Thursday, 10 September 2015

Bloggers London Fashion Week 2015 #BLFW

Hello :-)

On Monday the 7th of September I attended the Bloggers Fashion Week event #BLFW
It was my first time attending and it was held in the OXO Tower Wharf, Southbank in London. The location was really nice and I had such a good time. I got to meet a lot of brands and some new bloggers/vloggers through the afternoon, it was on from 12-3. They also had a second one at 6-9, I would have loved to go to that one but I had to travel back for work at 5.

The two photo's above were just as we came in from the entrance, this was the first large room and you can go through to a second one. I went to this event alone but met two really lovely girls before we all went in.

They both have blogs which you should definitely check out.  and

So we made our way around taking a look at some of the brands and products...

I loved this dress from the rail of clothes that +Motel Rocks had :-)
I thought this lingerie was stunning, you can see their website here

These nail polishes sound quite cool, they are odour free and instead of soaking of the colour with nail polish remover you can just peel it off. You can see their website here I might have to buy one soon to test it out :-)

I also loved this lingerie rail from Fleur Of England, you can see their website here
In the picture above is my favourite piece. I really love all the lacey, pretty lingerie and really want to get some as I have none like it!

They had a small bar at the event too where we could get a free cocktail of our choice, after we got a drink we stood to watch two mini catwalk shows they had on.

I went for the Strawberry Crush

During the event I did see my friend Daniella. I met Dani at the Tea Tasting Event that I went to and then again at The Bloggers Festival. She is so lovely though, I am lucky to have met such a great person. Check her out here So anyway after the event I went with her and two others to go get some food. We went to Las Iguanas which was on the Southbank, to me it was very similar to Turtle Bay which is what we have in my town. I had a baguette with chicken, avocado, cheese and lettuce, then chips on the side which I loved dipping in Mayo, OMG it was soooo good :-) Looking at it again now is making my mouth water! lol I then ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri, but got two as it was Happy Hour.

I then walked back to get the train home but stopped along the river to take a few photo's a long the way.

I also did a vlog video of my day too so if you like watching video's or would like to see more in the event then click here to watch it, if you like vlogs then you can subscribe to my channel to see more from me :-)

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  1. Aww such a great post Carly and some really great London #BLFW photos too. When I seen the first photo I literally face palmed!! why does my little pixie ear always photo bomb? haha it was so lovely to meet you and I hope we meet again soon!
    I shall be checking out your Youtube channel now!
    Charl Xx
    Rose above the Thorns

    1. haha, never even noticed your ear! :-) thanks for the nice comments, means so much! xx

  2. Ah cool! Is that Hello Miss Jordan in the catwalk?

    1. Heyyy :-) I'm not sure who that person is? Lol x


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