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Why I chose to Compete - Bikini Competitor | Fitness

I competed for my first ever Bikini Competition this April 2015. I entered for the Bikini Babe category for Pure Elite. (photo above taken by Matt MarshI'm in the blue bikini at the front, 2nd in from the right 

So a quick brief of my fitness history...

I used to be on and off with the gym. I would do ok for about 2 weeks but then I would lose my motivation. I used to try out quite a few gyms around where I lived. It was like a thing that if I signed up to a new place it would give me that rush of excitement to start again so I was always leaving gyms, signing to new ones then re joining the previous ones again! I NEVER went into the weights section either, I would either do classes, cardio machines or stay with the most easiest weight machines that had diagrams on how to use it. I never wanted to workout near the guys as I would feel paranoid they were watching how I was doing things and I never felt confident in the gym, I had no clue what I was doing.

First time I found out about competing...

It was about 3 years ago when I met my (ex) boyfriend, he was a personal trainer and since meeting him, I started to get into fitness a lot more. He taught me new things and helped with my confidence.
It was only through him I found out about competing. I heard about a girl in the gym who was training for a show and the word 'Bikini Babe' stood out to me. I wanted to be a Bikini Babe :-) lol That year though, I had no clue about prepping or training for it and was only just learning the basics of regular healthy eating.
I realised that I wasn't quite ready so I decided to wait.
Then it came towards the end of 2014 and I started to think about it again. I liked the idea of a challenge and trying something new. As I was learning more about fitness and eating well, I felt like it was my time to try it out.

Booking the show...

At the time I was working in the leisure centre of the gym I went to. I worked full time in the sales office, selling gym memberships. I started looking up other Bikini Competitors and I tried to google things about it all. I never found a whole lot about it, which is what prompted me to do this post. I am going to be doing a series of posts on competing so make sure you are following my blog to see more. You can see all my posts in one place on Bloglovin if you like. You can also follow by email, you can see more information on the right hand side of my blog :-)
It was about November sometime of 2014 that I booked the show. I had heard about Pure Elite from people in the gym, that was the show that one of the girls who worked there did the year before so I decided to go onto their website and enter for the Bikini category. Once it was confirmed, I was very excited. I had told everybody I worked with, I announced it on my Facebook and also made a Facebook page which you can check out here if you like. I will be updating it when I next compete too so make sure you follow my page for updates :-)

I hope you found this post interesting. I have really enjoyed writing it!
More competition posts to come include; My Training and diet struggles, What I would do differently next time, Whats in my bag - Show day....etc

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