Tuesday, 1 September 2015

White lace - Beautiful Two Piece | OOTD

I wanted to share this quick 'outfit of the day' (ootd) post. I was recently sent this gorgeous two piece outfit from +Luxemme 

I absolutely love this outfit. I did order a different two piece at first but they only had a size 8 and when you don't know how sizing will be with online companies, I thought I would risk trying it because I did love the outfit so much. Stupid idea that I would fit a size 8,lol It was a bit small...

So I sent it back for an exchange. I did email the company and they responded to ask what I would like instead and once they receive the other outfit they would send another out. I felt like I needed to send an email to confirm it had been sent and to confirm again what outfit I wanted but that same day I got the new one in the post anyway. They sent it within two days of sending the first one back which I thought was just great service. I also felt like the packaging was really nice too. They included an invoice/letter in an envelope with my name on. 

However I did not pay for this item as they nicely sent it to me so I could share it with my viewers so I feel very lucky to have this outfit now as I really do love it and have been wanting a 'two piece' for ages :-) 

What do you think of this outfit? I think this would be perfect for an evening out with friends or for an event. I would pair this with a blazer and heels to make it look more formal or with some heeled ankle boots and cardigan for a more casual look. A big statement necklace could also look great with this. My favourite thing about this outfit is the gorgeous lace detail and the fact that it is white, I love white :-) The other great thing is this is a two piece so you can mix and match it with other items :-) 

This photo below I took on my iPhone and uploaded to my Instagram so the quality isn't as good but you can see the lace detail a bit more close up.

Olive Lace Trim Two Piece - £35.00 
You can find this outfit here

See more outfits on there website:

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