Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015...HELLOOO 2016!

Hellloooooo everyone!!! So I am writing this a little later than I wanted. It is currently 8:15pm on new years eve and I am sitting here writing a blog post! :-)

I wanted to sum up my year of 2015 and talk about my hopes and goals for the new year! I don't know if this will be interesting at all but I love reading these type of posts and it is something nice to look back on.

So lets take a look back on my year in a collection of photos...I have tried to put these photo's in order the best I can.

1. Me and my ex from last New Years Eve when we went to London.
2. When I took my Mum to London to see the show, Wicked.
3. The one time of the year I felt really ill for about a week and my ex boyfriend came round a few days to look after me and cook me healthy soup.
4. This was me and my ex when we were on holiday (actually a photo from October 2014) Just liked the photo tho and also its of me and my ex who I split with near the end of 2015.
5. A really nice hotel me and my ex boyfriend went to for valentines day.
6. The first Lush Product I used!
7. The day I got my selfie stick :-D
8. When I discovered Telescopic Mascara. It is still my favourite, see my blog post here.
9. I started training for a fitness competition so this was my tupperware breakfast for work.
10. A picture of my progress after doing some posing practice.
11. A before and after picture, half way through my training process.
12. From a photoshoot a week out from competition day.
13. On show day for Pure Elite in Margate, Kent.
14. I went to the Electric Run in London.
15. I went on holiday to Tunisia. This photo was when I was doing water aerobics :-)
16. Me and the ex sitting at a sunset dinner by the pool.
17. Enjoying some cider by the lake on my birthday in June.
18. When I saw Disney On Ice.
19. When I won a batch of soups when I entered a competition on Twitter. They were so good!
20. One of the bloggers events I went to this year.
21. Some Halloween Nails I did for my Blog and for my YouTube.
22. All dressed up as a zombie school girl for Halloween house party.
23. I went with my Mum to the Elvis Presley exhibition in London.
24. Just a random selfie of me when my hair was at it's blondest.
25. And last but not least, a photo of Christmas Dinner :-)

So looking back at my year, I don't feel like I achieved that much but what I am proud of is stepping on stage in a very small bikini strutting my stuff for the judges. I have never been in such good shape before! It was my first show and what I do regret is...I didn't keep up the healthy eating or training afterwards. I stuffed myself silly and basically didn't stop so I wasted all that hard work and let myself go back to square one!

My boyfriend split up with me after being together 2 and half years. Some of my best memories were with him but it's over now so gotta move on in the new year!

I went on holiday to Tunisia which was lovely. Me and my ex stayed in a really nice hotel and I just love hot holidays. I also went on a Jet Ski for the first time :-)

Other than that, there isn't really anything else that stands out!

So for goals are:

1. Start training again for Pure Elite fitness show. This time I will be starting a month earlier. (16 weeks out) I have sort of started already, this week :-) Also I want to do more than just one fitness show and after it has finished I will not let myself go crazy with food. I have learnt now and I want to maintain the body I will work so hard to get :-) You can see my Facebook page for fitness motivation if you like: click here

2. Just keep going with Blogging and YouTube. I already feel like I put so much effort in but I always feel like I could do more. I just want to try and make my content better. I want to get a new camera, I am thinking of getting the Olympus Pen. I also want to make friends with more YouTubers/Bloggers, I love the whole community and it is great getting to know other people who share the same passion as you :-) Also to make my passion my job would be the ultimate DREAM!!!! I have seen it happen now so it has made me want it even more :-D

3. I still live with my Mum and we are hoping to try and move house next year to somewhere down the coast so I am really hoping this will happen in 2016!

4. I want to start driving lessons. It has been way too long and I still don't drive. I always said before my 17th birthday I wanted to get driving! LOL well what a fail wasn't it, I am 27 now!!! ha!

I am not sure what else to put as a goal really. These are the main things for now and overall I just want to try and be happier, focus on things that I love and enjoy and maybe do some things that I can look back on this time next year and be like 'wow, look what I did or what I achieved' :-D

What are your New Years goals? Also what were your highlights or 2015?

This new years eve I am actually at home with my Mum and the dog, first time I have stayed at home in ages. It does feel weird but for some reason this year I haven't had as much motivation as usual to go out and celebrate. I have been on early shifts at work this week too so I am going to watch the fireworks on TV and then go to bed not long after,lol I bet tho as I hear people shouting 'Happy New Year' ,hearing fireworks going off and that national anthem playing on the TV....I will feel a bit gutted I am not out there in the atmosphere...but oh well, next year I wanna go out deffo!

What are you all doing tonight? Maybe not a lot, if you are reading this actually? lol It is now 9:15!


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