start work at 7am this morning and I woke up to see snow!!! I was going to cycle to work but when I saw how thick it was looking on the floor I decided to get a taxi! As we don't get much snow in the UK, I get quite excited when it does. I start thinking about photos for my blog and Instagram, making a snowman and taking my dog out in it...but it was too late for me as by time I'd finished work it had cleared and all gone! How much snow have you had where you are? (if you are from the UK) I am from down the south and the weather isn't showing anymore snow for us at the moment.

As I didn't get the chance to get any photo's in the snow I still felt inspired to share some type of snow photo's on my blog. Below are a selection from a photo shoot I did a few years back but I do still love them and had so much fun doing it. It literally was just a photo shoot for fun, as it was a snowy day and I loved modelling! :-)

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Friday, 15 January 2016

Models Own | Chrome Nail Polishes

Hello everyone!

I recently went shopping for some new beauty products and picked up these two nail polishes from +Models Own.

These stood out to me because of the mirrored type pots. I was really tempted to try some more from this brand as I have one or two of their polishes already which I really love.  They give your nails a liquid metal effect which I think looks really cool. One coat of this is enough to cover the nail but I liked to apply two coats just to make it more bold, not that it made much difference as it was good enough with the first coat.

They also had green, gold and purple. I do wish I had got the purple one now. I also want to get the silver! Looks like another shopping trip is due soon :-D
You can see more colours here and i've just seen more variety on the website to what I got to pick from in store.

I really like these Chrome polishes. They are £4.99 each and I would recommend you to try one of these out. What colour do you like best from the collection?

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Wednesday, 13 January 2016


Some Teddy Bears you can take to bed, this one you can take in the bath :-D

I am starting to really love Lush products. If you have read my blog for a while, you may (or may not) know that I'm very new to +LUSH I only used my first bubble bar early of 2015 and my first bath bomb over this Christmas! 
This is now my 3rd product to try and this was originally a christmas present I had bought for somebody but then decided to keep it for myself! hehe :-)

This little bear smells AMAZING! I have to put that in capitals cos it really does smell THAT Vanilla and that is one of my favourite smells :-D
Ingredients include Cocoa Butter which makes your skin amazingly soft. If you have tried Cocoa Butter creams, imaging that being melted into your bath! It also includes the oil Ylang Ylang, the oil is extracted from the flowers which belongs to the Annonaceae plant family. It helps maintain healthy skin and also can help with anger, stress or anxiety. 

What I love about Lush products is that they don't test on animals and are used with natural ingredients. 

I bought this bear before Christmas in the shop in town but when I searched for it online I couldn't find it on the website. I found it here though on the USA website if you wanna see more.

What products would you recommend me to use next? I will probably get some more next pay day and maybe blog about a few more that I try :-)

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