Friday, 6 November 2015

LUSH Bubble Bath - Pamper & Relax

We all need that extra time to relax and pamper ourselves. I decided to run myself a nice bath tonight and wasn't planning on blogging it but as I was taking a few snapchats I felt like they captured quite nice photo's, so once I finished I grabbed my slr camera. 

I haven't had a bath in so long, I'm normally a shower person. Now the days are getting darker earlier and today it was chucking it down with rain outside I thought it was the perfect time. 

It was that time of day where it just started to get darker outside. I lit my candles and placed them around the bath. I also brought my laptop in and set up some youtube video's to watch in my list. Can you guess which youtuber's video I was watching above?

I found some bubble bath from Avon in the cupboard so I used that and I had some of my Lush product to use up. This one was called ultra violet bubble bar. You can find all the Lush products if you click here 

Now you may all be shocked but this bubble bar is the first and only ever Lush product that I have had. I suppose it is because I have never been huge on baths but lately I have the urge to buy more and really want to try lots out, can you recommend any good ones?
The colour of this bubble bar has turned a bit pink, probably because I left it in the back of the cupboard for so long because if you click here you will see it's true colours :-)

I also found some bath marbles. If you have never seen these, you basically leave them to melt in your bath and then once the outside goes really soft the oil inside will disburse into the water. I use to have these when I was a kid and had got these ones a few Christmas's ago. I am not even sure if they are popular anymore, I tried to google them and only found them here
I also have been using my coconut shower & bath gel at the moment to wash with, you can see it if you click here

I really need to make more time for baths because when I do have them I feel so good afterwards.
Today was the first time I have taken in my laptop and it was really nice watching my favourite youtuber's whilst relaxing. I used to make playlists and listen to music. It's great if you have spotify as you can create a playlist that is perfect for relaxing. You could also take a book in or a magazine to read.
It is a great time to really pamper yourself too. Why not do a face mask, a hair mask or manicure and paint your nails. A clay mask I have been loving at the moment, you can see here in my recent blog post.
Adding candles really sets the mood too. For me, I prefer baths when it is dark outside. The candles then really set that calm, relaxing mood and especially if the weather is bad, if you can hear the rain on the couldn't get any more perfect!

After stepping out the bath I would go onto moisturising my body and face. I would slip on some comfy bedtime (big cosy) socks and slip on a really snug dressing gown. I will then head downstairs, grab a hot chocolate and pick a movie to watch on Netflix.

Now after reading this, who DOESN'T want a bath??? :-) Hopefully this post has got you in the pampering mood...writing it has made me want to do it all again, which I do plan too...very soon :-)

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  1. Love this post so much!! it looks so relaxing and I like your bathroom too hahah xx

  2. Love this post!! I cannot wait to go home from uni now and have some proper time to relax with a bubble bath!!

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  4. I love my bath times, which are few and far between. I really should enjoy them more often. I have never tried a lush bath bomb but would def. love to. I look at their website all the time but never order anything, lol. We don't have a store near me.
    Looks like you are watch Alfie or Zella. That def. looks like Nala to me, lol

    1. Yes lush bath bombs are great, i just used my first one of them in a recent post which you can see here if you like? My Christmas/Winter beauty pamper routine >

      And yes, i was watching Alfie :-) lol well guessed! x


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