Saturday, 26 December 2015

Beauty Pamper Routine | Relaxing Winter Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas! Boxing day is almost over... the next thing to look forward to is New Years Eve! :-D

This morning I decided to give myself a pampering session. I got a few new beauty products for Christmas too so wanted to try some out.

All of these candles I got for Christmas. I got a pack of tea lights with a Christmas Spice scent and a larger candle with glitter all over with a cinnamon apple smell.

These tea lights are great for bath time and smell great! I used some bubble bath from Avon and my new Lush bath bomb. The one I used was shoot for the stars. It looked so pretty in the bath and that is the first time I have used one of their bath bombs! (shocking, i know) but I definitely want to keep buying more! 

Not only did this Lush bath bomb look really amazing but it also made my skin feel silky soft and the colour of the water also turned a deep (space like) purple which I thought looked really cool.

I made my skin extra soft by using my body brush from The Body Shop and skin exfoliator from Soap and Glory called Flake Away. I used these whilst sitting in the bath and I also got new body wash, just in time as I used the last of my other one that morning :-) This one was Mango & Papaya from Imperial Leather which smelt so nice.

Took a photo of the wrong side of the tub,lol
After I chilled in the bath for a bit whilst listening to some music on spotify I then got out and moved on to my hair. Lately I have been washing my hair with Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner which I did a blog post on recently, you can see that here if you like? I got a new hair mask which I loved. It was Argan Oil, hydrating hair mask and all I needed was a small scoop and it covered all of my hair perfectly. I then left my hair to dry naturally (I prefer to avoid heat if I can) and then used the very last bit of my Moroccan Oil hair treatment and applied it to the ends of my hair. I love this stuff and been trying to make it last but obviously need some more now!
Have you seen my blog post on How to keep your hair healthy? you can see it here.

I have always loved body butters from the The body Shop and this one I got earlier this year, this one is grapefruit which smells amazing! Through this pamper routine i've used a wide range of different smells so I was smelling GREAT! :-D

Next, it was time for a face mask. I just got 3 new packets so I chose to use the chocolate one, as it is Christmas and I have been eating A LOT of chocolate, I thought why not use it on my face too! And OMG it smelt just like chocolate and had a thick consistency so it felt as tho I was applying melted chocolate, I was almost tempted to eat some,lol!
It's alright tho...I didn't! :-)

Whilst I had this on my face, I decided to paint my nails with this gorgeous blue colour by Maybelline which is another thing that I got for Christmas. I applied two coats of this and then used my Nail Freeze from Avon which helps to dry your nails quickly and it does work really well. I then got this hand cream which includes Argan Oil and by the time I had finished my hands it was time to take off my face mask. I then added my Simple moisturiser on top to finish off.

So after that I got into my new dressing gown, which I love! It is a minnie mouse dressing gown and it is soooo soft! I also put my new booty slippers on and went downstairs, made myself a cup of tea and watched Snow White. If I don't have a normal tea I would usually have a hot chocolate. I currently have protein hot chocolate which still tastes just as great, you can see my blog post about it here if you like? I am really loving Disney films at the moment (I think it's a Christmas thing) I have quite a few on DVD now, my mum got me Snow White for Christmas so we both watched that together which was nice :-)

So this brings me to the end of my pamper routine. I do love a good pampering, it is so much fun and I feel so refreshed and happy afterwards. It's the best feeling when you throw on some comfy clothes and just relax with a nice film. Can't believe Christmas is over now tho and I am back to work tomorrow :-/ But oh well, next will be new years eve and then a fresh start with 2016 which I am quite excited for. I will be doing a blog post very soon on my Top beauty products of 2015 and Looking back on my year and my goals for 2016. Make sure you are following my blog to see more, you could follow me on Bloglovin if you like? It is an easier way to see all of my blog posts in one place!

Hopefully this has made you now want to go and have your own pampering session :-)


  1. cute post ! Loving your pyjamas :)

  2. I loved your blog.

    1. Thank you so much! Happy New Year :-) x

  3. i just follow your blog. Loved it <3 Greetings from Greece.

    1. Hello :-) Thank you so much. Happy New Year! x


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