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Christmas Gift Guide - On a Budget

Hi Everyone. Christmas can feel quite stressful, especially when you need to think of Christmas presants to buy people.
Hopefully this post will give you some idea's. I know lots of people do these type of posts but everybody will share different things so maybe this will still be useful to somebody :-)

I just uploaded a video on my YouTube Channel this evening talking about gift ideas for Christmas so if you want to watch that then click here. I did add some more items in the video but I have kept this post to just 10 ideas.

1. Disney DVD's are great. Lots of people do love Disney films, they are sold nearly everywhere now and they have numbers on the side in the order they came out. For example Bambi is number 5 and Frozen is number 52! So there is a lot of DVD's to collect and I am now on a mission to up my collection. I have got more than in the photo but I definitely don't have anywhere near to number 52 so I am missing a fair few! See DVD's here

2. These colouring books are great. With detailed pictures to colour in, they can keep you busy for hours. The one I bought was from Sainsbury's for £4.99, you can find the exact one here. I have also seen some Christmasy related ones which look really cool. I love using felt tips to colour mine in. These felt tips were from Wilko's for only £1.50, they came with double the colours so not all of them are in the photo as I put the other half in a pot. I couldn't find them on the website but here is the link for others.

3. A good Organiser, Notebook, Journal or Diary makes a great gift. I have an Organiser and a matching mug. I got both from Wilko's where they had a few more bits with the same matching design. The Organiser was only £2.50 and the Mug was the same, you can find the Mug hereInside the Organiser it has a section for planner, notes, to do lists and address. You can see it here 

4. Now you can't go wrong with a candle. These make great gifts for a lot of people and I do think yankee candles are a great choice. They smell great and the prices are not too bad. These came as a pack of 3 from Asda for £3, see here. The holder did come separate and was also from Asda but I couldn't see the exact one on the website. Buying somebody mini candles though with a pretty holder can be a great gift. This set in the picture is actually a gift for somebody so not my personal choice of holder but still looks nice and the candles are all christmas scents and they smell so good :-)

5. A bracelet rack or storage pot can be a great gift for someone who loves jewellery or who owns a lot. Any holder can be great for all types of jewellery. You can find loads on Ebay or, just type in search and usually lots of options will come up but click here to see the one above, it only cost me £2.99 from Ebay. 

6. If you know somebody who doesn't own a tangle teezer, then you need to get them one for Christmas. They will love it! I have been using mine since I got it in June and threw away my old brush. You can find them in lots of places but you can click here to see one just like in the photo.

7. Perfume can make a great gift. This one from River Island is only £12 and smells so nice. Whenever I wore this, I would get lots of compliments and people wanted to know what it was! I need to get some more cos mine has finished now. The price is great for a budget perfume, even though it is not a strong long lasting type, I still felt like it lasted well on me. Once it got on my clothes, I could still smell it for days. My scarf would smell lovely all week :-) See it here

8. Barry M Dazzle Dust eyeshadow is great. I love Barry M products and these little pots last ages and are so pigmented. These would be great to add as a stocking filler too. Only £4.59 each pot and you can view more here

9. If you know somebody into health and fitness this one could be for them. Every fitness person needs a good protein shaker and even if they already have some, getting new ones is always exciting and it's good to update them as they can go a bit manky after a while. Popping some protein bars inside the shaker and then wrapping it up could be an idea too. Then why not get protein powder too? This could also be great for someone who has fitness as a new years resolution, it will help give them kick start :-) I have some codes you can use for discount on the +Myprotein website, if you are a new customer you can use the code: CCXX15 for 15% off and if you are a returning customer, you can use code CCXX8 for 8% off. Also, until tomorrow night (midnight 29/11/15) you can get 70% off everything being black friday weekend. Check here for the website to see all the deals and cool bits that they sell. 

10.  This is one idea that I didn't add in my youtube video. Like I mentioned my love for Barry M, nail polishes are also great. These 3 that I have are all different types but great for this time of year. First is Diamond Glitter and you can add this over other colours and looks so pretty! Next is the blue textured Nail Paint and last is a magnetic one in burgandy. You can see the website here. I also have this Nail Polish quick dry from Avon which I got for my birthday, a great product to give with a nail polish as a gift :-)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and if you still want to check out my video then click here And if you like my video then don't forget to subscribe to my channel :-)

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  1. DVDs and CDs are always such fail safe items, got to love them! X

    1. :-) Yep, if all else a DVD!

  2. I actually bought my first of the Disney DVDs in those cases and styles earlier this favourite - Big Hero 6! It's actually the film after Frozen, as it's 53!

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. I think it's cool having the numbers, knowing the order the films came out :-)


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