Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Christmas Tag | Q&A | 2015

Today I thought I would do a Christmas tag. We are one week away from Christmas now which sounds crazy, where did December go?! I am feeling ultra christmassy now so I thought this question and answer post would be fun to share. So lets get started...

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I love quite a few but the first one that comes to mind is definitely Elf! That film is so funny and as it came to my mind first I will say that is my favourite.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I have always waited until Christmas morning, until I met my (ex) boyfriend, then the last two years with his family we did open a few the night before but this year I am alone it will back to Christmas day!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

It would have to be Christmas at my Grandparents old house with all the family. When I was younger it was so much fun, me and my cousin would play with the presents we got and we would all enjoy a nice Christmas dinner and I miss it so much.

4. Favourite festive food?

It has to be prawn cocktail starter that my Mum has always made and it is just something I need to have at Christmas now. Then followed by a Chicken Roast dinner. Also gotta love all the amazing chocolate that you get in the shops...Heroes, Quality Street, After Eights...the chocolate looks much more tempting in the shops at Christmas. Not good for me...chocoholic over here!!!

5.  Favourite Christmas Gift?

Any gifts I have got over the years are great. Growing up, my Mum would usually get me something amazing that I really wanted so there are lots of things that have been my fave!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

I would maybe say Roberto Cavalli as my (ex) boyfriend bought it for me last Christmas. Probably need a new scent now! Back in the day though, I used to love Hugo Boss - Deep Red, that always reminded me of Winter and Christmas, and still does!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Again back in the day when I was younger I did. Me and my friend used to go to the local church and sing carols and they would always hand us an orange as we walked in. It had a candle in the middle with 4 food sticks that had them dolly mixture sweets on. I always found that really exciting as I also new it was Christmas the next day. Now I am older tho...there isn't really anything I do as tradition.

8. What tops your tree?

Well it definitely needs lights, that is what tops it for me I think? Also gotta have some chocolate or candy canes hanging on there, not that they usually last long with me...Miss Chocoholic! :-D

9. As a kid, what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

Hmm, i'm not too sure? maybe not that crazy or wild but I would say the most expensive mobile phone at the time, laptop, camera or something similar. Things I would never actually get because they were too expensive but I would sometimes throw it out know, just incase! :-)

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you?

I love being with family and enjoying a Christmas dinner. I also love how festive and happy people get, it's just a great time of year where people share things and express the love for others. I love all the decorations and lights. I love quite a lot, I actually wrote a blog post on reasons I love Christmas which you can read HERE if you like?

So that brings me to the end of this post, thanks so much for reading...if you still are? :-)

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