Thursday, 24 September 2015

GET FIT FOR CHRISTMAS - Challenge Yourself


Hi everyone!!!

Hope your all doing great?

Who wants to GET FIT FOR CHRISTMAS? (This is targeted at ladies)

Now just looking at Candice Swanpoel above makes me wanna get fit. Trying to search for a photo of her on google images was so hard, she has an amazing figure and has boosted my motivation so much already!

From Monday I want to set myself a challenge...and that is...if you haven't guessed already, 
Sometimes we see Christmas and the winter season as a time to eat more and it's ok because we can hide it with layers of clothes...well no! NOT THIS YEAR! 

Here are some reasons why we should do this...
  • If we start now then when Christmas does actually arrive we can indulge a bit and you won't feel as bad because we will be in good shape. We will feel good for treating ourselves and after it is all over we won't feel so guilty. 
  • Impress the other half. I wouldn't even tell your other half (or whoever it is you may want to impress) that you are planning to get fit but just do it and then you can wow them in some sexy christmas underwear and they won't be able to believe their eyes ;-)
  • If you have any goals in mind, maybe you want to be a model, if you're a blogger who wants to share outfits but don't like your figure or maybe you are performing on a show?...whatever it is, focus on that and work hard to get fit and you will feel so much better for it and who could lead to opportunities?
  • DO IT FOR YOURSELF! In the end you think of things to help motivate you to keep going but remember to do it for yourself....if you want to feel confident, be happy in your own body and to general just be a healthier person, inside and out :-)

Here are a few tips on getting started...

  • Get yourself a diary/notebook and writing all your workouts that you are going to do for the week. You can even write meal plans too if that works for you. Fitness pal app is great at tracking food and macros if you want to take it more seriously. 
  • Makesure you have some good outfits ready for the gym and for doing some outdoor workouts too, running, cycling, hiking..etc
  • Ask your friends if they want to do the challenge with you. Working out with other people does help motivate you. Also going to classes at the gym or run clubs are a great way to make friends and working out with others pushes you to keep going.
  • Don't stress yourself over it. It should be a fun and enjoyable experience. If you don't have enough money one week to buy the right food, etc just do the best you can. If you have one treat a week, that is ok too. Just try your best..whatever works for you. 
  • You can keep track of your measurements, weight and you could even take photo's. Take a photo every week and try to stand with the same pose and in the same bikini or shorts & crop top so you can see as best you can how your body is changing.
  • Focus on improving and gaining strength in yourself. Try not to focus too much on looking at yourself every day and waiting for changes to happen over night...because they won't. If you try to just have fun with it and not focus too much on what you look like, it will suddenly catch up with you and then you will notice a change and you feel like time has just gone by without you even realising.



Well they are a few of my tips to help you get started. There could be loads more to share, if there is something you think is important that I haven't mentioned then leave it in the comments could help people out there who reads this.

I hope this post has motivated you? What better time to start then is nearly October so perfect time to get prepared and start at the beginning of a new month.

Good Luck! :-)

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NOTE: I am not a personal trainer or anything but I do feel I have quite a bit of knowledge through my boyfriend being a personal trainer and also from competing in a fitness show.

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  1. I like yoga and pilates and alternate between the two. Good luck with your fitness challenge.

    1. I have done them both like once before! i want to try and fit them into my routines more tho cos they look really good, i need to stretch and flex more :-) Thanks x


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