Saturday, 19 December 2015

Tartan and Holly - Christmas Nail Art

Hey everyone, today I tried to attempt some nail art. I really love the tartan/checkered look and to me it is quite christmassy. I done that on my nails with one nail different, on that I decided to do holly and berries. 

I did try to film this for my YouTube channel but it didn't work out so well. Every time I try filming nail art it takes a very long time. Mainly because I am trying so hard to get it perfect that it seems to mess up. I get nail paint all over my hands, smudge my nails as I get too impatient waiting for layers to dry. I also have to make sure it is in focus and good view for the camera whilst trying to lean over to do the design in an awkward angle and then I still have old products for my nail art so they aren't always the best. So rant over, I decided that my nails were a little too messy and ...well crap! I did however get some OK photos so after putting all the effort in to do them I thought I have to share them some how. Maybe you can do a better job than me and hopefully this post will give you some inspiration. I even picked out real holly when I took the dog for a walk (just for the sake of the photo's) :-D

I used Barry M - Raspberry for the base of my nails. 
I then used a green nail art pen I got on eBay ages ago. When I used this over the red it created a really dark green (almost black) colour which looked good. 
I then used the same type of nail art pen but in a white colour and pretty much just added random lines. I used the brush from the green pen but the white one I felt was too thick so used my own nail brushes to add lines.
Next I went in with another green nail art pen from Nails Supreme as this was a darker shade as the other one was too light if it went over the white (ooh that rhymed,lol)
On the odd nail, I used Models Own - Hyper Gel White Light. 
For the berries I used a cotton bud and dipped into the raspberry colour. 
Then used the darker green pen to do the holly. 

I hope you liked this look. I would have got better (close up) photo's if every nail had turned out good , but unfortunately that didn't happen... sooo yea! 

What are your favourite Christmas Nail Art look this year? 

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