Thursday, 5 November 2015

GET HEALTHY HAIR - Tips and Advice

Over the past year I have been trying to take more care of my hair. As I colour it too, it does need extra attention.
We take time for skincare routines and to put makeup on our face but I think the majority of us tend to forget about our hair, or maybe its just me! lol

Other than eating well to keep your hair in good condition. I wanted to share my tips and advice on other ways you can help achieve beautiful hair :-)

Hair Treatment

A few months ago when I went to the hairdressers they asked if I would like a hair treatment and they explained how it is important to do this to your hair at least once a week, especially if it is being coloured a lot, it needs that extra care.
I then remembered I had my own hair mask at home which I have used a few times over the year but usually forget about. I have started using it on more of a regular basis now and find it really good, it keeps your hair soft, hydrated and moisturised.
The one I have is Moroccan Oil, Intense Hydration which I bought from a local hairdressers. You can also view it here

Hair Oil

Something I do every time after washing my hair is apply oil to the ends. I have the tiniest bit left of my Moroccan Oil which I really love, I need to get some more soon! It is just a little on the pricey side though so I am currently using a different oil right now but the Moroccan one is my favourite. It adds shine and protection and the particular one I had was for coloured hair. I also got this from the hairdressers but you can view it here

Heat Protector

This is always a must for me. This spray helps protect the hair from the heat of using hairdryers or straighteners, etc. If you use heat on your hair a lot then you should definitely use heat protector. I try to let my hair dry naturally the majority of the time which is a lot better anyway. I don't tend to use heat products on my hair as much these days either but if I do I will always use my Tresemme spray. I bought mine from Boots but I couldn't find the exact one on the website. If you were interested though you can click here for the same one in the photo.

Tangle Teezer

I would suggest opting for a Tangle Teezer brush for your hair. It is so much easier to use, it is kinder to the hair and gets the tangles out of wet hair so much easier. Since I got this last year I threw the other few hair brushes that I had away as I never used them again. Most of you probably know about Tangle Teezers anyway but I just thought I would add it in on the off chance that you didn't. So if you don't own one...put it on your Christmas list ;-)

There are a lot of tips to keep hair healthy but I will list some more below that I do and if I have missed anything, please comment below. I would love to know more :-)

  • Try to wash hair every few days. You need the natural oils from your hair to help nourish and moisturise. If you over wash your hair, it may dry out more which could lead to breakage. I like to leave mine 2-3 days, sometimes on the 3rd day if it is a tad greasy in spots I will use my dry shampoo! It always depends on your own hair but if you can try and leave it as long as you can between shampoos then it will be healthier in the long run.
  • Pat hair dry with a towel. Try to avoid rough drying your hair with a towel after washing it or rubbing it at the ends with both hands causing a friction movement (if I am explaining that well?) doing this can cause split ends and it's almost like fingernails on a chalkboard for me :-/ lol since I learnt this tip I now avoid it and will never do it again! This also goes with applying the conditioner, just gently apply it to the ends, you can squeeze the hair to make sure it covers. 
  • Get a regular Trim. I read up that hair collar bone or shorter should be cut every 4-6 weeks. Hair that is collar bone or longer should be 6-8 weeks. It is important that you get a regular trim. If you are looking to grow your hair then doing this will help it grow faster and stay thicker and healthier.
  • Blast hair with cold water. After washing your hair it is good to run cold water over it at the end to seal your cuticles and give more shine. I do it every time since knowing this.
  • Leave hair to dry naturally. It is best to avoid heat to the hair as much as your can. If you do need to use a hairdryer, try and stick to cooler settings as the hotter the heat, the more damage it could cause to the hair.
  • Tie your hair up for bed. If you sleep with your hair down, not only can it get in your way but pulling on the hair as you sleep could cause breakage and split ends. I always tie my hair into a french braid to keep it all together. 

There could be so many more tips if you put it into categories but I have tried to include the main ones here. Let me know if there are any major ones that I have missed?

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  1. I've used the Tresemme heat protectant for years now, I always seem to go back to it! I'd love to try the Moroccan Oil products soon!

    1. Yes, the Moroccan Oil products are really good, you should defy try them out :-) x


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