Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Zombie Makeup | 2015

Hey everyone, hope your all enjoying your day :-)

I had been thinking about a Halloween makeup look to create and decided on this Zombie look. I was going to go with a vampire look but changed my mind last minute. I filmed this for my Youtube channel so if you wanna see the video then CLICK HERE

This look wasn't practiced and I have never done this on myself before. I didn't even know what I was doing as I started, I just went with the flow. I previously looked up how to create deep cuts on the face though and came across a really easy way. Basically I got some toilet paper and eyelash glue, after peeling the square of toilet paper into two thin bits, I then tore about 4 pieces and stuck them on my face! It did turn out pretty good although I felt I went too much with the grey colour and ended up looking a bit like The Terminator instead,lol I feel like to finish off the look you could add contact lenses, I have never worn lenses and didn't think it was worth buying any, I don't think I would be too good at putting them in anyway :-/ Also adding some white powder at the hairline and some red food colouring or something in the teeth could make it look quite cool.

Let me know what you think of this look? I am going to wear this to my friends party on Friday :-) I have been daily vlogging for vlogtober if you didn't know so I will vlog my time there too, CLICK HERE to see my channel and subscribe if you wanna see more.

I used a Makeup FX Vampire set which I got from Asda to create most of this look.

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  1. This is super scary and cool! I love it x


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