Friday, 13 November 2015


Hey everyone, I had just been involved in a blog chat on Twitter and now feeling really happy and inspired.

The questions in today's chat were all about Christmas so I thought I would share all the things that excite me about Christmas with you in this post. Hopefully my excitement and festiveness will rub off on you and leave you feeling the same :-)

Lets kick it off with numero 1... :-D


How amazing is this photo!!! Who wants to walking underneath all of that right now? 'ME!' :-D
I love lights at this time of year, once the lights are switched on in town it gets me feeling so festive. When you walk past people's houses and they have gone all out with Christmas lights, it just makes me so excited! 


As soon as you get to decorate your house you really start to get in the Christmas mood! I love how many decorations there are to choose. So many themes you can go for, it is quite hard to choose...I love so many! I love going into stores that are completely made over with Christmas all around you, I get so excited, I love the atmosphere and want to buy everything!


I love getting the Christmas music on. Not too early though or it can take the fun out of it. Definitely when you are putting decorations up tho or having Christmas dinner, those are must times to wack on the music :-) Also because you only listen to Christmas music once a year, for doesn't get boring. When December comes around again I get so excited all over again and love dancing around and singing to my favourite tunes!


I love watching Christmas films and this year I have started a little bit earlier than usual. Just like music, you wait all year without watching them so once it comes around you are excited for them all over again. Last year I was last minute rushing around town to find the DVD Elf but they had sold out everywhere, luckily my boyfriend found it for me... unluckily, he is now my ex boyfriend and I had left the film at he's house. Dammit!

Cosy Nights In

Cosy Nights in the evening are the best! When its cold and dark outside, maybe snowing or howling with wind and your all snuggled up on the sofa, by the fire in your big cosy socks and dressing gown with a hot chocolate in your hand..... ahh perfection! This home picture above looks amazing! I could browse at pictures like this all day, it took me ages to pick one to show here. I love the whole cabin feel with an open fire, it is just the best :-)


Oh god, another one that I spent ages searching for. So many amazing food pictures on google images I had to find a photo with a Roast Chicken in tho as that is my favourite meat, especially for a roast dinner! Or is that a Turkey in the picture? is Turkey that is the tradition but I do prefer a Chicken :) I am a huge food lover so I love eating A LOT at this time of year...especially chocolate too. I am a big chocolate lover...HUGE infact! How are you meant to resist all of the great deals in the shops and massive boxes of chocolates...omg, I'm dribbling!!! ...Lets move on... :-D

Love and Happiness

I do love how this time of year brings people together more and everybody is usually so much more happier. It is a time for sharing, spending time with loved ones and thinking about others. I love the atmosphere of Christmas and I also love giving people gifts, I love seeing the excitement on there face when they open it and you know they are going to love it! It is the best feeling!

Party Time

Oh I love a good Christmas party. Weather it is a work party, friends party or just a general night out on the town. It is such an amazing time to go out and have fun. Everybody is in a great mood, there are decorations around, party hats, party poppers, champagne and great music. Ok this is making me want to go out now. Oh and don't forget that perfect party dress and makeup you can wear! Other than New Years Eve... they are probably the best parties of the year! :-D

Ok and last but not least...

Fashion and Makeup

I love getting all made up at this time of year. It is that time you can really experiment with colours and glitter. I love adding more glitter onto my eyes for parties and I also love tartan fashion at Christmas. There are so many cool fashion outfits you can put together too, as it is can layer up and add accessories. Boots, tights, hats, jumpers, coats, knee length socks, etc. For makeup you can add more colour to the eyes and more sparkle if you are going to a party or even for Christmas day! :-) If you are feeling festive, may as well look festive too!

So they were my top picks of things that excite me at Christmas. What are yours? Did I miss anything out that you would say was on the top of your list? There are so many little things that I haven't mentioned but I would be here all night if I kept going!

Note: All photo's were taken from google images, none are owned by me

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  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog and also directing me to yours! I am so with you, when I was googling the images to think of what to put for my favourite 10 things, I was literally drooling on my laptop looking at the food! Also all about the christmas fashion and makeup, my family are into dressing up on christmas day so I love getting all festive! xx

  2. aw that's so cool that your family love getting dressed up on Christmas Day! I can't wait to get dressed up, it's the one day i get all dressed up when not even going out anywhere lol x


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