Thursday, 31 December 2015

Goodbye 2015...HELLOOO 2016!

Hellloooooo everyone!!! So I am writing this a little later than I wanted. It is currently 8:15pm on new years eve and I am sitting here writing a blog post! :-)

I wanted to sum up my year of 2015 and talk about my hopes and goals for the new year! I don't know if this will be interesting at all but I love reading these type of posts and it is something nice to look back on.

So lets take a look back on my year in a collection of photos...I have tried to put these photo's in order the best I can.

1. Me and my ex from last New Years Eve when we went to London.
2. When I took my Mum to London to see the show, Wicked.
3. The one time of the year I felt really ill for about a week and my ex boyfriend came round a few days to look after me and cook me healthy soup.
4. This was me and my ex when we were on holiday (actually a photo from October 2014) Just liked the photo tho and also its of me and my ex who I split with near the end of 2015.
5. A really nice hotel me and my ex boyfriend went to for valentines day.
6. The first Lush Product I used!
7. The day I got my selfie stick :-D
8. When I discovered Telescopic Mascara. It is still my favourite, see my blog post here.
9. I started training for a fitness competition so this was my tupperware breakfast for work.
10. A picture of my progress after doing some posing practice.
11. A before and after picture, half way through my training process.
12. From a photoshoot a week out from competition day.
13. On show day for Pure Elite in Margate, Kent.
14. I went to the Electric Run in London.
15. I went on holiday to Tunisia. This photo was when I was doing water aerobics :-)
16. Me and the ex sitting at a sunset dinner by the pool.
17. Enjoying some cider by the lake on my birthday in June.
18. When I saw Disney On Ice.
19. When I won a batch of soups when I entered a competition on Twitter. They were so good!
20. One of the bloggers events I went to this year.
21. Some Halloween Nails I did for my Blog and for my YouTube.
22. All dressed up as a zombie school girl for Halloween house party.
23. I went with my Mum to the Elvis Presley exhibition in London.
24. Just a random selfie of me when my hair was at it's blondest.
25. And last but not least, a photo of Christmas Dinner :-)

So looking back at my year, I don't feel like I achieved that much but what I am proud of is stepping on stage in a very small bikini strutting my stuff for the judges. I have never been in such good shape before! It was my first show and what I do regret is...I didn't keep up the healthy eating or training afterwards. I stuffed myself silly and basically didn't stop so I wasted all that hard work and let myself go back to square one!

My boyfriend split up with me after being together 2 and half years. Some of my best memories were with him but it's over now so gotta move on in the new year!

I went on holiday to Tunisia which was lovely. Me and my ex stayed in a really nice hotel and I just love hot holidays. I also went on a Jet Ski for the first time :-)

Other than that, there isn't really anything else that stands out!

So for goals are:

1. Start training again for Pure Elite fitness show. This time I will be starting a month earlier. (16 weeks out) I have sort of started already, this week :-) Also I want to do more than just one fitness show and after it has finished I will not let myself go crazy with food. I have learnt now and I want to maintain the body I will work so hard to get :-) You can see my Facebook page for fitness motivation if you like: click here

2. Just keep going with Blogging and YouTube. I already feel like I put so much effort in but I always feel like I could do more. I just want to try and make my content better. I want to get a new camera, I am thinking of getting the Olympus Pen. I also want to make friends with more YouTubers/Bloggers, I love the whole community and it is great getting to know other people who share the same passion as you :-) Also to make my passion my job would be the ultimate DREAM!!!! I have seen it happen now so it has made me want it even more :-D

3. I still live with my Mum and we are hoping to try and move house next year to somewhere down the coast so I am really hoping this will happen in 2016!

4. I want to start driving lessons. It has been way too long and I still don't drive. I always said before my 17th birthday I wanted to get driving! LOL well what a fail wasn't it, I am 27 now!!! ha!

I am not sure what else to put as a goal really. These are the main things for now and overall I just want to try and be happier, focus on things that I love and enjoy and maybe do some things that I can look back on this time next year and be like 'wow, look what I did or what I achieved' :-D

What are your New Years goals? Also what were your highlights or 2015?

This new years eve I am actually at home with my Mum and the dog, first time I have stayed at home in ages. It does feel weird but for some reason this year I haven't had as much motivation as usual to go out and celebrate. I have been on early shifts at work this week too so I am going to watch the fireworks on TV and then go to bed not long after,lol I bet tho as I hear people shouting 'Happy New Year' ,hearing fireworks going off and that national anthem playing on the TV....I will feel a bit gutted I am not out there in the atmosphere...but oh well, next year I wanna go out deffo!

What are you all doing tonight? Maybe not a lot, if you are reading this actually? lol It is now 9:15!


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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Beauty Pamper Routine | Relaxing Winter Christmas

Hello everyone, I hope you've all had an amazing Christmas! Boxing day is almost over... the next thing to look forward to is New Years Eve! :-D

This morning I decided to give myself a pampering session. I got a few new beauty products for Christmas too so wanted to try some out.

All of these candles I got for Christmas. I got a pack of tea lights with a Christmas Spice scent and a larger candle with glitter all over with a cinnamon apple smell.

These tea lights are great for bath time and smell great! I used some bubble bath from Avon and my new Lush bath bomb. The one I used was shoot for the stars. It looked so pretty in the bath and that is the first time I have used one of their bath bombs! (shocking, i know) but I definitely want to keep buying more! 

Not only did this Lush bath bomb look really amazing but it also made my skin feel silky soft and the colour of the water also turned a deep (space like) purple which I thought looked really cool.

I made my skin extra soft by using my body brush from The Body Shop and skin exfoliator from Soap and Glory called Flake Away. I used these whilst sitting in the bath and I also got new body wash, just in time as I used the last of my other one that morning :-) This one was Mango & Papaya from Imperial Leather which smelt so nice.

Took a photo of the wrong side of the tub,lol
After I chilled in the bath for a bit whilst listening to some music on spotify I then got out and moved on to my hair. Lately I have been washing my hair with Kukui Oil Shampoo and Conditioner which I did a blog post on recently, you can see that here if you like? I got a new hair mask which I loved. It was Argan Oil, hydrating hair mask and all I needed was a small scoop and it covered all of my hair perfectly. I then left my hair to dry naturally (I prefer to avoid heat if I can) and then used the very last bit of my Moroccan Oil hair treatment and applied it to the ends of my hair. I love this stuff and been trying to make it last but obviously need some more now!
Have you seen my blog post on How to keep your hair healthy? you can see it here.

I have always loved body butters from the The body Shop and this one I got earlier this year, this one is grapefruit which smells amazing! Through this pamper routine i've used a wide range of different smells so I was smelling GREAT! :-D

Next, it was time for a face mask. I just got 3 new packets so I chose to use the chocolate one, as it is Christmas and I have been eating A LOT of chocolate, I thought why not use it on my face too! And OMG it smelt just like chocolate and had a thick consistency so it felt as tho I was applying melted chocolate, I was almost tempted to eat some,lol!
It's alright tho...I didn't! :-)

Whilst I had this on my face, I decided to paint my nails with this gorgeous blue colour by Maybelline which is another thing that I got for Christmas. I applied two coats of this and then used my Nail Freeze from Avon which helps to dry your nails quickly and it does work really well. I then got this hand cream which includes Argan Oil and by the time I had finished my hands it was time to take off my face mask. I then added my Simple moisturiser on top to finish off.

So after that I got into my new dressing gown, which I love! It is a minnie mouse dressing gown and it is soooo soft! I also put my new booty slippers on and went downstairs, made myself a cup of tea and watched Snow White. If I don't have a normal tea I would usually have a hot chocolate. I currently have protein hot chocolate which still tastes just as great, you can see my blog post about it here if you like? I am really loving Disney films at the moment (I think it's a Christmas thing) I have quite a few on DVD now, my mum got me Snow White for Christmas so we both watched that together which was nice :-)

So this brings me to the end of my pamper routine. I do love a good pampering, it is so much fun and I feel so refreshed and happy afterwards. It's the best feeling when you throw on some comfy clothes and just relax with a nice film. Can't believe Christmas is over now tho and I am back to work tomorrow :-/ But oh well, next will be new years eve and then a fresh start with 2016 which I am quite excited for. I will be doing a blog post very soon on my Top beauty products of 2015 and Looking back on my year and my goals for 2016. Make sure you are following my blog to see more, you could follow me on Bloglovin if you like? It is an easier way to see all of my blog posts in one place!

Hopefully this has made you now want to go and have your own pampering session :-)

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Stocking Fillers - Beauty Gift Ideas for Christmas

We are so close to Christmas now but if you are looking for some last minute stocking fillers then I gathered together some bits to help give you some ideas.

Barry M - Nail Paint (Raspberry) Any nail polish would be great
Primark - Reece's Lip balm (Smells and tastes good,lol)

You can get so many travel size beauty products which would be great for a stocking filler. 

Sanitising Hand Gel (Can't find the exact one I have but any hand gel is good)
Mini Pen (Got as a gift but I found one the same but different colour)

It is always nice to add a few sweets or candy canes in the stocking too. Just be careful if you are adding them a long with a Lush product as the products can have a strong scent and you don't want the sweets tasting like a bubble bath! 
Diamonate Headband - From Primark
Clip on book light - From Primark

Only 4 days until Christmas now! :-D Have you got all your main presents sorted or have you left things until the last minute? I got all my presents wrapped and done on Friday evening! I feel good that it's all done now as I am working this week and on Christmas Eve I will be working till 1am :/ Least I get Christmas Day and Boxing day off I suppose :-) Anyone else working over Christmas?

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Saturday, 19 December 2015

Tartan and Holly - Christmas Nail Art

Hey everyone, today I tried to attempt some nail art. I really love the tartan/checkered look and to me it is quite christmassy. I done that on my nails with one nail different, on that I decided to do holly and berries. 

I did try to film this for my YouTube channel but it didn't work out so well. Every time I try filming nail art it takes a very long time. Mainly because I am trying so hard to get it perfect that it seems to mess up. I get nail paint all over my hands, smudge my nails as I get too impatient waiting for layers to dry. I also have to make sure it is in focus and good view for the camera whilst trying to lean over to do the design in an awkward angle and then I still have old products for my nail art so they aren't always the best. So rant over, I decided that my nails were a little too messy and ...well crap! I did however get some OK photos so after putting all the effort in to do them I thought I have to share them some how. Maybe you can do a better job than me and hopefully this post will give you some inspiration. I even picked out real holly when I took the dog for a walk (just for the sake of the photo's) :-D

I used Barry M - Raspberry for the base of my nails. 
I then used a green nail art pen I got on eBay ages ago. When I used this over the red it created a really dark green (almost black) colour which looked good. 
I then used the same type of nail art pen but in a white colour and pretty much just added random lines. I used the brush from the green pen but the white one I felt was too thick so used my own nail brushes to add lines.
Next I went in with another green nail art pen from Nails Supreme as this was a darker shade as the other one was too light if it went over the white (ooh that rhymed,lol)
On the odd nail, I used Models Own - Hyper Gel White Light. 
For the berries I used a cotton bud and dipped into the raspberry colour. 
Then used the darker green pen to do the holly. 

I hope you liked this look. I would have got better (close up) photo's if every nail had turned out good , but unfortunately that didn't happen... sooo yea! 

What are your favourite Christmas Nail Art look this year? 

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Friday, 18 December 2015

Get Festive with Barry M | Dazzle Dust Eyeshadow

Get Dazzling eyes this Christmas with these Eyeshadows. Barry M is one of my favourite makeup brands :)

These 4 colours are the most recent ones I have. They are all very neutral and I have been wearing these nearly every day for maybe the past 2 months. These are great if you are in a rush and don't have time to do a full eye makeup look but still want to add some colour to your lids. I just sweep the colour over my eyelid with my finger and i'm good to go! These eyeshadows are very pigmented and you also you get a lot for the the small pot they come in. You don't need to use much of the powder either so the pots last a long time. I looked on the website and I couldn't see the first colour or the gold one but the second colour is in Bronze and the last colour is in Athena. You can see more here.

I really like the colour Petrol black, it looks a bit like dark navy blue and that is one my favourite colours for a smokey eye so I need to add that to my collection.
These colours are great for the Christmas season and would also make a great Stocking Filler. I will be doing a Stocking Filler Gift Guide in my next post so make sure you are following my blog for that. Click Here to follow me on Bloglovin.

What is your favourite colour? Are you a Barry M lover or never tried the brand before? Let me know in the comments :-)

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Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Christmas Tag | Q&A | 2015

Today I thought I would do a Christmas tag. We are one week away from Christmas now which sounds crazy, where did December go?! I am feeling ultra christmassy now so I thought this question and answer post would be fun to share. So lets get started...

1. What is your favourite Christmas movie?

I love quite a few but the first one that comes to mind is definitely Elf! That film is so funny and as it came to my mind first I will say that is my favourite.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

I have always waited until Christmas morning, until I met my (ex) boyfriend, then the last two years with his family we did open a few the night before but this year I am alone it will back to Christmas day!

3. Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?

It would have to be Christmas at my Grandparents old house with all the family. When I was younger it was so much fun, me and my cousin would play with the presents we got and we would all enjoy a nice Christmas dinner and I miss it so much.

4. Favourite festive food?

It has to be prawn cocktail starter that my Mum has always made and it is just something I need to have at Christmas now. Then followed by a Chicken Roast dinner. Also gotta love all the amazing chocolate that you get in the shops...Heroes, Quality Street, After Eights...the chocolate looks much more tempting in the shops at Christmas. Not good for me...chocoholic over here!!!

5.  Favourite Christmas Gift?

Any gifts I have got over the years are great. Growing up, my Mum would usually get me something amazing that I really wanted so there are lots of things that have been my fave!

6. Favourite Christmas scent?

I would maybe say Roberto Cavalli as my (ex) boyfriend bought it for me last Christmas. Probably need a new scent now! Back in the day though, I used to love Hugo Boss - Deep Red, that always reminded me of Winter and Christmas, and still does!

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Again back in the day when I was younger I did. Me and my friend used to go to the local church and sing carols and they would always hand us an orange as we walked in. It had a candle in the middle with 4 food sticks that had them dolly mixture sweets on. I always found that really exciting as I also new it was Christmas the next day. Now I am older tho...there isn't really anything I do as tradition.

8. What tops your tree?

Well it definitely needs lights, that is what tops it for me I think? Also gotta have some chocolate or candy canes hanging on there, not that they usually last long with me...Miss Chocoholic! :-D

9. As a kid, what was the one (crazy, wild, extravagant) gift you always asked for but never received?

Hmm, i'm not too sure? maybe not that crazy or wild but I would say the most expensive mobile phone at the time, laptop, camera or something similar. Things I would never actually get because they were too expensive but I would sometimes throw it out know, just incase! :-)

10. Whats the best part about Christmas for you?

I love being with family and enjoying a Christmas dinner. I also love how festive and happy people get, it's just a great time of year where people share things and express the love for others. I love all the decorations and lights. I love quite a lot, I actually wrote a blog post on reasons I love Christmas which you can read HERE if you like?

So that brings me to the end of this post, thanks so much for reading...if you still are? :-)

If you have done a post like this then leave your links below, I would love to have a read!
If you haven't done a post like this then I tag you to do one. If you don't have a blog then you can always leave your Q&A's in the comments :-)

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Thursday, 10 December 2015

#BloggerXmas | London Event | Finch's Pub

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is good and getting excited for Christmas? If not, then maybe you should read >>> this blog post! <<<
I recently went to a Bloggers Christmas Event in London and wanted to share my experience with you.

The event was held in Finch's Pub in Finsbury Square, London. It was an event for bloggers and brands to meet and there was also food for us which was great as I hadn't eaten lunch so was starving when I got there :-) This event was organised by Jasmine & Kirsty - and they did an amazing job.

To be honest, I didn't even eat that much. I think because of the event being busy and lots to see and do, I just didn't find time so just grabbed a few nibbles here and there. I did try some cheese cake which was amazing! You can see me enjoying the cheese cake in my video! lol I will leave a link to the video at the end of this post if you want to check it out :-)

I met a girl called Steph at the event who is lovely. We had chatted on Twitter before but this was our first time meeting in person :-) We walked around the event together and we also had some fun with the props there and of course, we got a selfie :-) Photo was taken on my phone so not the best quality.

Instagram - @CarlyCx
I got very excited when I saw a cupcake stand! I do love cupcakes :-D These had fragrant spices added and they tasted really nice.

We also met Makeup Academy London. They let me know all about their brand and explained the primers they had and let us test them out. They do makeup courses in London too

Another stand that stood out to me was the Tea stand! I do drink more green tea these days. These had blends of green tea with natural fruit and herbs with the added vitamins, so very good for you. The taste wasn't very strong and bitter either so was easy to drink.

I think I spent about 3 hours in total at the event. I almost lost my bag! When we were busy taking selfie's I left it on the floor and carried on walking around and as I was looking at the Tea's I suddenly realised I was missing something! lol Luckily it was still in the same place but later on I had it on the table and started moving a long and nearly forgot it again :-/ Next time I go to a place like this, I need to take a rucksack.

Lash Perfect
So if you want to see more of the event in video and also to see what I got in my goody bag then click here to watch the video. You can check out more video's on my Beauty With Style channel and if you like them then subscribe to see more :-)

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