Friday, 27 November 2015

Hot Chocolate | Healthy Alternative | My Protein

This is the best Hot Chocolate for these colder days that have now come round!

If you want to feel less guilty about indulging in a nice hot chocolate then you should try this one from +Myprotein

I have been using My Protein for about two years now and have been working my way through all of these powders, one of my favourites being the Hot Chocolate :-)

I love it and don't feel as guilty having one :-)

I am trying to eat healthier now as I am competing again next year. Finding healthier options over this month is great because I don't want to cut out all the sweet things this time of year but still want to try and keep in good shape. This picture below was me competing this April 2015 (My first time) and I still had the protein hot chocolate through my prep and still managed to make a great transformation!

I am in the blue bikini
From my Instagram - @CarlyCx
I love cosy winter evenings and always want a hot chocolate whilst all cosy on the sofa watching my favourite TV Shows :-) All I do for this is add a heaped scoop of powder into my protein shaker and add the amount of milk I want and shake up. Then I pour it into my mug and microwave, keeping my eye on it as once I did have a bit of a volcano eruption and it got a bit messy! I do it for about a minute and then stir and put it in again and just keep testing until it is done!

My Protein are one of my favourite brands and you can get money off! If you usually buy from them or want to try something from the site then I have some codes you can use :-)

If you are a new customer you can use my code: CCXX15 for 15% OFF
Or for returning customers use code CCXX8 for 8% OFF

If you are looking for health or fitness motivation then you should check out my Facebook page - carlycbikinicompetitor. I made it earlier this year to follow with my Bikini Competition and will be posting more up for the next shows.

Have you seen my last blog post: 50 Facts About Me

Has anyone else tried this protein hot chocolate?

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