Thursday, 29 October 2015

Easy Halloween Nail Art - MoYou Nails Stamping Kit

I recently got sent this nail art stamping kit to try out from

I got sent two plates with choices of prints. One with Christmas themed options and one with a Halloween mix. They also sent a stamp, a scraper and a Black nail polish.

This is really quick and easy to do and is so effective. It took me a few tries but once I got the hang of it, it was fine. I mean it is definitely worth it, rather than trying to create this look free handed,lol 

How I did it...

I used my own white nail polish from +Models Own 

I then applied some black polish over the area of the plate I wanted to use. I scraped that to the side and pressed down with the stamper and applied it straight over the nail.

I am excited to try out the Christmas plate. I looked on their website too and they have loads of plate options and lots of nail polish colours too. Check more out here >

What do you think of my nails? Have you tried a stamping kit before? Do you like them?

I wasn't too sure at first as it can be tricky for a first time user but once you get use to it, you will love it :-) I really want to try more out so maybe I will be adding this to my Christmas list :-)

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Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Zombie Makeup | 2015

Hey everyone, hope your all enjoying your day :-)

I had been thinking about a Halloween makeup look to create and decided on this Zombie look. I was going to go with a vampire look but changed my mind last minute. I filmed this for my Youtube channel so if you wanna see the video then CLICK HERE

This look wasn't practiced and I have never done this on myself before. I didn't even know what I was doing as I started, I just went with the flow. I previously looked up how to create deep cuts on the face though and came across a really easy way. Basically I got some toilet paper and eyelash glue, after peeling the square of toilet paper into two thin bits, I then tore about 4 pieces and stuck them on my face! It did turn out pretty good although I felt I went too much with the grey colour and ended up looking a bit like The Terminator instead,lol I feel like to finish off the look you could add contact lenses, I have never worn lenses and didn't think it was worth buying any, I don't think I would be too good at putting them in anyway :-/ Also adding some white powder at the hairline and some red food colouring or something in the teeth could make it look quite cool.

Let me know what you think of this look? I am going to wear this to my friends party on Friday :-) I have been daily vlogging for vlogtober if you didn't know so I will vlog my time there too, CLICK HERE to see my channel and subscribe if you wanna see more.

I used a Makeup FX Vampire set which I got from Asda to create most of this look.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

BEAUTY UK - **NEW** LIPS MATTER | Velvet Matte Lip Creams

Hello :-)

I wanted to share these AMAZING Lip Creams from the brand, BeautyUK

I was lucky enough to be sent these 3 lip products to try out. They didn't ask me to write a blog post, I just like to share the things I love so couldn't wait to share these with you. If you have been watching my Vlogtober Vlogs on my YouTube channel then you will have seen me rave about these quite a few times :-)

I really love how soft the lip cream is as you apply it on the lips. It glides on so easily and dries quickly to form a matte look. The colours are so pigmented and have great staying power too.

They have a Blueberry flavour and smell, SO GOOD you want to eat it! I fell in love with these products immediately! The 3 colours I have are called, Bond, Mrs Bond, Shake Your Plum and Nudge Nudge Pink Pink. I do think the names are pretty cool too :-)

 Click Here to see my latest 'Autumn Essentials' video where I am wearing the red Lip cream, if you want to see it in video format.

1. Bond, Mrs Bond 

This one is perfect for the Autumn/Winter seasons, I love the deep red colour. I will definitely be loving this around Christmas time too :-) You can view this product HERE

2. Shake Your Plum

I love this colour, again perfect for this Autumn season. This dark purple/plum colour is really popular at the moment and I personally love it. I hadn't owned this shade before as I was never sure it would suit me but now I am a big fan :-) You can view this product HERE

3. Nudge Nudge Pink Pink

This last one is a bright pink colour but I think this is a gorgeous shade. I always like a pink colour on my lips, I feel like it can suit me quite well. You can view it HERE

I hope you enjoyed looking at these Lip Creams. Which one was your favourite? I still haven't made up my mind!

They only became available 2 days ago on the website (22/10/15), you can buy them at £3.99 Click Here to see the website for more

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Monday, 19 October 2015


Hey Everyone, 

Today I created this cool Spider Nail Art on my nails. 

I practiced this the other day and it took ages. You know when you are trying to do something so perfect and it keeps going wrong! I would either smudge one nail, jog one of the lines, get fluff stuck on another....and then my first attempt for the spider looked more like a beetle! 

Today it went a little more smoothly and I was actually quite pleased with the final look.

Products used:

Models Own 'Hyper Gel' Nail polish in White light
George Asda Black Nail polish 
Barry M Glitter polish in Diamond Glitter
Nail brushes i had from when i did a Nails course at college

What Halloween Nail Art is your favourite? I think there are so many cool ideas you can do for your nails for halloween :-)

Click Here to see my youtube video on this Nail look

Click Here to see my Zombie Makeup

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Sunday, 18 October 2015

MOTD | #BreastCancerAwareness

MOTD - Makeup Of The Day

I have gone for my usual natural look but with a pop of pink on the lips.

On my face...

This post is to support Wear It Pink 
A blogger campaign for BREAST CANCER AWARENESS

I received an email from a girl who shared that she had lost her Mother to Cancer. That is a horrible tragedy for anyone to go through and I really wanted to support her campaign by creating this post. If you want to see more about it you can follow her on Twitter: @Kumbear_xo

I am making a donation today and you can make yours too, just click here to be taken to the website.

Please share this to help raise awareness :-)

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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Autumn Essentials 2015 | Beauty and Skincare

Today I wanted to share what I think are Autumn Essentials.

All 3 are great to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated at this colder time of year.

Beauty UK- Lips Matter, these are products that will be available from this Friday the 16th.
Lipstick - I think this particular one is a popular at this time of year, the dark deep red and plum colours in makeup are great for Autumn.

Nail Varnish - Just like the lip products, the colour is great for Autumn.
Candle - Every girl loves a good candle or two, or three...or Ten! lol 

Hair products to keep the hair hydrated are also important and give your hair the same benefits as the skin ones. These are always important for the hair but are more an essential in the colder days.

Lip Balm - For them chapped lips. I use lip balm all year round and need one with me as I always need it through the day.

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Saturday, 10 October 2015

The BEST Autumn/Winter Breakfast

So this is quite a simple post but I had to share this breakfast. This is great to eat in the Autumn/Winter months, I'm addicted.


Basically I added 40 grams of oats and soaked in boiling water (enough to just cover the oats) for 10 minutes, I did this with the saucepan lid on top. I then added a splash of milk and continue to heat on the cooker until done, this should only take a few more minutes.  

Once it is done, I first add a spoonful of Almond butter and swirl in around the porridge and then add raspberries, blueberries, raisins, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. I sometimes add banana instead of blueberries and it's so great as you can mix it up with so many different pieces of fruit and nuts. 

It is so yummy and filling too, you should definitely try this as your new Autumn breakfast :-)

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

Healthy Banana Bread - Easy Recipe

Ingredients and Measurements

Instant Oats - 150g
Banoffee Protein Powder - 100g
Truvia - 10g
Chia Seeds - 30g
Cinnamon - 1 Tbsp
Eggs - 2
Natural Yoghurt - 100g
Baking Powder - 2 Tbsp
Banana - 3 (over ripe) 

1. Place the Banana's in a bowl and mash down with a fork.

2. Weigh out the rest of the ingredients and add them to the bowl 

3. Mix well

4. Wipe over a tin with some coconut oil to prevent the bread sticking and add the mixture

5. Cook for about 30-40 minutes on Gas Mark 3/4 

6. Test if it is cooked by poking a knife through the middle. Once it comes out dry it should be done

With Banana bread it does tend to go dark on the outside. The crust can be quite crunchy but doesn't taste burnt or bad. 

This is what the bread should look like in the middle once done. I would cut the slices up and once cool put them in the freezer to last you longer. It doesn't take too long to defrost and I tend to have honey on mine which is really good.

A few of my slices in the middle didn't cook as well so I probably could have done with cooking for an extra 5 minutes. Don't let the outside colour put you off, it may look burnt but it tastes fine, trust me :-)

There are different ways you can make Banana bread and this is the way my boyfriend taught me.

Let me know if you try this? Tweet pictures to me and if you do, let me know that you read this post :-)

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