Sunday, 22 November 2015


Hello everyone.

I thought it would be nice to let you know a bit more about me.

I hope you enjoy, lets get started...
  1. I have never grown up with a Dad
  2. I have no Brothers or Sisters
  3. I was born with fair blonde hair, it went mousey brown at about the age of 5
  4. I started Ballet classes at the age of 5 but due to money, it was only for a few months
  5. I used to be such a fussy eater 
  6. I joined the school choir and performed in a church and a theatre (secondary school)
  7. I was really shy in school and would go bright red easily
  8. I've stayed really good friends with one of my best friends from school
  9. When i was younger i use to enjoy writing my own stories
  10. I also used to make up my own songs
  11. I used to record the top 40 chart hits on my tape cassettes 
  12. I used to have a voice recorder and made so many tape cassettes (the old version of vlogging,lol)
  13. I've grown up listening to Elvis Presley music and is probably why i still like his music now
  14. I fell down the stairs at the age of about 5 when i tried to carry my tricycle up
  15. I played recorder in Little school
  16. I hate the dentist
  17. I never went to 6th form or Uni
  18. I didn't know what i wanted to do when i left school
  19. I have been at college trying different courses, it took me ages to decide what i wanted to do
  20. I have never enjoyed any jobs that i've had so was rubbish at sticking them out
  21. I wasted two years with a boyfriend who cheated, lied and got me into debt 
  22. I don't like spiders
  23. I only started to really get into fitness in 2012/13
  24. I have competed in my first fitness competition this April 2015
  25. I am going to be competing again in 2016 and hope to do even better
  26. I used to say i would be driving from 17 years old but i never did and only plan to learn now
  27. I have tried to get into modelling before
  28. I used to do background extra work for films and commercials
  29. I have done Grid Girl work for car races before
  30. I found my love for YouTube in 2011 but took me a while to feel confident with it
  31. My first two pets were a Rabbit called Thumper and a Bird called Peewee
  32. I've had a dog called Toto and now have a dog now called Taz
  33. I have been to America but only to Pennsylvania. I want to visit more places in America.
  34. I have always loved the idea of travelling to Australia 
  35. I have never been on a skiing holiday but would like to try it
  36. I love Horror/Thriller films
  37. I also love Disney films (quite the opposite)
  38. I am obsessed with chocolate
  39. I love satsumas
  40. I have tried smoking about 3 times when i was 16/17 and hated it, never done it since
  41. My first serious and longest relationship was at the age of 17
  42. I have ran 5k park runs. My best time (PB) was about 28 minutes, i ran it without stopping
  43. I get emotional quite easily
  44. My most favourite holiday is probably to the Caribbean, it was paradise.
  45. My first holiday abroad was to Tenerife at the age of 11
  46. I used to be quite skinny through school 
  47. I used to be able to play a few tunes on the piano and had my own big keyboard at home
  48. I hated P.E at school and hated sports day. Now if i went back i would love it!
  49. I hated drama at school, mainly due to being shy. I once bunked a lesson and just walked home.
  50. I used to collect snails and make a home for them in a ice cream tub. I also named them!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post? I also love getting to know about people so if you have done a similar post then leave your links in the comments so I can have a read.

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