Monday, 14 September 2015


Today I wanted to share my new hair as I have gone peroxide white blonde :-)

So I hadn't dyed or cut my hair in just over 4 months, which is really long for me!

I have always loved the white blonde hair colour. I was even considering going a slightly silvery/grey shade. I had a few photo's I collected together for inspiration so here are the ones I was inspired by:
I was planning to go to the hairdressers but after thinking about it I decided to do it myself, wrong decision! lol

I knew to achieve this colour I would need an all over dye so thought it would be quite easy to do myself. As my hair is already blonde and my roots tend to take well when I get it done at the hairdressers, I thought I could save myself lots of money!
I was really nervous to do my hair so I did a test strand to make sure it lifted to a nice colour. The dark part of the strand lifted quite well and so I thought it would be fine, so went ahead with it!

NOOOOOO.....where my roots were, it had gone orange! The rest of my blonde hair had turned really white blonde though :-/ This was yesterday, so being Sunday the shops had shut by this time.

This morning I stuck a big headband on and went over to the shops to get another hair dye. I tried to lift the colour at the roots and it did go a bit lighter but the orange/yellow tint was still there and the aim for me was to remove that completely! I almost felt like I was at a dead end, my hair felt horrible and damaged. I then decided to walk over to the hairdressers and ask for them to help sort it for me!

They put a toner on all the yellowy parts of my hair and luckily it lifted a lot more and is almost as white as I was hoping for :-) I also had a trim as I had needed that for ages!
I am still unsure if it really suits me. I have to wait 1-2 weeks before I can have any other colours put through it so I am not sure yet wether I will stick with it or get a few lowlights put through to break it up?

                Top left: Taken recently, last week.                Top right: Gone wrong after hair dye! lol
             Bottom left: After doing roots again :/                          Bottom right: After Hairdressers :-)

I have learnt from this to never EVER do my own hair again!!! I used to dye my own hair a lot when I was younger and had some bad experiences with it back then. I remember sending my mum out to get me more dye when it had gone wrong as I didn't want to leave the house,lol I should have learnt from the past really but I suppose some of the old me kicked in and I felt like taking a risk. LESSON LEARNT! lol

Has anyone else had hair disasters? I bet some of you have worse stories to tell than this? Let me know, I would love to read them in the comments :-)

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  1. I started with beautiful blonde hair and tried to go loreal rose gold,well low and behold I now have pretty pinkish purple hair.And I also did a strand test.Well that's a joke.The side of the box said it would be the same as the color on the box.Right.So now I have to go around 2 wks like this.

    1. Oh no! 😱 That's crazy how it went totally different to the box! I don't trust the box dyes anymore lol x

  2. Replies
    1. 🙈never doing it like that again lol


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