Friday, 23 October 2015

BEAUTY UK - **NEW** LIPS MATTER | Velvet Matte Lip Creams

Hello :-)

I wanted to share these AMAZING Lip Creams from the brand, BeautyUK

I was lucky enough to be sent these 3 lip products to try out. They didn't ask me to write a blog post, I just like to share the things I love so couldn't wait to share these with you. If you have been watching my Vlogtober Vlogs on my YouTube channel then you will have seen me rave about these quite a few times :-)

I really love how soft the lip cream is as you apply it on the lips. It glides on so easily and dries quickly to form a matte look. The colours are so pigmented and have great staying power too.

They have a Blueberry flavour and smell, SO GOOD you want to eat it! I fell in love with these products immediately! The 3 colours I have are called, Bond, Mrs Bond, Shake Your Plum and Nudge Nudge Pink Pink. I do think the names are pretty cool too :-)

 Click Here to see my latest 'Autumn Essentials' video where I am wearing the red Lip cream, if you want to see it in video format.

1. Bond, Mrs Bond 

This one is perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons, I love the deep red colour. I will definitely be loving this around Christmas time too :-) You can view this product HERE

2. Shake Your Plum

I love this colour, again perfect for this Autumn season. This dark purple/plum colour is really popular at the moment and I personally love it. I hadn't owned this shade before as I was never sure it would suit me but now I am a big fan :-) You can view this product HERE

3. Nudge Nudge Pink Pink

This last one is a bright pink colour but I think this is a gorgeous shade. I always like a pink colour on my lips, I feel like it can suit me quite well. You can view it HERE

I hope you enjoyed looking at these Lip Creams. Which one was your favourite? I still haven't made up my mind!

They only became available 2 days ago on the website (22/10/15), you can buy them at £3.99 Click Here to see the website for more

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  1. I also worked with Beauty UK to review these and they simply are phenomenal arent they! best matte lip creams ive used yet and thats not even because i was sent them! That is because they have created the BEST lip creams! I have bond mrs bond and curious coral and they are amazing! I need to get the plum one asap though, i will live in that this autumn!
    Great pics!

    1. Thank you :-) I had only ever bought an eyeshadow set from Beauty UK a while ago and always thought that was good so need to try more products from them :-) x

  2. Ooo I've never heard of these... They look good! Good post xx

    Christine |

  3. They sent me Mrs. Bond and Shake You Plum as well. Aren't they just AHMAYZING??? I am in no way biased when I say that these have the most incredible formula that I have seen in matte lipsticks till date. Wanted to try the rest of them but shipping charges to my country are absurd. :-/ Wish they had sent more for me to brag about, LOL! :P

    1. :-) Yes!!! Still loving them and i need to add more of their products to my Christmas list :-) x


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